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  • Page 1 Owner’s Manual Digital Multimedia Processor 8830 S...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    The “i” (Information) Button Menu Screen Structure Guide Nokia and Nokia Connecting People are registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or trade names of their owners. Nokia Multimedia Terminals operates a policy of continuous development.
  • Page 4: General Operation Of The Dmp

    • Do not cover the DMP or place it on a cold or humid conditions. unit that emits heat. • Service should be carried out only at a Nokia • Use a soft cloth and a mild solution of Authorised Service Centre.
  • Page 5: Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL This section describes how to operate the DMP using the buttons on the remote control. Some of the functions can also be carried out using the buttons on the front panel. To switch the DMP in and out of standby mode. To switch between TV or Radio (in viewing mode).
  • Page 6: Front And Rear Panel

    FRONT AND REAR PANEL Front Panel Display shows channel number, error messages, remote con- trol commands and time in standby mode Slot to put the DMP in and to move up/down in for the Smartcard from the out of standby mode the menus and to Service Provider change channels.
  • Page 7 ABOUT THE SMARTCARD The DMP box has access to scrambled TV/Radio channels based on the embedded Nagravision system. To be able to receive these scrambled digital channels you will need a special Smartcard distributed by your Service Provider or included in the box. The Service Provider is the programme dis- tributor of the channels.
  • Page 8: Installation Of The Dmp

    INSTALLATION OF THE DMP The box for your DMP should contain the following items: • the DMP • a Remote control with 2 AAA batteries • an Audio/Video cable(fully featured 1,0 metre) AC power Audio/Video • an AC power cord cord cable •...
  • Page 9: Connecting The Dmp

    Connecting the DMP There are many different types of TV/VCR and other equipment that you can connect to the DMP. In this manual you will see some of the most common ways to connect your equipment. If you use RF leads you will have to tune your TV and VCR to the DMP output channel (see page 11).
  • Page 10: Connecting To The Telephone Wall Socket

    If your TV has a S-Video socket (S-Video cable is not in- cluded) • Connect a S-Video cable from the S-Video socket on the DMP to the S-Video input socket on your TV. • Connect an RF cable from the RF output socket on the VCR to the TV aerial input socket on the TV.
  • Page 11: Tuning Procedure When Rf Connections Are Used

    Tuning Procedure when RF Connections are Used This procedure is necessary only if your DMP is connected to the TV with an RF lead. To tune your TV to the RF signal you might also need your TV manual in addition to this manual. The steps below explain what to do if you have been unable to use Audio/Video leads in your connection.
  • Page 12: First Time Installation

    FIRST TIME INSTALLATION General Information Once you have correctly connected the DMP, you also have to perform a “First Time Installation.” During this procedure, helpful information is displayed at the bot- tom of the menus. Please note! The OK button always confirms a selection within these menus, and pressing it will take you to the next step in the installation process.
  • Page 13: Channel Search

    FIRST TIME INSTALLATION Channel Search The Channel Search procedure can be performed in different ways. • If there are predefined channels, you can make an Automatic Search. • If no predefined channel is available you can make a Manual Search. Manual Search When you perform a Manual Search you first need to enter some parameters for the channel search to work.
  • Page 14: Viewing Mode

    VIEWING MODE General Information The following describes the basic functions of your DMP while watching satellite TV or listening to satellite radio. Some of the functions described here are dependent on the Service Provider and can only be used if they are included in the transmitted programme information.
  • Page 15: The "I" (Information) Button

    VIEWING MODE The “i” (Information) Button The DMP has the ability to display information about programmes currently being broadcast as well as those being broadcast next. This procedure is the same for both TV and Radio mode. By pressing the “i” button while watching TV you will get a spe- cial Programme Information Banner.
  • Page 16: List Of Tv And Radio Channels

    VIEWING MODE List of TV and Radio Channels At the channel search procedure, two Channel lists are created. Name of the One list named “All TV” containing all channels, and another Channel list named “Free TV” containing only free channels. In the “All TV”...
  • Page 17: Video Recording

    VIEWING MODE Video Recording Please note, that during the recording of a programme, every- thing shown on the screen will be registered! For example, if you call up a menu from the DMP on the screen, the menu will be recorded! When recording digital channels from the DMP and the Video recorder is connected with a RF cable: you must give the DMP...
  • Page 18: Main Menu

    MAIN MENU General Information Many of the functions of the DMP are available from the Main Menu. • Press MENU to open it. TV and Radio Channels Please refer to “List of TV and Radio channels” on page 16. Edit Channels From these menus you can create and edit channel lists.
  • Page 19 MAIN MENU Create list From here you can create your own favourite lists, containing the channels you watch most frequently. You can give each list a spe- cific name, e.g. “Sport” or “Films.” When a favourite list is selected, you see only those channels defined in the list.
  • Page 20 MAIN MENU Select Channels From this menu you add and remove the channels in your Favour- ite Lists. You use the “All TV” or “All Radio” list as basis to se- lect the channels from. A channel is added or removed by pressing the OK button. The square to the right on a line will be empty for removed channels, and will contain an “x”...
  • Page 21 MAIN MENU Rearrange Channels From here you can arrange the sequence for the channels within your favourite lists. • With , mark the channel you want to move to a new posi- tion within the list. • Press again and the right side of the marked channel will change to •...
  • Page 22: System Configuration

    MAIN MENU System Configuration You will be asked to enter your access code before you can en- ter this menu. The code is preset to 1234 from the factory. (The code can be changed from the Parental Control menu. Re- fer to page 25.) If you want to customize the system to suit you better, you can specify some settings from the submenus in the “System Con-...
  • Page 23: Tv Settings

    MAIN MENU Manual Search When you perform a Manual Search you first need to enter some parameters for the channel search to work. The information you need to enter in this menu is available in magazines covering satellite TV reception, on the Internet or from your Service Provider.
  • Page 24: Receiver Upgrade

    Enter this menu to check for new software. If new software is available you will get information in the menu on how to proceed. If you download new software from ”Nokia Internet pages”, you transfer the software from the computer to the DMP via the se- rial port.
  • Page 25: Parental Control

    1234. DO NOT FORGET IT! Without it you do not have ac- cess to any of the functions where the code is required! If you forget it, you have to contact an Authorized Nokia Service Center to get help.
  • Page 26: Appearance Preferences

    MAIN MENU Appearance Preferences Banner time-out When you switch channels, an information banner will be shown for a few seconds. You can select for how long the banner will be shown. Volume bar Select whether or not you want the volume bar to appear on the screen when you change the volume.
  • Page 27: System Information

    MAIN MENU System Information If you have to contact your service provider or a service center, they might ask for information available from this menu. There- fore, it is important that you first check the information in the following menus. System Information This gives general information about which hardware and soft- ware version your DMP is running on.
  • Page 28: Glossary Of Terms

    GLOSSARY OF TERMS Access Authorisation to use the coding system to purchase / The prefix mega means million, and Hertz means cycles order TV programmes. per second. MPEG Automatic Gain Control. Moving Picture Experts Group. Body established by the International Standards Organisation to provide the ba- Audio system sis for a picture coding and compression system.
  • Page 29 PROBLEM SOLVING Problem Possible causes What to do The display on the front panel does Mains cable is not connected. Check that the mains cable is not light up/is not lit. plugged into the power socket. No sound or picture, but the front The DMP is in standby mode.
  • Page 30: Problem Solving

    PROBLEM SOLVING Problem Possible causes What to do The remote control is not working. Battery exhausted. Change the batteries (both). Remote control is incorrectly Aim the remote control at box. aimed. Check that nothing blocks the front panel. The DMP is in standby mode. Check if (.) is flashing on the front panel display when you press a button.
  • Page 31: Technical Specifications

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Transmission Standards Smartcard Interface: DVB, MPEG 2 Interface for one card according to ISO 7816 Supports embedded Nagravision descrambler. LNB / Tuner input Front panel 4x7 segment numeric LED display, Input connector 1x F-type (Antenna) Buttons: (standby, channel number RF input frequency 920 to 2150 MHz an RF channel number up/down)
  • Page 32: Menu Screen Structure

    MENUS SCREEN STRUCTURE First time installation Channel Search Antenna Adjustment: Welcome Automatic Search Time Adjustment Automatic Search Manual Search Picture menu 19:35 Main Menu TV Channels ❿ All TV FILMPALAST CLASSICA SEASONS Satellite: BBC PRIME Position: ..... Radio Channels ❿...
  • Page 33 Nokia and Nokia Connecting People are registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation 66 76965-10 © 0041...

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