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Water Inlet Filter; Emergency Emptying Out; The Dangers Of Freezing - Zanussi FL 1089 User Manual

Washing machine fl 1089; fl 1089alu; fl 1289
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Water inlet filter

If you notice that the machine is taking longer to fill,
check that the filter in the water inlet hose is not
Turn off the water tap.
Unscrew the hose from the tap.
Clean the filter with a stiff brush.
Screw the hose back onto the tap.

Emergency emptying out

If the water is not discharged (outlet pump is
blocked, filter or drain hose are clogged), proceed as
follows to empty out the machine:
• pull out the plug from the power socket;
• close the water tap;
• if necessary, wait until the water has cooled down;
• place a bowl on the floor;
• put the drain hose end into the bowl and let the
water come out.
Should it not be possible to have access to the outlet
hose because, for example, the appliance is built in
the kitchen furniture, slightly loosen the outlet filter
after placing a bowl on the floor, to let the water
come out slowly.
At the end screw the filter again.
Frost precautions
IIf the machine is exposed to temperatures below
0°C, certain precautions should be taken.
Turn off the water tap.
Unscrew the inlet hose.
Unhook the drain hose from the rear support and
position the end of this hose and that of the inlet
hose in a bowl. Run the draining programme.
To do this:
Switch the machine on
Select a washing programme
Press the RESET (ANULAR) button three
Press INICIO/PAUSE button
Disconnect the appliance.
Screw the inlet hose and reposition the drain
When you intend to start the machine up again,
make sure that the room temperature is above


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