PANASONIC HDC-SD20 Operating Instructions Manual

High definition video camera model no.hdc-sd20; hdc-tm20; hdc-hs25.
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High Definition Video Camera
Model No.
Before use, please read these instructions completely.

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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions High Definition Video Camera HDC-SD20 Model No. HDC-TM20 HDC-HS25 Before use, please read these instructions completely. VQT2B44...

  • Page 2: Information For Your Safety

    IMPORTANT We would like to take this opportunity to thank The wires in this mains lead are coloured in you for purchasing this Panasonic High Definition accordance with the following code: Video Camera. Please read these Operating Blue: Neutral, Brown: Live.

  • Page 3

    WARNING: The socket outlet shall be installed near the equipment and easily accessible. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE, The mains plug of the power supply cord shall ELECTRIC SHOCK OR PRODUCT remain readily operable. DAMAGE, To completely disconnect this apparatus from ≥...

  • Page 4

    ∫ Information for Users on ∫ Indemnity concerning recording Collection and Disposal of Old content Equipment and used Batteries The manufacturer shall in no event be liable for the loss of recordings due to malfunction or These symbols on the products, defect of this unit, its accessories or recordable packaging, and/or accompanying media.

  • Page 5

    (i) encode ≥ “AVCHD” and the “AVCHD” Logo are video in compliance with the AVC Standard trademarks of Panasonic Corporation and (“AVC Video”) and/or (ii) decode AVC Video that Sony Corporation. was encoded by a consumer engaged in a ≥...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    PRE-REC ..........49 Handling of HDD [HDC-HS25]..... 12 Shooting guide ........49 [2] Parts identification and handling ..13 [3] Recording still pictures ....50 [HDC-SD20/HDC-TM20] ..... 13 Picture quality........51 [HDC-HS25]......... 16 Simultaneous recording (recording still pictures while Setup recording motion pictures)....

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Playback Backup Playback With other products [1] Motion picture playback ....74 [1] Connecting a DVD burner to copy Creating still picture from motion to/play back a disc ......102 picture..........77 Preparing for copying/playing back ... 102 Highlight&Time frame index....77 Copying to discs........

  • Page 8

    ≥ Or go on line through our Internet Accessory ordering application at ≥ Most major credit and debit cards accepted. ≥ All enquiries transactions and distribution facilities are provided directly by Panasonic UK Ltd. ≥ It couldn’t be simpler! ≥ Also available through our Internet is direct...

  • Page 9: Accessories

    Accessories Check the accessories before using this unit. Optional accessories Battery pack VW-VBG070 Some optional accessories may not be available in some countries. AC adaptor AC adaptor (VW-AD21EB-K) VSK0698 Battery pack (lithium/VW-VBG070) AC cable Battery pack (lithium/VW-VBG130) K2CT3CA00004 Battery pack (lithium/VW-VBG260) Battery pack (lithium/VW-VBG6) DC cable Battery pack holder kit (VW-VH04)

  • Page 10: Features

    Features ∫ Very clear high definition pictures This unit can record detailed high definition images. High definition images (1920k1080) Standard images (720k576) A Number of available scan lines 1080 B Number of available scan lines 576 * If the recording mode is HA/HG/HX. What is the AVCHD? This is a format for recording and playing back highly detailed high definition images.

  • Page 11

    Indemnity about recorded content Panasonic does not accept any responsibility for damages directly or indirectly due to any type of problems that result in loss of recording or edited content, and does not guarantee any content if recording or editing does not work properly. Likewise, the above also applies in a case where any type of repair is made to the unit (including any other non-built-in memory/HDD related component).

  • Page 12

    Handling of HDD [HDC-HS25] ∫ Do not expose the HDD to ∫ Falling detection vibrations and shocks. ] is indicated on the screen when it detects a falling state (a weightless state). If the falling Due to the environment and handling conditions, state is detected repeatedly, the unit may stop the HDD may be subject to partial damages or the recording or playback operation in order to...

  • Page 13: Parts Identification And Handling, Hdc-sd20/hdc-tm20]

    DC input terminal [DC IN] (l 23) ≥ Always use the supplied AC adaptor or a ≥ It can rotate up to 180o A towards the lens or genuine Panasonic AC adaptor 90o B towards the opposite direction. (VW-AD21EB-K; optional).

  • Page 14

    13 SD card open lever [OPEN] (l 25) Be careful about the following. 14 Audio-video output terminal [A/V] When 2 lens accessories, such as the ND filter (l 94, 110) and tele conversion lens, are fitted and the ≥ Use the AV cable (only the supplied cable). zoom lever is pressed toward the W side, the 15 Component terminal [COMPONENT] 4 corners of an image will be darkened.

  • Page 15

    26 Recording start/stop button (l 46) 34 Battery release lever [BATT] (l 20) 27 Status indicator (l 26) 35 Tripod receptacle 28 Mode switch (l 26) This is a hole for attaching the unit to the optional 29 Photoshot button [ ] (l 50) tripod.

  • Page 16: Hdc-hs25]

    Battery holder (l 20) DC input terminal [DC IN] (l 23) ≥ It can open up to 90o. ≥ Always use the supplied AC adaptor or a genuine Panasonic AC adaptor (VW-AD21EB-K; optional). 10 USB terminal [ ] (l 102, 111, 121)

  • Page 17

    Attaching the lens cap (Included in the Filter Kit (VW-LF43NE; optional)) ≥ When the filter kit (VW-LF43NE; optional) is used, protect the lens surface while the unit is not used with the lens cap supplied with the filter kit. 20 Built-in flash (l 67) 21 Lens (LEICA DICOMAR) Lens cover A ≥...

  • Page 18

    26 Recording start/stop button (l 46) This is a hole for attaching the unit to the optional 27 Status indicator (l 26) tripod. (For details on mounting the tripod, refer 28 Mode dial (l 26) to the operating instructions for the tripod.) 29 HDD access lamp [ACCESS HDD] (l 12) 30 Photoshot button [ ] (l 50)

  • Page 19: Power Supply, Charging The Battery

    Please be advised that we are not liable for any accident or failure occurring as a result of use of a counterfeit battery pack. To ensure that safe products are used we would recommend that a genuine Panasonic battery pack is used. Charging the battery When this unit is purchased, the battery is not charged.

  • Page 20: Inserting/removing The Battery

    ≥ We recommend using Panasonic batteries (l 9, 21, 22). ≥ If you use other batteries, we cannot guarantee the quality of this product. ≥ Do not heat or expose to flame. ≥ Do not leave the battery(ies) in an automobile exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time with doors and windows closed.

  • Page 21: Charging And Recording Time

    Charging and recording time ∫ Charging/Recording time ≥ Temperature: 25 oC/humidity: 60% HDC-SD20 Battery model number Maximum continuously Actual recordable [Voltage/Capacity Charging time recordable time time (minimum)] Supplied battery/ VW-VBG070 (optional) 1 h 35 min 1 h 20 min 50 min [7.2 V/725 mAh]...

  • Page 22

    ( ) will flash. ≥ The remaining battery capacity is displayed when using the Panasonic battery that you can use for this unit. It may take time to display the remaining battery capacity. The actual time can vary depending on your actual use.

  • Page 23: Connecting To The Ac Outlet

    Connecting to the AC outlet The unit is in the standby condition when the AC adaptor is connected. The primary circuit is always “live” as long as the AC adaptor is connected to an electrical outlet. Important: While the DC cable is connected to the AC adaptor, the battery will not charge. ≥...

  • Page 24: Preparation Of Sd Cards, Cards That You Can Use With This Unit

    Use SD cards conforming to Class 4 or higher of the SD Speed Class Rating for motion picture recording. Motion picture recording Still picture Card type Capacity The following models of Panasonic SD cards can be recording used. 8 MB Cannot be used. Can be used. 16 MB 32 MB Cannot be guaranteed in operation.

  • Page 25: Inserting/removing An Sd Card

    Inserting/removing an SD card When using an SD card not from Panasonic, or one previously used on other equipment, for the first time on this unit, format the SD card. (l 93) When the SD card is formatted, all of the recorded data is deleted.

  • Page 26: Selecting A Mode

    Change the mode to recording, playback or power OFF. Turn on the power by changing the mode to while pressing the lock release button A. HDC-SD20 HDC-HS25 HDC-TM20 ≥ Operate the mode switch while at the same ≥ Rotate the mode dial while at the same...

  • Page 27: Turning The Power On And Off With The Lcd Monitor

    When the mode is set to , power is turned on when the LCD monitor is opened, and power is turned off when it is closed. ∫ To turn on the power HDC-SD20 HDC-HS25 HDC-TM20 A The status indicator lights.

  • Page 28: How To Use The Touch Screen

    Preparation How to use the touch screen Setup You can operate by directly touching the LCD monitor (touch screen) with your finger. It is easier to use the stylus pen (supplied) for detailed operation or if it is hard to operate with your fingers. ∫...

  • Page 29: Using The Menu Screen

    Preparation Using the menu screen Setup MENU Press the MENU button. Touch the desired item to enter the setting. MENU Touch the top menu A. Touch [EXIT] or press the MENU button to exit the menu setting. ∫ About information display Touch the submenu B.

  • Page 30: Language Selection, Menu List

    Language selection You can select the language on the screen display and the menu screen. Press the MENU button, then touch [SETUP] > [LANGUAGE]. Touch [English]. Menu list Part of the menu will not be used depending on the used functions. (l 132) Recording mode *1 It is not displayed when the Intelligent auto mode is on.

  • Page 31

    PICTURE SETUP [QUALITY] (l 51) [DISPLAY] The screen indications are selected as [HI-SPEED BURST] (l 66) shown in the illustration below. [SELF TIMER] (l 67) [OFF] [ON] [FLASH] (l 67) 1h30m [FLASH LEVEL] (l 67) R 1h20m [RED EYE] (l 68) [SHTR SOUND] (l 68) MEDIA SELECT...

  • Page 32

    [DEMO MODE] [ALERT SOUND] This item is used to start the unit Touch screen operation, start and stop of demonstration. recording and power on/off can be (Only when the mode is at the position) confirmed with this sound. 2 Beeps for 4 times If [DEMO MODE] is switched [ON] when When an error occurs.

  • Page 33: Playback Mode, Motion Picture Playback, Video Setup, Still Picture Playback

    Playback mode *1 When the disc playback is selected while a DVD burner (optional) is connected, or when [INTEL. SCENE] (l 78) is selected, this does not appear. *2 Only when the disc playback is selected while a DVD burner (optional) is connected, this appears. *3 These menus are only for *4 These menus are only for *5 This appears only when the [VIDEO/SD CARD] or [PICTURE/SD CARD] is selected.

  • Page 34: Setting Date And Time

    Preparation Setting date and time Setup When the unit is turned on for the first time, a message asking you to set the date and time will appear. Select [YES] and perform steps 2 to 3 below to set the date and time. ¬...

  • Page 35


  • Page 36: World Time Setting (displaying The Time Of The Travel Destination)

    World time setting (Displaying the time of the travel destination) It is possible to display and record the time at the travel destination by selecting your home region and the travel destination. Select the menu. (l 29) (Only when setting the region of your travel [SETUP] # [SET WORLD TIME] # [YES] destination) ≥...

  • Page 37: Adjusting Lcd Monitor, Lcd Monitor Adjustment

    Preparation Adjusting LCD monitor Setup ≥ These settings will not affect the images actually recorded. ∫ Adjusting the brightness and LCD monitor adjustment colour level of the LCD monitor ∫ POWER LCD It adjusts brightness and colour density on the LCD monitor.

  • Page 38: Touch Screen Calibration, Changing The Picture Quality On The Lcd Monitor, Recording Yourself

    Touch screen calibration Changing the picture quality on the LCD monitor Perform the touch screen calibration if a different object to the one touched is selected. Select the menu. (l 29) Select the menu. (l 29) [SETUP] # [LCD AI] # [DYNAMIC] or [SETUP] # [CALIBRATION] # [YES] [NORMAL] ≥...

  • Page 39: Using With The Remote Control

    Preparation Using with the remote Setup control Select the menu. (l 29) Date/time button [DATE/TIME] (l 34) 10 Menu button [MENU] [SETUP] # [REMOTE CONTROL] # [ON] 11 OK button [OK] * means that these buttons function in the same ≥...

  • Page 40: Operation Of Direction Buttons Ok Button

    Operation of direction Warning buttons/OK button Keep the Button-Type battery out of the reach of children. Never put Button-Type battery in Press a direction button. mouth. If swallowed call your doctor. ∫ Remote control usable range PAUSE STILL ADV STILL ADV SKIP STOP SKIP...

  • Page 41: Before Recording

    Recording Before recording Recording (Basic) ∫ Basic camera positioning ≥ When you are outdoors, record pictures with the sunlight behind you. If the subject is backlit, it will become dark in the recording. ≥ When recording, make sure your footing is stable and there is no danger of colliding with another person or object.

  • Page 42: Intelligent Auto Mode

    Intelligent auto mode The following modes appropriate for the condition are set just by pointing the unit to what you want to record. ≥ When this unit is purchased, the Intelligent auto mode is set to on. Intelligent auto button Press this button to switch on/off the intelligent auto mode.

  • Page 43: Auto Focus, Automatic White Balance

    ∫ When Intelligent auto mode is set Auto focus to off: The lens is moved forward or backward automatically to bring the subject into focus. When the Intelligent auto mode is set to off, the Auto focus has the following characteristics. auto white balance and auto focus operate and jAdjusts so that the vertical lines of a subject automatically adjust the colour balance and...

  • Page 44: Quick Start

    Quick start Open the LCD monitor. This unit will resume recording pause mode HDC-SD20 about 0.6 seconds after the LCD monitor is HDC-TM20 reopened. ≥ When in quick start standby mode about 60% ( : about 70%) of the power used in recording pause mode is being consumed, so the recording time will be reduced.

  • Page 45: Quick Power On

    Quick power on (Only when recording to an SD card or built-in memory) The unit is put into recording pause approx. 1.9 seconds when the mode is set to from OFF. ≥ Start time will not shorten if there is no SD card inserted.

  • Page 46: Recording Motion Pictures

    ∫ When selecting media Select the menu. (l 29) [MEDIA SELECT] # [Built-in Memory] or [SD CARD] [MEDIA SELECT] # [HDD] or [SD CARD] HDC-SD20 HDC-HS25 HDC-TM20 ≥ Operate the mode switch while at the same ≥ Rotate the mode dial while at the same...

  • Page 47: Recording Mode

    Press the recording start/stop Press the recording start/stop button to start recording. button again to pause recording. ≥ While recording is in progress, the recording will not stop even if the LCD monitor is closed. About the compatibility of the recorded motion pictures ≥...

  • Page 48: Recording Modes/approximate Recordable Time

    Recording modes/approximate recordable time Switch the picture quality of the motion pictures to be recorded. Select the menu. (l 29) [RECORD SETUP] # [REC MODE] # desired setting 1 GB 7 min 9 min 14 min 21 min 2 GB 15 min 20 min 30 min...

  • Page 49: Pre-rec, Shooting Guide

    PRE-REC Shooting guide This prevents you missing a shot. Message is displayed when this unit is moved rapidly. This allows recording of the pictures and sound Select the menu. (l 29) to start approximately 3 seconds before the recording start/stop button is pressed. [RECORD SETUP] # [SHOOTING GUIDE] Press the PRE-REC button.

  • Page 50: Recording Still Pictures

    Recording (Basic) The number of pixels recorded for still pictures is [ 1920k1080] (16:9). Still pictures can also be recorded while recording motion pictures. HDC-SD20 HDC-HS25 HDC-TM20 ≥ Operate the mode switch while at the same ≥ Rotate the mode dial while at the same...

  • Page 51: Picture Quality

    Focus indication: ∫ About the focus indication ≥ The focus indication indicates the status of the auto focus. ≥ The focus indication will not be displayed in the following conditions. jWhen the manual focus is used. jWhen the colour night view function is used. A Focus indication ≥...

  • Page 52: Number Of Recordable Pictures

    Simultaneous recording Number of recordable (recording still pictures pictures while recording motion pictures) Picture (1920t1080) size You can record still pictures even while recording Picture motion pictures. quality ¬ Change the mode to 8 MB While recording motion pictures, 16 MB press the button fully (press to 32 MB...

  • Page 53: Zoom In/out Function, Digital Zoom Function

    Recording Zoom in/out function Recording (Basic) The maximum optical zoom ratio is 16k. Digital zoom function ¬ Change the mode to / VOL If the zoom magnification exceeds 16k, then the digital zoom function will be activated. Select the menu. (l 29) [RECORD SETUP] # [D.ZOOM] # desired setting [OFF]:...

  • Page 54: Optical Image Stabilizer Function

    Recording Optical image stabilizer Recording (Basic) function Optical image stabilizer can stabilize the image without decreasing the image quality as much. ¬ Change the mode to O.I.S. Optical image stabilizer button Press this button to switch on/off the image stabilizer function. appears on the screen.

  • Page 55: Af Tracking

    Recording AF tracking Recording (Basic) It is possible to set the focus and exposure to the subject specified on the touch screen. The focus and exposure will keep following the subject automatically even if it moves. (Dynamic tracking) ∫ About target frame ¬...

  • Page 56: Recording With The Video Light

    Recording Recording with the video Recording (Basic) light ≥ The video light enables brightening of the images taken in a dimly-lit place. ¬ Change the mode to LIGHT LIGHT button Each time the LIGHT button is pressed, the indication changes by one setting in the following order.

  • Page 57: Recording Functions Of Operation Icons, Operation Icons

    Recording Recording functions of Recording (Advanced) operation icons Select the operation icons to add different effects to the images to be recorded. ¬ Change the mode to Touch to display the (e.g. Backlight compensation) operation icons on the screen. Select an operation icon. ≥...

  • Page 58: Soft Skin Mode, Tele Macro, Colour Night View

    Function Effect Backlight This makes the image brighter to prevent darkening of a backlit subject. compensation Intelligent contrast This brightens parts that are in shadow and difficult to see and suppresses white saturation in bright parts at the same control time.

  • Page 59

    Intelligent contrast control: ≥ If there are extremely dark or bright parts or the brightness is insufficient, the effect may not be clear. Fade: ≥ The thumbnails of scenes recorded using fade in become black (or white). Soft skin mode: ≥...

  • Page 60: Recording Functions Of Menus

    Recording Recording functions of Recording (Advanced) menus Function Effect/Setting method Scene mode When you record images in different situations, this mode automatically sets optimum shutter speeds and apertures. Select the menu. (l 29) [RECORD SETUP] # [SCENE MODE] # desired setting 5Sports: To make fast moving scenes less shaky with slow playback and pause of playback...

  • Page 61

    Function Effect/Setting method Guide line You can check if the image is level while recording or playing back motion pictures and still pictures. The function can also be used to estimate the balance of the composition. ≥ Change the mode to ≥...

  • Page 62

    Function Effect/Setting method It is possible to continuously record motion picture to an SD Relay recording card when there is no space available in the built-in memory. ≥ Change the mode to Select the menu. (l 29) [RECORD SETUP] # [RELAY REC] # [ON] is displayed on the screen.

  • Page 63

    Function Effect/Setting method Automatic face In the portrait mode of the intelligent auto mode, detected faces appear with frames. framing ≥ Change the mode to [OFF]: Select the menu. (l 29) Not display [RECORD SETUP] # [FACE FRAMING] # desired setting [PRIMARY]: ≥...

  • Page 64: Wind Noise Reduction, Microphone Setup

    Function Effect/Setting method Wind noise reduction This is for reducing the wind noise coming into the built-in microphones depending on the wind strength. ≥ Change the mode to ≥ The intelligent auto mode is set to off. (l 42) Select the menu. (l 29) [RECORD SETUP] # [WIND CUT] # [ON] Microphone setup Directivity (sound sensitivity direction) of the built-in...

  • Page 65: Microphone Level

    Function Effect/Setting method Microphone level When recording, the input level from the built-in microphones can be adjusted. [AUTO]: ≥ Change the mode to AGC is activated, and the ≥ The intelligent auto mode is set to off. (l 42) recording level is adjusted Select the menu.

  • Page 66

    Function Effect/Setting method Hi-speed burst Recording is done continuously at the rate of 25 or 50 still pictures per second. shooting Use this function to record an object with fast movement. [25 Frames/sec]: ≥ Change the mode to 72 still pictures are recorded ≥...

  • Page 67

    Function Effect/Setting method Self-timer This is for recording still pictures using the timer. ≥ Change the mode to Select the menu. (l 29) [PICTURE] # [SELF TIMER] # [10 SECONDS] or [2 SECONDS] [10 SECONDS]: Records after 10 seconds [2 SECONDS]: Records after 2 seconds ≥...

  • Page 68: Red Eye Reduction, Shutter Sound

    Function Effect/Setting method Red eye reduction Reduces the phenomena where human eyes become red from flashes. ≥ Change the mode to ≥ The intelligent auto mode is set to off. (l 42) Select the menu. (l 29) [PICTURE] # [RED EYE] # [ON] Shutter sound You can add a shutter sound when recording still pictures.

  • Page 69

    Wind noise reduction: Built-in flash: ≥ When the Intelligent auto mode is set to on, ≥ Set the flash to [OFF] where using a flash is [WIND CUT] is set to [ON], and the setting prohibited. ≥ Do not use the flash with the ND filter (optional) cannot be changed.

  • Page 70: Manual Recording

    Recording Manual recording Recording (Advanced) Touch the operation icon to adjust white balance, shutter speed, iris and manual focus. ¬ Change the mode to Press the MANUAL button. appears on the screen. ≥ MANUAL Perform the setting by touching the desired item to be set. White balance (l 71) Manual shutter speed (l 72) SHTR...

  • Page 71: White Balance

    White balance The automatic white balance function may not reproduce natural colours depending on the scenes or lighting conditions. If so, you can adjust the white balance manually. The unit can record pictures in a natural hue if it can recognise the reference colour white. ≥...

  • Page 72: Manual Shutter Speed Iris Adjustment

    Manual shutter speed/iris adjustment Shutter Speed: Adjust it when recording fast-moving subjects. Iris: Adjust it when the screen is too bright or too dark. ≥ Press the MANUAL button. (l 70) Touch [SHTR] or [IRIS]. Manual shutter speed adjustment ≥ If you increase the shutter speed manually, the noise on the screen may increase.

  • Page 73: Manual Focus Adjustment, Picture Adjustment

    Manual focus adjustment Picture adjustment If auto focusing is difficult due to the conditions, Adjust the quality of the image while recording. then use manual focus. Adjust by outputting to a TV while adjusting the ≥ Press the MANUAL button. (l 70) quality of the image.

  • Page 74: Motion Picture Playback

    Playback Motion picture playback Playback HDC-SD20 HDC-HS25 HDC-TM20 ≥ Operate the mode switch while at the same ≥ Rotate the mode dial while at the same time pressing in the lock release button if time pressing in the lock release button if changing from OFF to another mode.

  • Page 75

    ∫ Fast forward/rewind playback Select the playback operation by Touch 5 during playback to fast forward. (Touch 6 to rewind.) touching the operation icon. 0h00m00s 0h00m00s 0h00m00s ≥ The fast forward/rewind speed increases if you 1/;: Playback/Pause touch 5/6 again. (The display on the Rewind playback screen changes from 5 to Fast forward playback...

  • Page 76: Motion Picture Compatibility

    ∫ Frame-by-frame playback Motion picture compatibility The motion picture is advanced one frame at a ≥ This unit is based on the AVCHD format. time. ≥ The video signal that can be played back on Pause the playback. this unit is 1920k1080/50i or 1440k1080/ ≥...

  • Page 77: Creating Still Picture From Motion Picture, Highlight&time Frame Index

    Creating still picture from Highlight&Time frame index motion picture An image of one scene is displayed as a thumbnail at set time interval. Scene can be A single frame from the recorded motion picture played back from any midway point of the scene can be saved as a still picture.

  • Page 78: Playing Back Motion Pictures By Date, Intelligent Scene Selection

    Playing back motion Intelligent scene selection pictures by date Playback the scenes excluding a portion of the scene judged to have failed to shoot due to fast Scenes recorded on the same day can be played movement of this unit, camera shake, or focus back in succession.

  • Page 79: Highlight Playback

    Highlight playback ∫ Scene setting Part that was recognised as clearly recorded is 1) Touch [SELECT SCENES] or [SELECT extracted from a long recording, and it can be DATE]. played back in short time with music added. Touch 2) (When [SELECT SCENES] is selected) Touch the scene to be played back.

  • Page 80: Repeat Playback, Resuming The Previous Playback

    ∫ Playback time setting Repeat playback 1) Touch the playback time to set. Playback of the first scene starts after playback of the last scene finishes. Select the menu. (l 29) [VIDEO SETUP] # [REPEAT PLAY] # [ON] indication appears on the full screen views.

  • Page 81: Still Picture Playback

    Playback Still picture playback Playback HDC-SD20 HDC-HS25 HDC-TM20 ≥ Operate the mode switch while at the same ≥ Rotate the mode dial while at the same time pressing in the lock release button if time pressing in the lock release button if changing from OFF to another mode.

  • Page 82

    ∫ Changing the playback settings for the slide show Select the playback operation by touching the operation icon. 1) Touch 2) Touch the interval of playback for the slide 1/;: Slide show (playback of the still pictures show. in numerical order) start/pause. Plays back the previous picture.

  • Page 83: Playing Back Still Pictures By Date

    Playing back still pictures Still picture compatibility ≥ This unit is compliant with the unified by date standard DCF (Design rule for Camera File system) established by JEITA (Japan Still pictures recorded on the same day can be Electronics and Information Technology played back in succession.

  • Page 84: Deleting Scenes/still Pictures

    Playback Deleting scenes/still pictures Editing Deleted scenes/still pictures cannot be restored, so perform appropriate confirmation of the contents before proceeding with deletion. ¬ Change the mode to To delete by confirming images being played back Press the button while scenes or 0h00m00s 0h00m00s 0h00m00s...

  • Page 85

    (Only when [SELECT] is selected in step 2) To continue deleting other scenes Repeat steps 3-4. When you stop deleting halfway Touch [CANCEL] or press the MENU button while deleting. ≥ The scenes or still pictures that have already been deleted when the deletion is cancelled cannot be restored.

  • Page 86: Dividing A Scene To Delete

    Playback Dividing a scene to delete Editing To delete an unnecessary portion of a scene, first divide the scene and then delete the unnecessary portion. ¬ Change the mode to Touch the play mode select icon Press the MENU button to to select desired media to divide complete dividing.

  • Page 87: Protecting Scenes/still Pictures

    Playback Protecting scenes/still Editing pictures Scenes/still pictures can be protected so that they are not deleted by mistake. (Even if you protect some scenes/still pictures, formatting the media will delete them.) ¬ Change the mode to Select the menu. (l 29) [VIDEO SETUP] or [PHOTO SETUP] # [SCENE PROTECT] # [YES] Touch the scene/still picture to...

  • Page 88: Dpof Setting

    Playback DPOF setting Editing You can write the data selecting still pictures to be printed and the number of prints (DPOF data) onto the SD card. ¬ Change the mode to and touch the play mode select icon to select [PICTURE/ SD CARD].

  • Page 89: Confirming Remaining Capacity On The Copy Destination

    Playback Copying between SD card and Built-in Editing Memory/HDD [HDC-TM20/HDC-HS25] Motion pictures or still pictures recorded with this unit can be copied between an SD card inserted in this unit and a built-in memory/HDD. Confirming remaining capacity on the copy destination ≥...

  • Page 90: Copying

    Copying ≥ If there is not much remaining capacity in the SD card, a confirmation message asking to copy after deleting all data on the SD card is displayed. Be aware that deleted data cannot be restored. Change the mode to (Only when [VIDEO]/[PICTURE] is selected ≥...

  • Page 91

    (Only when [SELECT DATE] is selected in step 4) If you will delete the motion pictures or still Touch the date to be copied. pictures after copying is complete, be sure to play back the motion pictures or still pictures to check that they have been copied to correctly before deleting.

  • Page 92: Relay Scene Combining Hdc-tm20]

    Playback Relay scene combining Editing [HDC-TM20] You can combine the relayed scene in the built-in memory and the continued scene in the SD card to be one into the SD card. Relay recording Relay scene combining A Built-in memory B SD card C Relay recorded scene ≥...

  • Page 93: Formatting

    Playback Formatting Editing Please be aware that if a medium is formatted, then all the data recorded on the medium will be erased and cannot be restored. Back up important data on a PC, DVD disc etc. (l 102, 114) ¬...

  • Page 94: Watching Video/pictures On Your Tv

    2 HDMI terminal 3 Component terminal 4 Video terminal ≥ Use the supplied component cable and AV cable. Use of the following Panasonic HDMI mini cables is recommended to connect the unit to the HDMI terminal. Connect this unit to a TV.

  • Page 95

    ≥ Check that the plugs are inserted as far as they go. ≥ Do not use any other cables except a genuine Panasonic HDMI mini cables (RP-CDHM15, RP-CDHM30; optional). ≥ Do not use any other component cables except the supplied one.

  • Page 96

    TV for details.) Refer to the following support site for information about the Panasonic TVs that you can directly insert an SD card into the SD card slot on the TV and then play it back.

  • Page 97: Connecting With A Hdmi Mini Cable

    TV and then play back the recorded high definition images, you can enjoy them in high resolution with high quality sound. If you connect this unit to a Panasonic TV compatible with VIERA Link, linked operations (VIERA Link) are possible. (l 99) Select the desired method of HDMI output.

  • Page 98: Listening In 5.1 Channel Sound, Connecting With The Component Cable

    Please read the AV amplifier and TV operating instructions for how to connect this unit to the AV amplifier and TV. ≥ If you connect this unit to a Panasonic AV amplifier and Panasonic TV that are compatible with VIERA Link, linked operations (VIERA Link) become possible. (l 99) ≥...

  • Page 99

    (HDAVI Control What is the VIERA Link? ≥ This function allows you to use your remote control for the Panasonic TV for easy operations when this unit has been connected to a VIERA Link compatible device using a HDMI mini cable (optional) for automatic linked operations.

  • Page 100

    Operate with the remote control for the TV. 1) Press the button up, down, left or right to select a scene or still picture to be played back, and then press the button in the centre to set it. 2) Activate the operation icons that are displayed on TV screen with the remote control for the TV. A Operation icons B Display operation icons C Cancel operation icons...

  • Page 101

    VIERA Link, read the operating instructions for the devices. ≥ Available linked operations between this unit and a Panasonic TV is different depending on the types of Panasonic TVs even if they are compatible with VIERA Link. Refer to the operating instructions of the TV for the operations that support on the TV.

  • Page 102: To/play Back A Disc, Preparing For Copying/playing Back

    VW-BN1). The copied DVD disc can also be played back. ≥ Please read the operating instructions of the DVD burner for how to use it. Preparing for copying/playing back We recommend using Panasonic DVD burner VW-BN1. ∫ About discs that can be used for copying Disc type*...

  • Page 103

    Connect the AC adaptor (supplied with VW-BN1) to the DVD burner. ≥ You cannot supply power to the DVD burner from this unit. Connect this unit to the AC adaptor and change the mode to Connect this unit to the DVD burner with the Mini AB USB Connection Cable (supplied with VW-BN1).

  • Page 104: Copying To Discs

    Copying to discs ≥ You cannot copy from multiple SD cards to 1 disc. (You can additionally copy only to a DVD-RAM) ≥ Motion pictures and still pictures cannot both be copied to a single disc. ≥ Confirm that auto protection is [ON] before copying data. When copying a scene in the built-in memory to the disc that includes a scene that was ≥...

  • Page 105

    (Only when [SELECT DATE] is selected in (Only when [VIDEO]/[PICTURE] is selected step 5) in step 3) Touch the date you want to copy. Touch the desired item. ≥ When touched, the date is selected and [ALL SCENES]: surrounded by red. Touch the date again to All motion pictures or still pictures are copied.

  • Page 106: Important Notice

    Before you delete the data on the media after copying is complete, be sure to play back the discs to check that they have been copied to correctly. (l 108) Important Notice ≥ When connecting an optional DVD burner and this unit for copying a disc, do not insert a disc with recorded motion pictures in high definition picture quality into devices that do not support the AVCHD format.

  • Page 107

    ≥ The disc that was copied to can be played back by connecting this unit and a DVD burner. (l 108) ≥ Do not turn off this unit or the DVD burner or disconnect the Mini AB USB Connection Cable while copying.

  • Page 108: Playing Back The Copied Disc

    Playing back the copied disc ≥ Only discs that have been copied by connecting this unit to the DVD burner or created with HD Writer AE 1.0 can be played back. It may not be possible to play back discs copied/played back on other devices or software.

  • Page 109: Formatting Discs, Displaying Disc Information

    Managing the copied disc (Formatting, Auto protect, Displaying disc information) ≥ Connect this unit to the DVD burner and then touch [PLAY DISC]. (l 102) ∫ Formatting discs ∫ Auto protect This is for initializing DVD-RAM and DVD-RW You can protect (write protect) a DVD-RAM or discs.

  • Page 110: Dubbing Images Onto Other Video Device

    Backup Dubbing images onto other With other products video device Images played back on this unit can be dubbed onto a DVD recorder or video device. ≥ Images are dubbed in standard quality. ≥ Use the AC adaptor to free you from worrying about the battery running down. Change the video input on the video device and TV that this unit is connected to.

  • Page 111: With A Printer (pictbridge)

    Backup With a printer (PictBridge) With other products To print pictures by directly connecting this unit to the printer, use a printer compatible with PictBridge. (Read the operating instructions for the printer.) PictBridge is an industry standard from the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) for direct printing.

  • Page 112

    Touch to set the number of Select print source media and prints. touch the icon. ≥ Touch [ENTER] after the number of prints is set. ≥ You can set up to 9 prints. Select print source media and ≥ To cancel the setting, set the number of prints touch the icon.

  • Page 113

    When you stop printing halfway Touch [CANCEL]. Touch [PAPER SIZE] to select the ≥ A confirmation message appears. If [YES] is paper size setting. selected, the number of prints set is cancelled and the screen returns to step 4. If [NO] is selected, all the settings are kept and the screen returns to step 4.

  • Page 114

    With a PC What you can do with a PC Before using You can copy the motion/still picture data to the HDD of PCs or write to media like Blu-ray discs (BD) DVD discs or SD card using HD Writer AE 1.0 for HDC, the software installed in the supplied CD-ROM. Available function Data type Software required...

  • Page 115

    ≥ Motion pictures that have been recorded on another device cannot be written to the software supplied with this unit. To write motion picture data recorded with the Panasonic High Definition Video Camera sold previously, use the HD Writer supplied with the unit.

  • Page 116: End User License Agreement

    Software will Article 2 Use by a Third Party be uninterrupted or error free. Panasonic or any Licensee may not use, copy, modify, transfer or of its distributors will not be liable for any damage...

  • Page 117: Operating Environment

    With a PC Operating environment Before using ≥ Even if the system requirements mentioned in these operating instructions are fulfilled, some PCs cannot be used. ≥ A CD-ROM drive is necessary to install the supplied software applications. (A compatible BD/DVD writer drive and media are necessary for writing to a BD/DVD.) ≥...

  • Page 118

    Necessary software Windows Vista SP1: DirectX 10.1 (already installed with Windows Vista SP1) Windows Vista: DirectX 10 (already installed with Windows Vista) Windows XP/2000: DirectX 9.0c (already installed with Windows XP SP2) ≥ If you install the software on a PC that is not compatible with DirectX 9.0c, the PC may not work properly.

  • Page 119: Installation

    With a PC Installation Setup When installing the software, log on to your computer as the Administrator or with a user name with equivalent authorization. (If you do not have authorization to do this, consult your manager.) ≥ Before starting the installation, close all applications that are running. ≥...

  • Page 120: Control Panel

    ∫ Uninstalling HD Writer AE 1.0 When installation is complete, some notes Follow the steps below to uninstall any software will appear applications that you no longer require. Check the contents, then close Select [start] # ([Settings] #) the window. [Control Panel] # [Add or Remove Programs Select [Yes, I want to restart my...

  • Page 121: Connecting To A Pc

    With a PC Connecting to a PC Setup ≥ Connect this unit to the PC after the software applications are installed. ≥ Remove the supplied CD-ROM from your PC. A USB cable (supplied) Connect this unit to the AC ≥ When the unit is connected to a PC its adaptor.

  • Page 122: To Disconnect Usb Cable Safely

    ≥ Depending on your PC’s settings, this icon may not be displayed. Select [USB Mass Storage Device] and click [Stop]. Verify [MATSHITA HDC-SD20/SD USB Device] is selected and click [OK]. Verify [MATSHITA HDC-TM20/SD USB Device] or [MATSHITA HDC-TM20/MEM USB Device] is selected and click [OK].

  • Page 123: About The Pc Display

    About the PC display When the unit is connected to a PC, it is recognised as an external drive. ≥ Removable disk (Example: ) is displayed in [My Computer (Computer)]. * [CAM_MEM] is displayed when using the We recommend using HD Writer AE 1.0 to , and [CAM_HDD] is displayed copy motion picture data.

  • Page 124: Starting Hd Writer Ae 1.0, Reading The Operating Instructions Of The Software Applications

    (On the PC) Select [start] # [All Programs (Programs)] # [Panasonic] # [HD Writer AE 1.0] # [HD Writer AE]. ≥ For details on how to use the software applications, read the PDF operating instructions of the software.

  • Page 125: If Using Macintosh

    With a PC If using Macintosh Using with a PC ≥ HD Writer AE 1.0 is not available for Macintosh. ≥ iMovie’08 7.1.2 or later supported. For details about iMovie’08, please contact Apple Inc. ∫ Operating environment for the card reader function (mass storage) Mac OS X 10.4 Mac OS X 10.5 PowerPC G5 (1.8 GHz or higher)

  • Page 126: Indications

    Others Indications Indications only World time setting (l 36) only Motion picture recording mode ∫ Recording indications (l 48) HA mode Motion picture recording HG mode HX mode 0h00m00s 1h30m R 1h20m 1920 HE mode PRE-REC 1/100 Built-in memory recording OPEN possible status HDD recording possible status...

  • Page 127

    White balance (l 71) Backlight compensation (l 58) Auto white balance Soft skin mode (l 58) Sunny mode Tele macro (l 58) Cloudy mode Fade (White), Fade (Black) (l 58) Indoor mode 1 Colour night view function Indoor mode 2 (l 58) Manual adjustment mode Intelligent contrast control...

  • Page 128: Playback Indications

    ∫ Playback indications ∫ PC connection indications Playback (l 75, 82) Accessing the card (When connected to a PC) (l 121) Pause (l 75, 82) Accessing the built-in memory Fast forward/rewind playback (When connected to a PC) (l 75) (l 121) Last/first scene paused Accessing the HDD (When Skip playback (l 75)

  • Page 129

    ∫ Confirmatory indications –– (Time The built-in battery is low. (l 35) display) ° The warning/alarm indication appears when LCD monitor is rotated towards the lens side. Return the direction of the LCD monitor to normal position and check the warning/alarm indication. No SD card is inserted/unusable card.

  • Page 130: Messages

    ≥ Use a battery that is compatible with this unit. (l 19) If using a Panasonic battery compatible with this unit, remove the battery and then insert it again. If the message appears even after repeating this several times, this unit needs repair. Detach the power and consult the dealer who you purchased this unit from.

  • Page 131: About Recovery

    only only About recovery If faulty management information is found, one of the following messages may appear. Be sure to follow the messages. (Repairing may take time depending on the error.) CONTROL DATA ERROR HAS BEEN DETECTED. (SD CARD) CONTROL DATA ERROR DETECTED IN THE BUILT-IN MEMORY. CONTROL DATA ERROR HAS BEEN DETECTED.

  • Page 132: Functions That Cannot Be Used Simultaneously

    Others Functions that cannot be Helpful hints used simultaneously Some functions in this unit are disabled or cannot be selected due to the unit’s specifications. Functions Conditions which disable the functions Motion picture recording ≥ When the hi-speed burst shooting mode is on PRE-REC ≥...

  • Page 133

    Functions Conditions which disable the functions ≥ When the hi-speed burst shooting mode is on Auto slow shutter ≥ When the hi-speed burst shooting mode is on ≥ When the scene mode is used Backlight compensation ≥ When the colour night view function is used ≥...

  • Page 134

    Functions Conditions which disable the functions MF assist function ≥ When digital zoom (16k or higher) is used Hi-speed burst shooting mode ≥ When the digital zoom is set to [40k] or [1000k] ≥ When the AF tracking is used ≥...

  • Page 135: Troubleshooting

    Others Troubleshooting Helpful hints Problem Check points This unit cannot be ≥ Charge the battery using the AC adaptor. (l 19) turned on. ≥ The battery protection circuit may have operated. Attach the battery to the AC adaptor for 5 to 10 seconds. If the unit This unit does not stay still cannot be used, the battery is faulty.

  • Page 136

    Problem Check points Recording does not start ≥ A message is displayed and you cannot record, when the although power is HDD does not operate normally due to the temperature of supplied to this unit and the unit being too high or low, when the built-in memory the SD card is correctly does not operate normally, or when the SD card cover inserted.

  • Page 137

    Problem Check points Auto focus function does ≥ Set to Intelligent auto mode to on or off. not work. ≥ If you are trying to record a scene which is hard to bring into focus in auto focus mode, use the manual focus mode to adjust the focus.

  • Page 138

    Problem Check points Colour or brightness of ≥ Colour or brightness of the image may change, or you may the image changes, or see horizontal bars in the image when the object is you may see horizontal recorded under fluorescent light, mercury light or sodium bars in the image.

  • Page 139

    Problem Check points When connected by the ≥ Select another USB terminal on the PC. USB cable, this unit is not ≥ Check the operating environment. (l 117) detected by the PC. ≥ Connect the supplied USB cable again after restarting the PC and turning on this unit again.

  • Page 140

    ∫ If scenes do not change smoothly when played back on another device The images may be still for several seconds at the joins between the scenes if the following operations are performed when multiple scenes have been continuously played back using another unit. ≥...

  • Page 141: When Deleting Scenes

    ∫ When deleting scenes 1 Scene to be deleted A The image will be still for several seconds wherever a scene was deleted. B The images of consecutive scenes where they are no deletions are played back smoothly one after another.

  • Page 142: Cautions For Use

    Others Cautions for use Do not spray insecticides or volatile About this unit chemicals onto the unit. ≥ If the unit is sprayed with such chemicals, its The unit and the SD card become warm during body may be marred and the surface finish use.

  • Page 143: About The Battery

    ≥ Attaching a battery with damaged terminals can damage the unit or AC adaptor. ≥ Please look after the data in your built-in memory or HDD carefully. Panasonic will not be held responsible in the unlikely case that private data is divulged.

  • Page 144: Lcd Monitor, About The Ac Adaptor

    Do not throw old battery into fire. LCD monitor ≥ Heating a battery or throwing it into a fire may result in an explosion. ≥ When the LCD monitor gets dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth such as eye glass cleaner. If the operating time is very short even after ≥...

  • Page 145: About Condensation

    About condensation When condensation forms on the unit, the lens will cloud up and the unit may not work properly. Make every effort to ensure that condensation does not form. If it does form, take the actions described below. Causes of condensation Condensation takes place when the ambient temperature or humidity is changed as follows.

  • Page 146: Specifications

    Power source: DC 9.3 V (When using AC adaptor) DC 7.2 V (When using battery) Power consumption: Recording: 5.6 W 5.7 W 6.6 W HDC-SD20 HDC-TM20 HDC-HS25 Signal system 1080/50i Recording format AVCHD format compliant Image sensor 1/6z 1MOS image sensor...

  • Page 147

    HDC-SD20 HDC-TM20 HDC-HS25 ™ ™ HDMI mini connector HDMI (V.1.3a with x.v.Colour ) 1125i (1080i)/625p (576p) video output level AV terminal audio output 316 mV, 600 h, 2 ch level (Line) HDMI mini connector 5.1 ch (AC3)/2 ch (Linear PCM)

  • Page 148

    Motion pictures HDC-SD20 HDC-TM20 HDC-HS25 Recording SD card SD Memory Card: media 1 GB, 2 GB (FAT12 and FAT16 system compliant) SDHC Memory Card: 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB (FAT32 system compliant) Built-in –...

  • Page 149

    AC adaptor Information for your safety Power source: AC 110 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz Power consumption: 19 W DC output: DC 9.3 V, 1.2 A (Unit operation) DC 8.4 V, 0.65 A (Battery charging) Dimensions 92 mm (W)k33 mm (H)k61 mm (D) Mass Approx.

  • Page 150: Index

    Index ∫ Numerics ∫ F 5.1 channel ......98 Fade ....... 58 Flash .

  • Page 151

    ∫ P ∫ T PictBridge ......111 Tele macro ......58 Picture adjustment .

  • Page 152

    VQT2B44 Panasonic Corporation F0109MA0 ( 1100 Web site: Pursuant to at the directive 2004/108/EC, article 9(2) Panasonic Testing Centre Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany...

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