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Model No.
Thank you for purchasing this product.
Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions
completely. Please keep this manual for future reference.
Region number
The player plays DVD-Video marked with labels containing the region
number or "ALL".
The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
Australia and N.Z.
Example: The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland
Unless otherwise indicated, illustrations show the model for The United Kingdom
and Republic of Ireland.
See page 4 for details
"EB" on the packaging indicates the United Kingdom and
Republic of Ireland


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   Summary of Contents for PANASONIC DVD-S53

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions, Dear Customer

    Operating Instructions DVD/CD PLAYER DVD-S53 Model No. Dear customer Thank you for purchasing this product. Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely. Please keep this manual for future reference. Region number The player plays DVD-Video marked with labels containing the region MULTI-FORMAT PLAYBACK number or “ALL”.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Also available through our Internet is direct shopping for a wide range of finished Specifications ....................25 products, take a browse on our website for further details. Glossary .....................26 Interested in purchasing an extended guarantee? Main feature index ..............Back cover Please call 0870 240 6284 or visit our website www.panasonic.co.uk/guarantee.

  • Page 3: Caution For Ac Mains Lead, Safety Precaution

    Caution for AC Mains Lead Safety precaution (For The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland) Placement (“EB” area code model only) Set the unit up on an even surface away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, high humidity, and excessive For your safety, please read the following text carefully. WARNING: DO NOT CONNECT EITHER vibration.

  • Page 4: Discs That Can Be Played

    Discs that can be played Commercial discs Recorded discs (  : Available, − : Not available) Disc Disc Indicated in these Recorded on a DVD Remarks Recorded on a personal computer, etc. instructions by Logo video recorder, etc. Finalizing ...

  • Page 5: Maintenance

    (Simple Profile) video system/G.726 audio Note about using a DualDisc DVD-R/RW “.ASF” MPEG4 system] recorded with the Panasonic SD multi CD-R/RW “.asf” The digital audio content side of a DualDisc does not meet the technical specifications cameras or DVD video recorders with this unit.

  • Page 6: Step 1 Connection

    ( page 18, “VIDEO” menu). The United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Panasonic televisions with 625 (576)/50i · 50p, 525 (480)/60i . 60p input terminals are progressive compatible. Back of the unit...

  • Page 7

    Enjoying higher quality audio and video (HDMI connection) ( Page 26, Glossary)   By connecting to an HDMI compatible high-definition television, video recordings can be converted to, and output as, high-definition video (1080p,1080i). You can also enjoy surround sound by connecting to an HDMI compatible amplifier with multi-channel output terminals. With HDMI compatible television With HDMI compatible television With HDMI compatible amplifier...

  • Page 8: Step 2 The Remote Control, Step 3 Quick Setup

    STEP 1 Connection Enjoying surround sound  Connect the AC mains lead last  COAXIAL IN FOR THE UNITED KINGDOM AND REPUBLIC OF IRELAND ONLY Amplifier with a built-in decoder or a READ THE CAUTION FOR AC MAINS LEAD ON PAGE 3 BEFORE CONNECTION. decoder-amplifier combination Coaxial cable •...

  • Page 9: Basic Play

    Basic play Open the disc tray. Power ON. Remote control sensor OPEN/CLOSE OPEN/CLOSE Load the disc. Start play. Stop • Load double-sided discs so the label for the side you want to play is facing up. Search Skip (during play) Slow-motion (during pause) •...

  • Page 10

    Basic play Frame-by-frame forward direction only DVD-VR (during pause) DVD-VR DVD-V Select Return to On-screen item previous screen select Register DVD-V Shows a disc top menu. DVD-VR Plays the programs ( page 12). Disc menu DVD-V Shows a disc menu. DVD-VR Plays a playlist (...

  • Page 11: Changing The Play Sequences, Program Play, Random Play

    Changing the play sequences Program play Random play (up to 30 items) (except (except DVD-VR DVD-VR JPEG MPEG4 JPEG MPEG4 DivX DivX Discs that contain both video (DivX/MPEG4) and other format (WMA/MP3/JPEG) Discs that contain both video (DivX/MPEG4) and other format (WMA/MP3/JPEG) contents only contents only While the “PLAYBACK MENU”...

  • Page 12: Using Navigation Menus, Playing Audio (wma/mp3), Picture (jpeg) And Video (divx/mpeg4) Discs, Playing Programs/playlists

    Using navigation menus Playing audio (WMA/MP3), picture (JPEG) and video (DivX/MPEG4) discs JPEG MPEG4 DivX Select the picture in thumbnails menu  Discs that contain both video (DivX/MPEG4) and other JPEG format (WMA/MP3/JPEG) contents only PLAYBACK MENU 1. While pictures are being displayed, press [TOP MP3, WMA, JPEG AUDIO/PICTURE While the “PLAYBACK MENU”...

  • Page 13: Convenient Functions

    Convenient functions Displaying current playback condition Changing picture mode (Discs with pictures) (Quick On Screen Display) Press [PICTURE MODE] to select the picture quality Press [QUICK OSD]. NORMAL for movie viewing. Press [e r] to change e.g. NORMAL: Normal images. current/elapsed play time.

  • Page 14: Changing Soundtracks, Dialogue Enhancer

    Convenient functions Changing soundtracks Transfer mode (Discs with pictures) (with multiple soundtracks) DVD-V DivX With COMPONENT VIDEO OUT connection DVD-VR AUTO1 If you have set “VIDEO OUT (I/P)” to “PROGRESSIVE” e.g. DivX DivX DVD-V ( page 18, “VIDEO” menu). Press [AUDIO] to select the soundtrack. 1: MP3 160kbps 44.1kHz 2ch Press [TRANSFER MODE] to select the method of conversion for progressive output to suit the type of material.

  • Page 15: Using On-screen Menus, On-screen Menu 1

    Using On-Screen Menus Select Select Press. Each time you press the button: Register Register On-Screen Menu 1 (Disc/Play) Press to exit. On-Screen Menu 2 (Video) Select the item. Make the settings. (Audio) On-Screen Menu 3 On-Screen Menu 4 (HDMI) Exit Note Press [FUNCTIONS] will display only “On-Screen Menu 4”...

  • Page 16

    Using On-Screen Menus On-Screen Menu 2 (Video) PICTURE MODE ( page 13, Changing picture mode) ZOOM ( page 14, Zoom) ( page 13, Reducing noise in pictures) TRANSFER MODE ( page 14, Transfer mode) SOURCE SELECT When you select “AUTO” the constructing method of the DivX contents is automatically distinguished and output. If the picture is distorted, (depends on disc) select “INTERLACE”...

  • Page 17: On-screen Menu 4

    On-Screen Menu 4 (HDMI) HDMI STATUS Indicates various information when connected with HDMI AV OUT terminal ( below, Confirming HDMI information). Confirming HDMI information  e.g. DVD-V HDMI - INFORMATION CONNECTED STATE CONNECTED Connection status AUDIO STREAM  page 14, Changing soundtracks MAX CHANNEL 2 ch Shows the maximum channel number of the connected equipments.

  • Page 18: Changing The Player Settings, Reference

    Changing the player settings Select Select Select Shows Select the Select the Make the Press to Setup menu. item. settings. exit. menu. Register Register Register • The settings remain intact even if you switch the unit to standby. • Underlined items are the factory preset. The QUICK SETUP enables successive settings of the items in the shaded area.

  • Page 19

    “AUDIO” menu  AUDIO OUT ON: Audio output is from HDMI AV OUT terminal. SETTING STATE Display the current setting of the items below OFF: Audio output is not from HDMI AV OUT terminal. PCM OUTPUT UP TO 48kHz: When connected to equipment compatible ...

  • Page 20: Language Code List

    Language code list Abkhazian: 6566 Hebrew: 7387 Samoan: 8377 Afar: 6565 Hindi: 7273 Sanskrit: 8365 Afrikaans: 6570 Hungarian: 7285 Scots Gaelic: 7168 Albanian: 8381 Icelandic: 7383 Serbian: 8382 Ameharic: 6577 Indonesian: 7378 Serbo-Croatian: 8372 Arabic: 6582 Interlingua: 7365 Shona: 8378 Armenian: 7289 Irish:...

  • Page 21: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting guide Before requesting service, make the following checks. If you are in doubt about some Specific operation impossible or incorrect of the check points, or if the solutions indicated in the chart do not solve the problem, It takes time before •...

  • Page 22

    Troubleshooting guide Picture incorrect Sound incorrect Picture distorted. Sound distorted. Set Advanced surround to “OFF”. (13) • Ensure that the unit is not connected through a video • cassette recorder. (6) • Noise may occur when playing WMA files. • Make sure that progressive output has not been selected •...

  • Page 23

    Television displays Unit displays “ERR H ” • Trouble may have occurred. The number following “ERR H” • Trouble may have occurred. Turn the unit off and then back depends on the status of the unit. Turn the unit off and then to ON.

  • Page 24: About Divx Vod Contents

    Follow the online instructions for purchasing DivX VOD content to enter the unit’s this unit, and a Panasonic television (VIERA) or receiver under VIERA Link “HDAVI Control”. You can use this function by connecting the equipment with the HDMI cable.

  • Page 25: Speciļ¬cations

    R output level: or 4:2:0) 0.7 Vp-p (75 Ω) G output level: MPEG4 data recorded with the Panasonic SD multi cameras or DVD video recorders 5 B output level: 0.7 Vp-p (75 Ω) Conforming to SD VIDEO specifications (ASF standard)/MPEG4 (Simple Profile) Output terminal: video system/G.726 audio system...

  • Page 26: Glossary

    Glossary DivX Information on Disposal for Users of Waste Electrical & Electronic DivX is a popular media technology created by DivX, Inc. DivX media files contain Equipment (private households) highly compressed video with high visual quality that maintains a relatively small file size.

  • Page 27

    This product may receive radio interference caused CAUTION! by mobile telephones during use. If such interference THIS PRODUCT UTILIZES A LASER. is apparent, please increase separation between the USE OF CONTROLS OR ADJUSTMENTS OR product and the mobile telephone. PERFORMANCE OF PROCEDURES OTHER THAN THOSE SPECIFIED HEREIN MAY RESULT IN The socket outlet shall be installed near the equipment HAZARDOUS RADIATION EXPOSURE.

  • Page 28

    Reduces noise in pictures Program/random play (11) HDAVI Control is a trademark of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (13) Selects the method of Changes the zoom ratio (14) progressive output conversion (14) Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Web Site: http://panasonic.net RQTC0132-B H0107FS0...

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