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Sony SPK-DVF2 Operating Instructions

Sony SPK-DVF2 Operating Instructions

Sports pack


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Sports Pack
Operating Instructions
Mode d'emploi
Istruzioni per l'uso
Sony Corporation ©1999 Printed in Japan
mounting shoe
arrow number
sabot de montage
numéro de flèche
Tripod screw plate
Plaquette à vis du trépied
Mounting shoe A
Sabot de montage A
Mounting shoe A
Sabot de montage A
Mounting shoe B
Tripod screw plate
Sabot de montage B
Plaquette à vis du trépied
Mounting shoe B
Sabot de montage B
To disassemble after using
Pour le démontage après utilisation
Owner's Record
The model and serial numbers are located on
the bottom. Record the serial number in the
space provided below. Refer to these numbers
whenever you call upon your Sony dealer
regarding this product.
Model No. SPK-DVF2 Serial No.
This mark indicates that this
products is a genuine accessory
for Sony video products. When
purchasing Sony video
products, Sony recommends
that you purchase accessories
with this "GENUINE VIDEO
Usable at the depth as low as 2 meters (6.5
feet) under water.
For using your video camera recorder with this
pack, refer to the operating instructions of the
The splash-proof sports pack SPK-DVF2 is
water- and moisture- resistant, making it
possible to use the Sony Digital Handycam
camcorder such as DCR-TRV8, DCR-TRV10, etc.
in the rain or at the beach.
• Before you start recording, make sure that
the camcorder is working correctly and
there is no water leakage.
• Sony does not accept liability for damage
to the camcorder, battery, etc., when using
the sports pack or for the cost of recording
if water leakage occurs as a result of
incorrect use.
• Do not subject the front glass to strong shock,
as it may crack.
• Avoid opening the sports pack in the sea or at
the beach. Preparation such as installing and
changing a cassette tape should be done in a
place with low humidity and no salty air.
• Do not throw the sports pack into the water.
• Avoid using the sports pack under the
following situations:
– in a very hot or humid place.
– in water hotter than 40˚C (104˚F).
– at temperatures lower than 0˚C.
In these situations moisture condensation or
water leakage may occur and damage the
• Use the sports pack for no longer than one
hour at a time in temperatures above 35˚C
• Do not leave the sports pack under direct
sunlight for a long period of time. If you
cannot avoid leaving the sports pack under
direct sunlight, be sure to cover the pack with
a towel or other protection.

Before You Begin

To make sure that you do not miss good
shooting opportunities, go over the following
checklist before installing your camcorder into
the sports pack.
Battery pack
Fully charged.
• The tape length will cover
Cassette tape
the planned recording time.
• The tape is wound to the
point where you want to
start recording.
• The safety tab on the
cassette is in the correct
position. (The red portion is
not visible.)
• No scratches or cracks. No
dust, sand or hair around
the gasket.
• Correctly set in the groove.
(See "Note on the
Waterproof gasket" for
Maintenance and
Water Leakage
If water happens to leak in, stop exposing the
sports pack to water immediately.
If the camcorder gets wet, take it to the nearest
Sony service facility immediately.
Notes on the Waterproof Gasket
• Check that there are no scratches or cracks on
the waterproof gasket as they may allow
water to leak in. If there are scratches or
cracks, replace the damaged waterproof
gasket with a new one.
Do not remove the waterproof gasket with a
metal tool or a tool with a sharp point.
• Remove foreign materials such as dust, sand
or hair from the waterproof gasket, the groove
and from any surface the gasket touches.
If the body is closed with such materials
present, these areas may be damaged and
water may leak in.
• Put the waterproof gasket in the grooves
evenly, with the tapering side up. Never twist
it. (See illustration K)
• After checking that there are no cracks or dust
on the waterproof gasket, coat it slightly with
the supplied grease using your finger. This
will prevent wearing.
While applying the grease, recheck for cracks
or dust.
Never use cloth or paper for greasing as the
fibers may cling.
Do not use any type of grease other than that
supplied, as it may damage the waterproof
• The useful life of the waterproof gasket
depends upon the maintenance and the
frequency of use, but we recommend
changing it once a year. To replace the
waterproof gasket, please consult the nearest
Sony dealer. Be sure to check the water
leakage after replacing the waterproof gasket.
Checking for the water leakage
after replacing the waterproof
Check for the water leakage before installing the
Close the sports pack without installing the
camcorder, and keep the sports pack
submerged under water at a depth of about 15
cm (6 inches) for about 3 minutes and then
check for water leakage.
After Recording
After recording in a location subject to sea
breezes, wash the sports pack with fresh water
with the buckles fastened thoroughly, then wipe
with a soft dry cloth. If water remains on the
sports pack, the metal parts may rust.
Clean the inside of the pack with a soft dry
cloth. Do not wash the inside of the pack. Do
not use any type of solvent such as alcohol,
benzine or shinner for cleaning, as this might
damage the finish.
Preventing the surface of the glass
from fogging up
Coat the surface of the glass with the supplied
anti-fogging lens solution. This is effective in
preventing from fogging.
How to use the glass cleaner
Apply 1 or 2 drops of cleaner liquid to the front
glass and the glass of the eye cup and wipe
evenly to spread the liquid out by using the
swabs, a soft cloth or tissue paper.
When storing the sports pack
• Close the pack without fastening the buckles
to prevent wear of the waterproof gasket.
• Prevent dust from collecting on the
waterproof gasket.
• Avoid storing the sports pack in a cold, very
hot or humid place, or together with
naphthalene or camphor, as these conditions
might damage the unit.


Plastic (PC, ABS), glass
Waterproof gasket, buckles
Built-in microphone
Approx. 169 x 174 x 261 mm (w / h / d)
x 6
x 10
Approx. 990 g (2 lb 3 oz) (only sports
Supplied accessories
Shoulder strap (1)
Camera mounting shoe A(1)/B(1)
Tripod screw plate (1, pre-installed on the
camera mounting shoe A)
Reflex prevention ring Large (1), Small (1)
Grease (1)
Anti-fogging lens solution (1)
Operating Instructions (1)
Design and specifications subject to change
without notice.
For details, please refer to the operating
instructions supplied with your camcorder.
Selecting the Camera
Mounting Shoe
Depending on the location of the screw hole for
attaching the camera mounting shoe of your
comcorder, you have a choice of two types of
camera mounting shoe.
Check list A to identify the appropriate
mounting shoe and arrow number.
Preparing the Camera
Mounting Shoe
Align the tripod screw plate to the notch of the
mounting shoe A or B.
The tripod screw plate is pre-installed on the
camera mounting shoe A.
Preparing the Camcorder
For details, please refer to the operating
instructions supplied with your camcorder.
1 Remove the shoulder strap, filter or
conversion lens from the camcorder.
2 Install the battery pack.
3 Insert the cassette tape.
4 Attach the reflex prevention ring.
(Except DCR-TRV900)
When using DCR-TRV8, DCR-TRV9 or
DCR-TRV10, pull out the viewfinder to its
When using DCR-TRV10, attach the smaller
reflex prevention ring.
5 When shooting with the LCD screen,
turn the LCD panel over and move
back to the camcorder with the LCD
screen facing out.
6 Set the AUTO LOCK switch up.
7 Set the FOCUS switch to AUTO.
8 Set the finder power save function to
OFF in the menu.
9 Set the START/STOP MODE switch to
Use metal parts
of shoulder belt.
Utilisez les
métalliques de
la bandoulière.
Installing the Camcorder
1 Attach the camera mounting shoe.
Use the metal parts of shoulder strap as
shown in the illustration.
2 Release the buckles.
1 Slide the unlock button in the direction of
the arrow, and release the buckles.
2 Open the rear body.
3 Connect the microphone plug to MIC
(plug in power) jack (1), and the
remote control plug to LANC l
(remote) jack (2).
4 Installing the camcorder.
1 Align the camera mounting shoe with the
guide on the front body.
2 Insert the camcorder by pushing the rear
of the camera mounting shoe until it
clicks. Check the knob on each side of the
camera mounting shoe to ensure that it
locked properly. (See illustration D4.)
5 Set the POWER switch of the
camcorder to CAMERA.
6 Close the rear body.
Before closing the unit, check there is no
dust, sand or cracks on the waterproof
gasket or the surface where it touches, and
grease them slightly.
Then secure the rear body, and fasten the
buckles until they click.
• Be sure to keep the camcorder horizontal
when installing it. Inserting the camcorder
into the front body vertically may damage the
camera mounting shoe and the front body.
• When closing the rear body, fasten both
buckles at the same time. Otherwise, the
buckles may pinch the waterproof gasket.
Preparing the Sports Pack
1 Adjust the grip strap.
Holding the sports pack so that the tips of
your finger can easily touch the POWER
switch, START/STOP button and ZOOM
button, pull the strap to adjust its length.
2 Attach the shoulder strap.
The Sony mark should be on the outside.
Using the Sports Pack
1 Turn the POWER switch to CAMERA.
Depending on the camcorder, it may be hard
to look into the viewfinder.
2 Press START/STOP button to start
To stop recording
Press START/STOP. Press again to resume
To finish recording
Press START/STOP button then turn the
POWER switch to OFF.
When Shooting with the LCD
1 Slide the mirror hood while holding
the PULL mark and open it.
2 Open the wings and insert the
projections into each hole.
To open/close the wings
See illustration G.
To close the mirror hood
Push the buttons to close the wings. (See
illustration G.) Close the upper wing first, and
insert the projection on the upper wing into the
hole on the lower wing.

Trouble Check

The sound is not
The microphone plug is not
There are drop of
• The buckles are not fastened.
water inside of the
• The waterproof gasket is not set
sports pack.
correctly .
• There are scratches or cracks on
the waterproof gasket.
The recording and
• The battery pack is run out.
playing back function
• The tape has run out.
does not work.
• The safety tab on the cassette is
set to unrecordable position.
Camera mounting shoe
Sabot de montage de la caméra
Depending on the camcorder, you may not be
able to see a part of the LCD screen.
• Keep the W side pressed for wide-angle.
• Keep the T side pressed for telephoto.
Press it gently for a relatively slow zoom.
Notes on recording
• If you leave the camcorder for 5 minutes or
more with a cassette inserted in Standby
mode, the camcorder goes off automatically.
This prevents battery and tape wear. To
resume Standby mode, turn the POWER
switch to OFF and then turn it to CAMERA
• During recording when the LCD screen is
facing out, the counter does not appear.
• The POWER switch of the sports pack has
priority over the POWER switch of the
Recording a Still Picture
– Photo Recording
You can record a still picture like a photograph.
1 Turn the POWER switch to CAMERA.
2 Press PHOTO button. (See illustration
The still picture is recorded.
• You cannot check the still pictures by pressing
PHOTO button of the sports pack lightly.
• When using DCR-TRV7, you cannot record
the still pictures with the sports pack.
• When using DCR-TRV8, DCR-TRV10 or DCR-
TRV900, you cannot use the memory photo
recording function with the sports pack.
• When using DCR-TRV8 or DCR-TRV10 with
the sports pack, memory photo recording does
not work.
• You cannot use the NightShot function with
the sports pack.
Playing Back with the
Remote Commander
You can play back pictures on the LCD screen,
using the Remote Commander (supplied with
your camcorder).
1 Set the mirror hood.
See "G When Shooting with the LCD
2 Turn the POWER switch to PLAYER.
3 Press ( PLAY on the remote.
Use the remote commander for all other
functions including STOP, REW and FF.
The picture on the mirror looks turned
Removing the Camcorder
Before opening the sports pack, wipe moisture
off the sports pack and yourself. Do not allow
water on the camcorder.
1 Release the buckles, and open the rear
body. (See illustration D2)
2 Set the POWER switch of the
camcorder to OFF.
3 Disconnect the remote control plug
from the LANC l (remote) jack.
Holding the camera mounting shoe by the
knobs, take out the camcorder. Stop taking
out the camcorder at the point where the
remote control plug comes out from the
sports pack.
4 Disconnect the MIC plug from the MIC
5 Detach the camera mounting shoe.
Be sure to disconnect the plugs before taking
out the camcorder. Otherwise, the plugs may be
Corrective Actions
Connect it to MIC (plug in power)
jack on the camcorder.
• Fasten the buckles until they
• Put the gasket in the groove
• Replace the gasket with a new
• Charge the battery pack fully.
• Rewind the tape or use a new
• Slide the safety tab or install a
new cassette tape.



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