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Kenwood M-616DV Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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  Summary of Contents for Kenwood M-616DV

  • Page 1: Fm Indoor Antenna

  • Page 2: Before Applying Power

    The marking this product has been classified as Class 1. It means that there is no danger of hazard- ous radiation outside the product. Location: Back panel The markings of products' certifications. Rating label location : Back panel M-616DV...
  • Page 3 5. Ventilation 12. Servicing – Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for – Do not attempt to service this product yourself ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of the as opening or removing covers may expose you product and to protect it from overheating. Do not to dangerous voltage or other hazards.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    DVD Setup .............20 Kenwood recommends that you retain the original carton and Selecting the scanning mode .......... 20 packing materials in case you need to move or ship the unit in Setting a menu ................
  • Page 5: How To Read This Manual

    How to read this manual Changing the battery of the remote control unit Most of the functions are designed to be able to Use a commercially available button battery operate from the remote control unit. (CR2025). CR2025 (+side) Preparing the remote control unit When you use the remote control unit for the first time, pull out the insulation sheet.
  • Page 6: Connections

    Mains plug is used as the disconnect device, It shall remain readily operable and Top panel : 50 cm should not be obstructed during intended Side and rear : 15 cm use. M-616DV...
  • Page 7: Connecting The Fm Antenna

    Connecting the FM antenna To remove Dock adapter • Insert a thin object such as the tip of a flat-blade screwdriver 1 Connect the lead to the [ANTENNA FM 75Ω] terminal. into the slit on the dock adapter and lift it to remove. 2 Find the location that gives the best reception.
  • Page 8: Disc Information

    • Most DVD discs have a globe with one or more numbers in it clearly visible on the cover. This number must match your unit’s regional code or the disc cannot play. • If you try to play a DVD with a different regional code from your unit, the message “WRONG REGION” appears on the TV screen. M-616DV...
  • Page 9: Handling Discs

    • Contact the sales agent as to whether your USB device conforms to the USB mass storage class specs. • Using an unsupported USB device can result in abnormal Operation regulatory marks playback or display of the audio file. With this unit, some functions such as the play Even if you use the USB device conforming to the above specs, audio files cannot be played normally depending on function may be restricted depending on the...
  • Page 10: About Mp3 And Wma

    • When recording to the maximum CD-R/RW media capacity at once, the writing software is set to "Disc at once". • For details on the available USB devices, refer to <About USB device> (page 9). • Playing order Playing order after ¡! play: \ ¡", ¡#, ¡$, ¡%... M-616DV...
  • Page 11: About Video File

    About Video file About Picture file Acceptable video files Acceptable picture files Playable MPEG1, MPEG2 file Playable JPEG file • File formats: MPEG 1/2 • File formats: JPEG • Extension: .mpg, .mpeg, .m1v, .m2v, .dat, .vob, .mod, .avi • Extension: .jpg, .jpeg •...
  • Page 12: Component Names And Functions

    To switch between stereo mode and mono mode for To view the DVD top menu. TUNER. MENU button To program tracks/files for CD and audio file. To view the DVD menu. To play back tracks/files for CD and audio file at random. M-616DV...
  • Page 13: Standby Mode

    4/¢ buttons digit buttons 0 – 9 To search forward/backward to next/previous title/ To select a track/file number for CD and audio file. chapter/track for DVD. To select a preset radio station for TUNER. To search forward/backward or to skip to the next/ TIME SEARCH button previous files for audio files and iPod, iPhone.
  • Page 14: Basic Function

    "VOL XX" is displayed. Adjust in the range from MIN (0) to MAX (31). To switch off the volume temporarily Press FADE MUTING button. Playback continues without sound, and "MUTING" is flashing. ⁄ • To restore the volume, press FADE MUTING button again or adjust the volume. M-616DV...
  • Page 15: Using The Dvd/Usb Device

    Using the DVD/USB device Inserting a USB device Preparation Press button to select standby mode. Inserting a disc Press 0 button to open the disc tray. Insert a USB device to the USB connector on the front panel. Place a disc onto the disc tray with the label side facing up.
  • Page 16: Playing A Dvd/Video Cd

    (For DVD only) together. normal playback. To select a track/file Press 4 or ¢ button in play or pause mode. Press MULTI CONTROL 5 or ∞ button in To select a folder (For audio file/video play or pause mode. file only) M-616DV...
  • Page 17: Direct Search (For Dvd, Video Cd, Cd, Audio File Only)

    ⁄ To select a file type if different types of playable files (audio/picture/video file) are • For audio file, video file; "T:xxx" appears on the display. "T:xxx" contained indicates the file number. • The digit buttons, 0–9 on the remote control unit, can also be During playing of video file/picture file, press 7 used to select a track/file.
  • Page 18: Programming Chapters/Tracks/Files

    • If you press REPEAT button during programmed playback, Repeat all the files * "REPEAT"/"REP ALL" the current track or all programmed tracks/files is/are played Repeat off —/"OFF" repeatedly. The icon "REPEAT" and "PROG. " appear on the display. M-616DV...
  • Page 19: A-B Repeat

    ⁄ Changing the display information • * All tracks/files are repeated continuously. To change information on the on-screen bar A-B Repeat Press ON SCREEN button. Every time the button is pressed, the display You can play back a desired section repeatedly. changes in the following order: For DVD : Press A-B button to select the starting point (A)
  • Page 20: Dvd Setup

    • Do not change the scanning mode to progressive in the following cases; – When your TV does not support progressive video input. – When you have not connected your TV to the unit using a component video cord. M-616DV...
  • Page 21 DOWNMIX LT/RT: Outputs the sound mixed to Menu Item Contents the Dolby Surround audio. TV SYSTEM You can select the TV system (PAL, STEREO: Outputs the sound mixed to NTSC or AUTO). the stereo sound. SCREEN SAVER You can set the screen saver function AUDIO OUT SPDIF/OFF: Digital output is disabled.
  • Page 22: Using The Ipod/Iphone

    Browse item Selection – Example Track-A1 ..Album-A Artists, Composers All Albums Track-B1 ..Album-B Albums, Compilations All Songs Track-B2 ..Album-B Genres All Artists Track-C1 ..Album-C M-616DV...
  • Page 23: Using The Aux

    Using the AUX Using the radio Playing an external component Tuning in radio stations An external component can be connected to AUX IN For Remote control unit: Press TUNER/AUX to of this unit and played back. select "TUNER." For Main unit: Press INPUT SELECTOR button to Connect an external component.
  • Page 24: Manual Preset

    Press digit buttons 0–9 to select the desired preset Frequency display and preset number display number. The preset number and radio frequency appear on the display. ⁄ • Press the digit buttons as shown below: To select 1 0 and 1 To select 10 1 and 0 M-616DV...
  • Page 25: Tuning By Program Type (Pty Search) (Europe Only)

    Tuning by Program Type (PTY search) Press PTY SEARCH button to start searching. (Europe only) ⁄ This function lets you set the tuner to automatically • Under certain receiving conditions, it may take more than 1 search for stations which are currently broadcasting minute to complete the search.
  • Page 26: Clock/Timer Operation

    TUNER/AUX button to select the desired source and press ENTER button. The source switches as follows : "TUNER" = "DISC" = "USB" = "IPOD" = "TUNER" =… When TUNER is selected, select the preset station number after the above. M-616DV...
  • Page 27: To Activate/Deactivate The Timer

    Sleep timer setting Press ¢ or 4 button to select the play mode and press ENTER button. If the sleep timer is activated, the system will switch to standby mode after the selected time has expired. Play mode Function PLAY The playback begins at the level set Press SLEEP/APS button.
  • Page 28: System Setup

    \ Sleep timer is set to ON. Set it to OFF. Radio reception Noise in radio. \ Adjust the antenna connection. \ Tune to a correct frequency. \ Adjust the direction of the FM antenna. \ Increase the distance between the system and TV or VCR. M-616DV...
  • Page 29 DVD player operation Remote control unit “NO DISC” is displayed. Does not function properly. \ Insert a disc correctly (label side up). \ Replace the batteries. \ Clean the disc. \ Remove the obstacles. \ Use a new or readable disc. \ Move closer to the system when using the \ Wait until the moisture condensation at the remote control unit and make sure that you...
  • Page 30: General Information

    For Australian models ....... AC 240 V , 50 Hz Power consumption ..............35 W Power consumption in standby mode ....0.5 W or less Dimensions .................W : 160 mm H : 108 mm D : 270 mm Weight (net) ..................1.5 kg M-616DV...
  • Page 31 D : 180 mm Weight (net) ..............1.3 kg (1 piece) Notes: • Kenwood follows a policy of continuous advancements in development. For this reason specifications may be changed without notice. • Sufficient performance may not be exhibited at extremely cold locations (where water freezes).
  • Page 32: For Your Records

    EU Representative's: property rights of Rovi Corporation. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited. Kenwood Electronics Europe BV Amsterdamseweg 37, 1422 AC UITHOORN, The Netherlands • Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.