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Makita EG301A Instructions For Use Manual

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EG381A, EG381AE
EG511A, EG511AE
EG711A, EG711AE
EG781A, EG781AE



  Summary of Contents for Makita EG301A

  • Page 1 EG301A EG381A, EG381AE EG511A, EG511AE EG711A, EG711AE EG781A, EG781AE 3ZZ9990516...
  • Page 2: Air Index

    (California Proposition 65) WARNING : The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. (California only) AIR INDEX To show compliance with California emission regulations, a hangtag has been provided displaying the Air Index level and durability period of this engine.
  • Page 4 FOREWORD Thank you for purchasing a Makita generator. This manual covers operation and maintenance of the Makita generators. All information in this publication is based on the latest production information available at the time of approval for printing. Pay special attention to statements preceded by the following words:...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    1. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Please make sure you review each precaution carefully. WARNING Do not operate the generator near gasoline or gaseous fuel because of the potential danger of explosion or fire. Do not fill the fuel tank with fuel while the engine is running. Do not smoke or use open flame near the fuel tank.
  • Page 7 WARNING Do not operate in rain, in wet or damp conditions, or with wet hands. The operator may suffer severe electric shock if the generator is wet due to rain or snow. WARNING If wet, wipe and dry it well before starting. Do not pour water directly over the generator, nor wash it with water.
  • Page 8: Specifications

    2. SPECIFICATIONS EG381A EG511A EG711A EG781A MODEL EG301A EG381AE EG511AE EG711AE EG781AE Brush, self-exciting, 2-poles, single phase Type Voltage regulating system AVR type AC Output Rated voltage-Frequency V-Hz 120-60 120/240-60 24.2 / 12.1 35 / 17.5 41.7 / 20.8 50 / 25...
  • Page 9: Components

    3. COMPONENTS EG301A, EG381A, EG381AE, EG511A, EG511AE Engine switch Fuel tank Control panel Fuel strainer ( Fuel valve ) Recoil starter handle Recoil starter Oil gauge (oil filler) Oil drain plug Fuel gauge Tank cap Spark plug cap Choke lever...
  • Page 10 EG711A, EG711AE, EG781A, EG781AE Tank cap Engine switch Control panel Recoil starter handle Oil gauge (oil filler) Recoil starter Oil drain plug Fuel gauge Fuel tank Choke lever Spark plug cap Air cleaner Muffler...
  • Page 11: Control Panel

    CONTROL PANEL EG301A Pilot lamp AC circuit AC receptacle 20A breaker Engine switch DC circuit breaker Earth ( ground ) DC receptacle terminal EG381A, EG381AE AC receptacle 30A Pilot lamp AC circuit breaker AC receptacle 20A [Electric starter model] Idle Control...
  • Page 12: Pre-Operation Checks

    Oil capacity (Upper level) : L (U.S. gal) EG301A ....0.6 (0.15) EG381A, EG381AE ..0.6 (0.15) EG511A, EG511AE ..1.0 (0.26) EG711A, EG711AE .
  • Page 13: Check Engine Fuel

    "LEVEL" position : EG511A, EG511AE EG301A ....12.8 EG381A, EG381AE ..12.8 FULL EG511A, EG511AE .
  • Page 14 CHECKING COMPONENT PARTS Check following items before starting engine: Fuel leakage from fuel hose, etc. Bolts and nuts for looseness. Components for damage or breakage. Generator not resting on or against any adjacent wiring. CHECK GENERATOR SURROUNDINGS WARNING Make sure you review each warning in order to prevent fire hazard. Keep area clear of in flammables or other hazardous materials.
  • Page 15 WARNING Death, personal injury and/or property damage may occur unless instructions are followed carefully. Use battery of recommended capacity. Turn the starter switch to the "STOP" position when mounting or dismounting battery. When mounting battery, connect the positive (+) cable first and then the negative (-) cable to the battery. Be careful not to short battery cables.
  • Page 16: Operating Procedures

    5. OPERATING PROCEDURES STARTING THE GENERATOR CAUTION Check the oil level before each operations as outlined by the article "CHECK ENGINE OIL" (a) Turn the Engine switch to the position "ON". (b) Turn the AC circuit breaker to the position "OFF". (c) Open the fuel valve.
  • Page 17 (e) Recoil starter model] Pull the starter handle slowly until passing the compression point (resistance will be felt), then return the handle to its original position and pull briskly. If the engine fails to start after several attempts, repeat above procedures with choke lever returned to "OPEN"...
  • Page 18 ( g) After the engine started, return the Choke lever choke lever gradually to "OPEN" position. CLOSE OPEN (h) Warm up the engine without a load for a few minutes.
  • Page 19: Using Electric Power

    USING ELECTRIC POWER WARNING Make sure that the appliance is switched OFF before connecting it to the generator. Do not move the generator while it is running. Be sure to ground the generator if the connected appliance is grounded. Failure to ground unit may lead to electrical shock. (1) AC APPLICATION (a) Make sure the pilot lamp is turned on.
  • Page 20 Stop the generator immediately, check the appliance and / or generator for overloading or detect and have repaired as necessary by Makita factory or authorized service center. CAUTION The duplex 120V receptacle is protected by a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).
  • Page 21 (d) Turn the AC circuit breaker to the position "ON". (e) Turn on the switch of the appliance. GFCI RECEPTACLE After starting the engine, check the GFCI for proper functioning by the following test procedure. Push blue TEST button, The red RESET button will pop out exposing the word TRIP.
  • Page 22 FULL POWER SWITCH (Except EG301A) Select the voltage using the FULL POWER SWITCH in accordance with the electrical appliance. 1 2 0 V Refer to TABLE 2. 2 4 0 V 1 2 0 V CAUTION Change the FULL POWER SWITCH...
  • Page 23 (2) DC APPLICATION (Only for charging 12 volt battery) BLACK CABLE DC receptacle (Only for charging 12 volt battery) CABLE For charging 12 voltage battery, 12V-8.3A (100W) of maximum AC power can be taken out from the DC receptacle by means of the exclusive DC cable.
  • Page 24 Battery Charging Procedures : 1) Stop engine. 2) Remove all connections from battery. 3) Insert the plug of exclusive DC cable into DC receptacle. 4) Connect positive (red) clip of DC cable to positive (+) terminal on battery, and then connect negative (black) clip of DC cable to negative (-) terminal on battery.
  • Page 25 STOPPING THE GENERATOR (a) Turn off the power switch of the electric equipment and unplug the cord from receptacle of the generator. (b) Turn the AC circuit breaker to the "OFF" position. (c) Allow the engine about 3 minutes to cool down at no-load before stopping.
  • Page 26: Wattage Information

    The voltage and amperage (amps) information can be found on a name plate which is normally attached to electrical appliances and tools. Applicable Wattage(W) Applications EG381A EG511A EG711A EG781A EG301A EG381AE EG511AE EG711AE EG781AE Incandescent lamp, Heater 2400 2900 4200...
  • Page 27 VOLTAGE DROP IN ELECTRIC EXTENSION CORDS When a long electric extension cord is used to connect an appliance or tool to the generator, a certain amount of voltage drop or loss occurs in the extension cord which reduces the effective voltage available for the appliance or tool. The chart below has been prepared to illustrate the approximate voltage loss when an extension cord of 300 feet (approx.
  • Page 28: Spark Arrester

    How to remove the spark arrester 1. Remove the flange bolts from the muffler cover and remove the muffler cover. 2. Remove the special screw from the spark arrester and remove the spark arrester from the muffler. EG711A EG301A EG711AE EG381A EG781A EG381AE...
  • Page 29: Maintenance Schedule

    8. MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE MAINTENANCE, REPLACEMENT, OR REPAIR OF THE EMISSION CONTROL DEVICES AND SYSTEMS MAY BE PERFORMED BY ANY NONROAD ENGINE REPAIR ESTABLISHMENT OR INDIVIDUAL. DAILY INSPECTION Before running the generator, check the following service items: Enough gasoline Excessive vibration,noise Enough clean engine oil Loose or broken bolts and nuts Leakage of gasoline and engine oil...
  • Page 30 Do not pour it down into sewage drains, onto garden soil or into open streams. Your local zoning or environmental regulations will give you more detailed instructions on proper disposal. *Note: 2. As to the procedures for these items, please refer to the SERVICE MANUAL or consult your nearest Makita factory or authorized service center.
  • Page 31: How-To" Maintenance

    Then rinse the element thoroughly in clean water. Allow the element to dry thoroughly. Soak the element in clean engine oil and squeeze out excess oil. EG301A, EG381A, EG381AE EG511A, EG511AE EG711A, EG711AE EG781A, EG781AE...
  • Page 32: Spark Plug

    CLEANING AND ADJUSTING SPARK PLUG (a) If the plug is contaminated with carbon, remove it using a plug cleaner or wire brush. (b) Adjust the electrode gap to 0.6 to 0.7 mm (0.024 to 0.028 in.). Gap 0.6 to 0.7 mm ( 0.024 to 0.028 in.
  • Page 33 CHECKING CARBON BRUSH Brush Maintenance Essentials (Effective Length) The brush is the area which touches the slip ring, and its surface must be kept smooth. If it is not smooth then carbon and other substances will adhere between the brush and slip ring.
  • Page 34 Brush Maintenance Essentials (Disassembly and Assembly) Disassembly 1. Remove the two flange bolts (M5 x 20), then remove the bracket cover. Brush 2. Remove the two flange bolts (M5 x 16), then remove the brush. Slip ring Assembly 1. While pressing the brush against the slip ring, secure it (1.5~2N m) by tightening it with the two flange bolts (M5 x 16).
  • Page 35: Preparation For Storage

    10. PREPARATION FOR STORAGE The following procedures should be followed prior to storage of your generator for periods of 6 months or longer. Drain fuel from fuel tank carefully by disconnecting the fuel line. Gasoline left in the fuel tank will eventually deteriorate making engine- starting difficult.
  • Page 36: Troubleshooting

    If your generator still fails to start or generate electricity, contact your nearest Makita factory or authorized service center for further information or corrective procedures. When Engine Fails to Start : Set the choke lever to "CLOSE"...
  • Page 37: Wiring Diagram

    12. WIRING DIAGRAM lamp Pilot unit sensor winding switch sensor coil Ignition plug Spark...
  • Page 38 Grn/Y breaker circuit lamp Pilot unit sensor winding switch sensor coil Ignition plug Spark...
  • Page 39 Grn/Y breaker circuit lamp Pilot coil Charge switch Magnetic starter Electric unit sensor winding switch sensor coil Ignition plug Spark...
  • Page 40 Grn/Y breaker breaker circuit circuit breaker breaker circuit circuit lamp Pilot unit sensor winding switch sensor coil Ignition plug Spark...
  • Page 41 Grn/Y breaker breaker circuit circuit breaker breaker circuit circuit lamp Pilot coil Charge switch Magnetic starter Electric unit sensor winding switch sensor coil Ignition plug Spark...
  • Page 42 ISSUE EMD-GU7037 Makita Corporation 3-11-8, Sumiyoshi-cho Anjo, Aichi 446-8502 Japan PRINTED IN JAPAN May 2010 IMPRESO EN JAPÓN Mayo 2010...