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Power Control; Updating The Device; Direct; Via Computer - Archos 101 User Manual

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ARCHOS 101 User Guide


This very useful widget allows you to easily shut on/off modules of the ARCHOS that take up power. You can thus
extend the usable battery charge of your device. From the left to right.
WiFi: Turn on/off the WiFi module.
Bluetooth: Turn on/off the Bluetooth® module.
Teather: Connect or disconnect your ARCHOS from your mobile phone's bluetooth connection for Internet access.
Sync: Shut off the synchronizing that often goes out to the web to synchronize application data.
Brightness: Allows three levels of screen brightness.


The firmware is the operating system (OS) of your ARCHOS. It is periodically updated to bring new features,
improvements and bug fixes. There are two main ways to update your product's firmware:

19.1. DIRECT

Update directly on the ARCHOS (WiFi connection needed). This is the easiest way to update the firmware. For this to
work, you only need a connection to a WiFi network. See
the Menu icon
, select Settings, and choose About device. Tap on the Firmware update button. The ARCHOS will
search on-line for a new firmware. If there is one available, it will start downloading, and it will be installed
automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions.


On your PC, go to Search for the latest firmware available for your ARCHOS. Compare
the latest on-line version with the one installed on your ARCHOS (your ARCHOS firmware version number appears in
the About device settings screen). If the on-line version is more recent than yours (has a higher number), follow the
instructions to download it and copy it to your ARCHOS. Your Internet browser may warn you that the contents of
the firmware file could harm your computer. ARCHOS has taken precautions to insure that this file will not harm
your computer.


20.1. Resetting your ARCHOS
In the event that your ARCHOS freezes operation, you can force the device to shut down by holding the Power
button for 10 seconds. Resetting your ARCHOS will not erase any data from your device. If the touch-screen is not
responding properly you can execute a touch-screen recalibration by doing a System Recovery as per the next
20.2. Touch screen problems[2/24/2011 3:22:40 PM]
Making a WiFi
Connection. From the Home screen, tap on



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