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SIEMENS Gigaset C28 Manual

Expandable digital cordless phone.
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/ English / A31008-A200-xxxx-x-xx19 /Ke
Gigaset C28
Expandable digital cordless phone
Handset C28
1 Charge status of the
battery pack
2 Internal number of the
3 Display keys
4 Talk key
5 Directory key
6 End call and
On/Off key
7 Ringer on/off
(long press)
eypad lock
9 Recall key
- Confer (Flash)
- Dial pause
(long press)
10 Microphone
11 Speed dial list key
Safety precautions
Read this manual and the safety precautions care-
fully before use. Explain their contents to your
children, and the potential hazards associated
with using the telephone.
Only use the mains unit supplied.
Fit only the approved rechargeable battery
pack! Never use a conventional (non-recharge-
able) battery pack as this could damage your
health and cause injury. Use the battery pack as
directed in these instructions (page 6).
The operation of medical appliances may be
affected. Be aware of the technical conditions
within the particular environment (e.g. doctor's
The handset may cause an intrusive 'hum' in
hearing aids. Do not hold the handset against
your ear while it is ringing (incoming call).
Register/Paging key
(page 4/page 5)
Display keys:
Pressing the keys launches whichever function
that appears above them in the display.
Meaning when pressed
Open the last number redial list
(page 4).
Open the calls or network mailbox
list (page 4).
Open the list of registered hand-
sets (page 5).
Open main menu/submenu.
Scroll up/down, or adjust volume.
Move cursor to the left/right.
Backspace deletes one character at
a time.
Confirm menu function or store an
Do not install the phone in a bathroom or
shower room as the handset and base are not
splash-proof. (page 7)
Do not use the telephone in environments
subject to explosion hazard (e.g. auto paint
If you give your Gigaset to someone else, make
sure you also give them the operating manual.
Dispose of the battery pack and telephone in
accordance with environmental regulations.
Do not pollute the environment. Emergency numbers can-
not be dialled if the keypad lock (page 2) is activated!
Not all of the functions described in this manual are avail-
able in all countries.


   Summary of Contents for SIEMENS Gigaset C28

  • Page 1: Safety Precautions

    / English / A31008-A200-xxxx-x-xx19 /Ke Gigaset C28 Gigaset Expandable digital cordless phone Handset C28 Base 1 Charge status of the battery pack Register/Paging key 2 Internal number of the (page 4/page 5) handset 3 Display keys Display keys: 4 Talk key Pressing the keys launches whichever function that appears above them in the display.

  • Page 2

    ◆ Never use non-Siemens battery charg- ers as this could damage the battery pack. ◆ Only place the handset in the base/ Connect the phone jack with the phone cord charging cradle that is intended for it.

  • Page 3: Making Calls

    ntucky / English / A31008-A200-xxxx-x-xx19 /Ke Gigaset Using the directory and other When the keypad lock is active you cannot even call emergency numbers! lists Making calls Directory and speed dial list Making external calls/Ending a call These two lists are used in the same way. To open the directory: Press External calls are calls using the public telephone To open the speed dial list: Press...

  • Page 4

    ntucky / English / A31008-A200-xxxx-x-xx19 /Ke Gigaset Last number redial list Calling back a caller from the calls list: Û Select an entry This list contains the five last dialled numbers. Registering and de-registering Þ MENU (open the list) handsets The following functions are available: EDIT ENTRY You can register up to four handsets on your base...

  • Page 5: Using Several Handsets

    ntucky / English / A31008-A200-xxxx-x-xx19 /Ke Gigaset De-registering handsets Barging in on an external call You can de-register another handset from any reg- You are conducting an external call. An internal istered Gigaset handset as follows: party can 'barge in' on your call and join in the con- versation (all parties hear a beep).

  • Page 6: Handset Settings

    Issued b y Siemens COM CPE pause length flashes: = 1 sec.; = 3 sec.; © Siemens AG 2 005 = 7 sec.; = 2.5 sec. Enter digit Al l rights reserved. Subject t o availability . (Default setting "2") Right of modif ication reserved.

  • Page 7: Questions And Answers

    5 hours in charging If you have any queries about the use of your tele- shell phone, go to Calling time approx. hours Standby time approx. hours for assistance 24/7. Or you can call to the hotline: Remark:...

  • Page 8: Menu Tree

    ntucky / English / A31008-A200-xxxx-x-xx19 /Ke Gigaset Menu tree Your phone has an extensive range of features. To return to idle status: press key long. These are offered in the form of menus. There are two ways in which you can access a func- tion: MENU With the phone in the idle status, press...

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