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System Setup; Setting Auto Power Save (A; In Case Of Difficulty - Kenwood M-616DV Instruction Manual

Compact hi-fi component system
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System setup

Setting Auto Power Save (A.P.S.)
A.P.S. stands for Auto Power Save, which is the
function that switches this unit OFF when it has not
been controlled for more than 30 minutes while its
power is ON and the disc and other inputs are in stop
Press and hold SLEEP/APS button.
A.P.S. mode is ON.
A.P.S. mode is OFF.
When the setting completes, "APS ON" appears
on the display and the unit exits the setup mode
When the A.P.S. is ON...
A.P.S. starts working when the unit is in either
condition below.
• When the input source is TUNER, AUX, or iPod, the
volume level is 0 and no button has been pressed for 30
• When the input source is DVD or USB, the DVD player
or USB device is in stop mode and no button has been
pressed for 30 minutes.
• When the A.P.S. is activated, the display shows flashing "APS"
from about one minute before this unit is switched OFF.
• To cancel A.P.S., press and hold SLEEP/APS button again. "APS
OFF" appears on the display.

In case of difficulty

Resetting the Microcomputer
The microcomputer may malfunction (the unit
cannot be operated, or shows an erroneous display)
if the power cord is unplugged while the power
is ON, or due to some other external factor. If this
happens, execute the following procedure to reset
the microcomputer and return the unit to its normal
operating condition.
When the unit is in standby mode, press
ENTER, and the number 7 buttons on the remote
control unit until "RESET OK" appears.
• Please note that resetting the microcomputer will clear the
contents of the memory and return the unit to the state it
was in when it left the factory.
Check that following guide for problem solution.
No sound.
\ Plug in the power cord securely.
\ Set the volume to proper sound level.
\ Make sure the source is set to the source you
want to operate.
The left and right sound outputs are reverse.
\ Check the speaker connections and location.
The system does not operate by pressing any
\ Unplug the power cord and plug it back in.
This unit is turned OFF spontaneously.
\ A.P.S. is set to ON. Set it to OFF.
\ Sleep timer is set to ON. Set it to OFF.
Radio reception
Noise in radio.
\ Adjust the antenna connection.
\ Tune to a correct frequency.
\ Adjust the direction of the FM antenna.
\ Increase the distance between the system and
TV or VCR.



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