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Yamaha G19E Owner's/operator's Manual

Golf car.
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  • Page 1

    GOLF CAR OWNER’S/ OPERATORS MANUAL G19E LIT-19626-00-76 JR1-F8199-11...

  • Page 2

    INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of a Yamaha golf car. This manual con- tains information you will need for proper operation, maintenance, and care of your golf car. A thorough understanding these simple instructions will help you to obtain maximum enjoyment from your new Yamaha.

  • Page 3

    IMPORTANT MANUAL INFORMATION Particularly important information is NOTE distinguished in this manual by the fol- Yamaha continually seeks ad- lowing notations: vancements in product design and quality; therefore, while this manual contains the most current product The Safety Alert Symbol means...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents


  • Page 5: Warranty

    LIMITED WARRANTY Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corporation of America SPECIFIC EXCLUSIONS from this warranty shall hereby warrants that any new G19E Yamaha Golf Car include any parts replaced due to normal wear or routine purchased from an authorized Yamaha dealer in the maintenance, such as brake shoes.

  • Page 6: Important Labels

    IMPORTANT LABELS SAFETY AND INSTRUCTION LABELS WARNING Please read the following labels carefully before operating your golf car, and promptly replace any labels Y-654 which become damaged or removed. Y-500 Y-655 Y-656 Y-843 Y-844 G19E...

  • Page 7: Important Labels

    NOTE Y-102b The first three digits of the serial num- ber are for model identification; the remaining digits are the unit produc- tion number. Keep a record of these numbers for reference when ordering parts from a Yamaha dealer. G19E...

  • Page 8: Operator Safety

    OPERATOR SAFETY Yamaha golf cars are designed to be simple to operate. However, be sure to observe the following: BEFORE OPERATING THE GOLF CAR Read this Owner’s/Operator’s man- ual and all safety and instruction labels on the golf car before operat- ing.

  • Page 9

    Always drive slowly straight up or straight down slopes – never at an angle. Y-10 Do not make any modification or addition which affects capacity or safe operation, or make any changes not in accordance with the owner’s/operator’s manual. Y-69 G19E...

  • Page 10: Maintenance Safety Program

    It is also rec- ommended that the following warning be posted in a conspicuous location: G19E...

  • Page 11

    Personnel. Allow only qualified, trained, and authorized personnel to inspect, adjust, and maintain golf cars. Parts and Materials. Use only replacement parts and materials recommended by the manufacturer. G19E...

  • Page 12

    Avoid fire hazards, and have appro- priate fire protection equipment If new nameplates, warnings, or available. instructions are needed, contact your Yamaha dealer. Before working on an electric golf car, disable the car’s electrical sys- tem in accordance with the manu- STORAGE AND facturer’s instructions.

  • Page 13: Controls

    5 Parking brake pedal 6 Accelerator pedal 7 Main switch Y-658 8 Drive selector switch 9 Tow switch a Front cowl b Front tire c Front bumper d Rear cowl e Rear bumper f Rear tire g Receptacle Y-659 Y-661 Y-660 Y-662 G19E...

  • Page 14: Main Switch

    CONTROLS MAIN SWITCH The main switch controls the follow- ing items: Ignition circuit is switched off. The key can be removed only in this position. Y-663 Electrical circuits are switched on. The golf car can be driven. Y-664 G19E...

  • Page 15: Accelerator Pedal

    ACCELERATOR PEDAL The accelerator pedal controls the golf car’s speed. Action Car Speed Depress pedal Increase Release pedal Decrease Y-20 å Accelerator pedal BRAKE PEDAL Press down on the brake pedal to stop the golf car. å Brake pedal Y-21 G19E...

  • Page 16

    “RUN” position to the “TOW” posi- tion and immediately moved back to “RUN”, there is a delay of approxi- mately 30 seconds before the car will run. Make sure the tow switch is in the “TOW” position if towing this vehicle. G19E...

  • Page 17: Pre-operation Checks

    PRE-OPERATION CHECKLIST Before each use check the following: ✔ Batteries ✔ Tire condition ✔ Steering system ✔ Back-up buzzer ✔ Pedal operation ✔ Body and chassis SEAT Open the seat for checking and ser- vicing. Y-512 G19E...

  • Page 18

    20 psi (137 kPa, 1.4 kgf/cm 2 ) Y-30 Tire Wear Limit Check the tire surface for damage, cracks or embedded objects. When tire tread wears down to 0.04 in. (1 mm), replace the tire. å Wear limit Y-31 G19E...

  • Page 19: Steering System

    The buzzer should sound. Y-668 PEDAL OPERATION Check the following pedal controls for proper operation. If a pedal does not work properly, consult a Yamaha dealer. Brake Pedal Make sure the brake pedal feels firm when pressed and returns to its orig- inal position when released.

  • Page 20: Parking Brake Pedal

    “OFF” posi- tion. Make sure the accelerator pedal operates smoothly. å Accelerator pedal Y-20 BODY AND CHASSIS Before each use, visually inspect the golf car body and chassis for damage and/or missing parts. G19E...

  • Page 21: Operation

    3. Check that your path is clear in the direction you plan to go, and slowly depress the accelerator pedal. The golf car will start to move. å Accelerator pedal Y-20 NOTE The parking brake automatically releases when the accelerator pedal is depressed. G19E...

  • Page 22

    When the car has come to a stop, apply the parking brake pedal and turn the main switch to “OFF.” ∫ Parking brake pedal CAUTION Do not hold the golf car on an Y-65 incline with the accelerator – use the brake. G19E...

  • Page 23: Maintenance

    Be sure to turn off the main switch and apply the parking brake when you perform maintenance unless otherwise specified. If the owner is not familiar with machine servicing, this work should be done by a Yamaha dealer or other qualified mechanic. G19E...

  • Page 24

    Check for grease leakage; adjust gear box if necassry Items without a page number reference should be serviced by a Yamaha dealer or other qualified mechanic. This manual does not contain these procedures. They are contained in the Service Manual.

  • Page 25: Battery Care

    1. Clean the tops of the batteries with a solution of baking soda and water, as necessary, to remove corrosion. CAUTION Do not allow cleaning solution to enter battery cells. 2. Check the fluid level before and after charging. G19E...

  • Page 26

    3. Using a hydrometer, check the specific gravity of the battery fluid in each cell against the readings on the chart below. Consult a Yamaha dealer if any low readings are found, or if readings vary more than one point between cells. Temperature...

  • Page 27: Battery Charging

    1. Turn main switch key to “OFF” position. Y-663 2. With the charger properly con- nected and grounded (see charg- er’s owner’s manual), insert the DC output plug into the golf car receptacle. Y-669 G19E...

  • Page 28: Battery Installation

    When working with batteries, do not put wrenches or other metal objects across the battery termi- nals. An arc can occur causing explosion of the battery. 1. Install the battery holddown plates as shown. å Forward ∫ Battery ç Battery fitting plate Y-751 G19E...

  • Page 29: Fuse Replacement

    CAUTION When replacing a fuse be sure the Y-653 main switch is turned off to pre- vent accidental short-circuiting. Fuse Type: å Fuse case 3 Amp, Blade Style ∫ Fuse G19E...

  • Page 30: Gear Box Oil

    5. Allow excess gear oil to flow out until it stops. CAUTION Do not allow foreign material to enter the gear box. 6. Reinstall the oil level plug. NOTE For gear oil replacement, consult a Yamaha dealer or other qualified mechanic. G19E...

  • Page 31: Brake Adjustment

    Before you operate the car, press down on the brake pedal several times to make sure the brakes are functioning properly. WARNING Consult your Yamaha dealer before using your golf car if you suspect brake problems. Brake failure could result in a serious accident. G19E...

  • Page 32

    Then tighten the lock nut in place. WARNING Do not overtighten the brake cables. The self adjusters may not operate properly, reducing braking performance. Y-63 8-10 G19E...

  • Page 33: Storage

    2. Clean exterior of the golf car and remove corrosion. apply a rust inhibitor. 3. Cover the golf car with a breath- able cover and store it in a dry, well-ventilated area. G19E...

  • Page 34: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Items G19E Dimensions: Overall length 93.9 in. (2385 mm) Overall width 47.2 in. (1200 mm) Overall height (steering height) 46.9 in. (1190 mm) Height of floor 11.8 in. (300 mm) Wheelbase 64.1 in. (1629 mm) Tread: Front 34.3 in.

  • Page 35

    SPECIFICATIONS CHASSIS Items G19E Steering system: Type Worm and pin Steering angle (L.H.) 1.5 turn Steering angle (R.H.) 1.5 turn Lubricant/capacity Grease/3.0 US oz (0.09 L, 3.17 Imp oz) Brakes: Brake system Mechanical drum brake on each rear wheel with self-adjusters.

  • Page 36: Wiring


  • Page 38

    12/01/00 1PC - G19E O/M LIT196260076 *LIT196260076* Yamaha Motor Corp., USA Cypress, California made in YAMAHA MOTOR MANUFACTURING CORP. OF AMERICA Printed in U.S.A.

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