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Archos 28 Faqs

Internet tablets
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About ARCHOS 28, 32, 35, 43, 70, 101 internet
Make sure your WiFi Internet connection is working...
Some of your applications will not work
if you do not have a WiFi connection to
the Internet.
Check the user manual...
There is a wealth of useful information
in the full user manual. It is very well
written, and there are surely things in
there that you didn't know before.
There is an icon on the home screen to
access it.
Make sure you have the latest firmware...
This is one of the most important things
you should do. Firmware updates are
important to install because they add
new functionality, improve functionality,
and/or fix bugs. If you can connect by
WiFi to the Internet, then go to Menu >
Settings > About Device > Firmware
update to see if a newer one is
proposed. If you do not have a WiFi
connection to the Internet, you can
update your device by downloading the
latest firmware to your computer and
transferring it to your ARCHOS using the
USB cable. See the 'How to install a
(c) 2019 ARCHOS <> | 2019-07-27 04:49
What to check first
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  • Page 1 Archives About ARCHOS 28, 32, 35, 43, 70, 101 internet tablets What to check first Make sure your WiFi Internet connection is working... Some of your applications will not work if you do not have a WiFi connection to the Internet.
  • Page 2 (ARCHOS 70, 101) or to your computer (ARCHOS 28, 32, 43) (or by using a USB style wall charger) for 8 hours or until the green charging indicator light blinks. If using a USB wall charger, make sure it is rated 5 volts 1A (1000 mA).
  • Page 3 ARCHOS does have. compass, telephone, GPS). What e-books can I view on the ARCHOS? Non-protected books published in the eBook or ePub format are readable on the ARCHOS with the free Aldiko™ application. You can also find dedicated apps for ebooks such as one for Kindle from Amazon.
  • Page 4 Will the Archos connect to popular photo sharing sites like Flickr? Currently the included Photo Frame application connects and shows pictures from accounts keywords) from Flickr™, Picassa™, and Facebook.
  • Page 5 Flash™ 10.1 player included which will allow you to play Flash™ video content and Flash™ games on the web. What kind of performance can users expect via USB or Bluetooth® tethering? Page 5 / 14 (c) 2019 ARCHOS <> | 2019-07-27 04:49 URL:
  • Page 6 Android phones. How do I tether the ARCHOS to my phone in order to get Internet outside of WiFi areas? After an initial setup of pairing your phone to your ARCHOS, each time you want to use the Internet, you just go to the power control widget and turn on Tethering.
  • Page 7 Why does my ARCHOS internet tablet only have Android 2.1 on it? How can I get Android 2.2 onto it? The ARCHOS update software will be available in Q4 of 2010.
  • Page 8: Troubleshooting

    You can see and do all the same things you do on your device (videos, music, internet, games). The ARCHOS 32 has a composite video output (yellow RCA cable) and the ARCHOS 43, 70, and 101 have HDMI video output...
  • Page 9 (ARCHOS 101) running computer with the USB cable (ARCHOS 28, 32, 43)and allow it to charge until the battery light on the side of the device blinks (this could take several hours). My Touchscreen isn’t working properly, what should I do? You may need to re-calibrate your touchscreen.
  • Page 10 Check by going to Menu > Settings > About Device > Firmware Update. My Archos will not start to Android, it keeps restarting or showing a black screen whenever I switch it on, what can I do? If either in the settings or through an...
  • Page 11 Getting into Recovery mode on the 28IT, 32IT, 35IT: Press and hold the power button, when the Archos logo is displayed, press the power button 3 times quickly. The white ARCHOS Recovery screen is displayed. Use Vol + and - to switch between...
  • Page 12: Battery Power

    5. The device will install the firmware and restart Battery / Power The battery of my ARCHOS is completely drained and the device will not charge. If the battery is completely drained, charge it by connecting it to the USB...
  • Page 13 Please refer to the spec sheets (available on the web site) for specific details. Can I use / transfer content I have on my Apple to use on the ARCHOS? Any unprotected photo, video or music file can be transferred to the ARCHOS and will play without problem.
  • Page 14 Archives to the ARCHOS 32, 43, or 70. Finally, you can also copy them via WiFi from your Windows® shared folders. Unique solution ID: #1268 Author: Admin FAQ Last update: 2015-04-23 17:37 Page 14 / 14 (c) 2019 ARCHOS <> | 2019-07-27 04:49...

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