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O p e r a t i o n
To define the time settings, tap Time. To select the time zone, tap the
left or right arrow in the
Time zone
field. Cities located in the time zone
are shown below the daylight saving setting. To turn daylight saving on
or off, tap the left or right arrow in the
Daylight saving
field. To set the
date and time, tap NEXT, tap the desired option, and repeatedly tap the
up or down arrow until the desired value is shown.
To adjust the screen backlight, tap Backlight. You can set the backlight
level separately for the day and night mode. To set the backlight level,
tap the left or right arrow. To set the time after which the night mode
turns on, tap the left or right arrow in the
Backlight timer
field. If you
select Never, the night mode is not automatically activated when the
day mode is active. When the device automatically activates the night
mode, to switch to the day mode, tap the screen.
To calibrate the screen if it responds inaccurately, tap
YES. Follow the displayed instructions.
To view information about the device software, tap About. To reset the
device to the factory settings, tap
Factory reset
and OK.

■ Reset the device

If the device stops functioning, although it has been charged, you need
to reset it. When the device is switched on, press and hold the reset key
until the device automatically restarts. The reset does not reset the
device settings.


Table of Contents

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