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Product Definition; Product Description - NEC ND-1300A General Specification

Dvd/cd-rewritable drive
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This drive unit is compatible of play DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD-Audio, CD-ROM(mode
1 and mode 2), CD-ROM XA(mode 2, form 1 and form 2), Photo CD(single and mu ltiple sessions), CD Extra, CD-RW,
CD-TEXT discs. This drive unit can playback CD-I (FMV) and VIDEO CD with special hardware. This drive unit can
also play DVD-Video with special function, such as MPEG decoder. This drive unit can operate in
5-12xCAV(Constant Angular Velocity) speed at DVD-ROM data and17-40xCAV speed at reading CD-ROM for data
tracks with a sustained mode 1 data transfer rate of 6000 Kbytes/sec (outside track)., respectively. This drive
supports these writing modes and methods as below.
4xCLV speed DVD-R writing and 2xCLV speed DVD-RW writing
4xCLV speed DVD+R writing and 2.4xCLV speed DVD+RW writing
16xCLV speed CD-R writing and 10xCLV speed CD-RW writing
This drive has CD-DA audio circuitry, but it does not have ADPCM audio circuitry required to support audio modes other
than CD-DA specified in CD-ROM XA. Also the audio circuitry inside this drive is not for DVD-Audio.This drive unit
accepts a standard CD disc using a power tray for both loading and unloading, and can operate in both the horizontal and
vertical orientation. This drive unit is used inside the host CPU. The drive communicates with the host computer through the
IDE interface.


The drive unit has an optical pickup head, servo electronics to maintain correct focus, tracking. feed position, radial
tilt and spindle speed, analog electronics to recover conventional CD-DA audio stereo sound, digital electronics to
recover the recorded data and provide error correction in Mode 1 and Mode 2 Form 1 to the maximum capabilities of
the CD-ROM ECC, and a IDE/ATAPI interface to the host computer. This drive has hardware layered error
correction (LECC) for the main channel data of the CD-ROM. This drive unit also provides error correction of the
DVD-Video and DVD-ROM.This device supports 5-12xCAV speed for DVD-ROM data tracks transfer rate of
16.6MBytes/sec. (outside track) and 17-40xCAV speed for data tracks with a sustained mode 1 data transfer rate of
6000KBytes/sec. (outside track), respectively. The IDE controller has a 2Mbytes data buffer, and insures that in all
cases a full block of data is transferred at the designated data transfer rate on the IDE bus as specified in section
2.3.7. As for the drive, it is equipped with the buffer under run protection feature in writing.
The drive unit shall be designed to be mounted inside of a host CPU enclosure. The drive has Busy LED. This drive
unit has an audio line output. The drive supports the software volume control. The drive's front bezel has a manual
eject button and emergency pin hole.
The outline mechanical dimensions of this drive unit is industry standard 5.25" half height form factor with four
mounting screw threads on each side, and four on the bottom.
This drive has a motor powered tray to load and unload the disc. The tray is a design that serves only as a holder
for the disc. The drive can only be mounted and operated in the horizontal orientation and the vertical orientation.
The mediums are DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD(Single and Dual Layer), CD, CD-ROM, CD-R and
CD-RW disc. Alternatively, any standard CD-Audio disc is playable and compatible with this drive. The disc shall
conform to optical and mechanical Standards as set forth in the DVD, RED, YELLOW and ORANGE(Part 2,3 )
When the drive is mounted in the vertical orientation, only 120 mm DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD(Single and Dual Layer),
DVD -R, DVD-RW, CD, CD-ROM, CD-R and CD-RW disc can be used.
: Disc at Once, Incremental, and Multi-Border. Restricted overwrite (DVD-RW only)
: Random, Sequential and Multi-Session.
: Disc at Once, Track at Once, Session at Once Variable size Packets and Fixed size Packets.



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