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Panasonic 2007 Brochure & Specs

Panasonic 2007 Brochure & Specs

Digital video camera


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Summary of Contents for Panasonic 2007

  • Page 1 2007 DIGITAL VIDEO CAMERA...
  • Page 2 Panasonic Video Cameras Feature 3CCD & Optical Image Stabiliser ( O.I.S. ) That's why the images are so spectacular on a large-screen TV! Without O.I.S. To fully enjoy viewing your own moving video images on a large-screen TV, you need a camera with optical image stabilisation.
  • Page 3: High Definition

    Viewing of Archived Video Tapes •Records on easy-to-use tape *1 The term full HD as applied to Panasonic video cameras for home use refers to images recorded with 1,080 vertical pixels (interlaced scanning lines). *2 Usable capacity will be less. STANDARD DEFINITION...
  • Page 4 HD Crystal Engine *1 Usable capacity will be less. *2 The term full HD as applied to Panasonic video cameras for home use refers to images recorded with 1,080 vertical pixels (interlaced scanning lines). •The Panasonic batteries that can be used with these units are VW-VBG130 (for SD1) and VW-VBG260 (for DX1).
  • Page 5 *Leica is a registered trademark of Leica Microsystem IR GmbH, and Dicomar is a registered trademark of Leica Camera AG. AVCHD is a standard developed jointly by Sony and Panasonic for HD video cameras. Using highly efficient codec technologies, it records 1080i high-definition signals onto media such as 8-cm DVD discs and SDHC/SD Memory Cards.
  • Page 6 The pixels are more than twice the ordinary size, so you can shoot in light as low as 6 lux. You get natural-looking shots even in dim rooms or at dusk. And with Panasonic's O.I.S. to fight blurring due to hand- shake, the images are clear.
  • Page 7 Large 3.0" Wide-Screen LCD makes it easy to picture how images will look on a TV The large, 3-inch LCD monitor displays bright, clear images with 250,000-pixel resolution. You can see even tiny details. It's more fun to shoot and view images on a wide monitor, and it's easier to picture just how the images will look on a TV screen.
  • Page 8 (Hard Disk/ SD Card Video Camera) Perfect for Taking on a Trip or Recording Long Events The internal 30-GB hard disk drive holds as much video data as about 22 8-cm DVD discs. That means you can record for around 27 hours without changing a disc, tape or anything else. This Hard Disk/SD Card video camera is perfect for people who want to shoot for hour after hour without worrying about memory space.
  • Page 9 STANDARD DEFINITION Panasonic's Hard Disk/SD Card Video Camera: Hours of Recording and Easy, Reliable Operation 30-GB* hard disk holds up to 27 hours Holding as much data as 22 DVD discs, the internal hard disk lets you record continuously for up to 27 hours* without changing a disc, tape or other recording media.
  • Page 10 D310/D220/D160 Easy Shooting and Viewing When It Comes to Shooting Videos, Simpler Is Better Flip a single switch to start recording. When you're done shooting, you can view your pictures right away on a DVD player. Whether you're recording a special event or just taking a few casual shots, an easy-to-use video camera is more fun. The DVD is perfect for people who like to take it easy when they're taking videos.
  • Page 11 GS230/GS60 Shooting Fun. Viewing Fun. Enjoy Video Your Own Way. If you want to enjoy shooting videos, enjoy viewing them and enjoy creating your own video collection, you'll love the This convenient video camera also lets you add previous recordings to your video collection. NV-GS230 Crystal Engine High-performance image processing Crystal Engine &...
  • Page 12 The MPEG2 engine also uses the Variable Bit Rate system that Panasonic adopted for the high-end DIGA DVD recorder. Giving LP (long play mode) recordings nearly twice the resolution captured with previous Panasonic MPEG2 recording video cameras, this lets the SD and DVD
  • Page 13 The Joy of Creating Videos that Perfectly Capture a Scene Tele-Macro for sharp focusing, from a short distance Using the zoom at full magnification, you can shoot macro close-ups while maintaining a short distance from your subject. This makes it much easier to capture extreme close-ups without your body or camera casting a shadow on the subject and while keeping the background in soft focus.
  • Page 14 HD Video Camera Easy Networking – For More Fun When the Shooting's Done Transfer data to a PC at high speed too USB 2.0 (High-Speed Mode) USB 2.0 compatibility lets you upload DV data to a PC at high- speed over a single USB cable. Comes with Software that Makes It Easy to Transfer and Edit Images*...
  • Page 15 F E AT U R E C O M P A R I S O N HD Video Camera HDC-SD1 High-Quality Pictures SDHC/SD Media Memory Card Recording Format AVCHD 3CCD Camera System O.I.S.(Optical Image Stabiliser) Leica Dicomar Lens HD Crystal Image Processing LSI Engine MPEG2 Engine...
  • Page 16 With Panasonic's Included Editing Software, Anyone Can Enjoy Easy, Versatile Video Editing! ImageMixer3 Transfer Data Transfer the moving pictures to your PC Just slip the SDHC/SD Memory Card right into your PC. Or use the USB cable (included) to connect your SD to your PC and transfer the moving picture data that way.
  • Page 17: System Requirements

    •Other names of systems and products mentioned in these instructions are usually the registered trademarks or trademarks of the manufacturers who developed the system or product concerned. •Please confirm compatibility with Microsoft® Windows Vista on the following website. Card Reader Function (Mass Storage)
  • Page 18: Optional Accessories

    *1 •VW-VBG130-K and VW-VBG260-K come with a function to check whether the battery and unit can be safely used together. •Batteries made by other companies which have been certified by Panasonic may be used with these units, but we offer no guarantee as to the quality, performance or safety of such batteries.
  • Page 19 *1 Usable capacity will be less. *2 We recommend using the DVD discs made by Panasonic for moving picture recording. We recommend using SD Memory Cards and SDHC Memory cards conforming to class2 or higher of the SD Speed Class Rating or SD Memory Cards made by Panasonic for motion picture recording.
  • Page 20: Specifications

    D220: 44.0—1408 mm [4:3], 36.0—1152 mm [16:9] (Moving Picture) 43.4—434 mm [4:3], 47.0—470 mm [16:9] (Still Picture) 43.3—1386 mm [4:3], 35.3—1130 mm [16:9] (Still Picture) D160: 35.7—1072 mm Leica Dicomar Panasonic 1 Lux (Colour Night View) 2 Lux (Colour Night View) AF/Manual AF/Manual...
  • Page 21 H20: 44.0 mm—1408 mm [4:3]/36.0 mm—1152 mm [16:9] (Moving Picture) 43.3 mm—1386 mm [4:3]/35.3 mm—1130 mm [16:9] (Still Picture) Lens Brand H250: Leica Dicomar H20: Panasonic CAMERA SECTION Minimum Illumination H250: 1 Lux (Colour Night View) H20: 2 Lux (Colour Night View)
  • Page 22 "While I use a broadcast 3CCD camera as my main video camera for surfing shots, I use my compact Panasonic camcorder for everything from set up shots to quick grabs that you go for in the documentary style of photography.
  • Page 23 Rex has now completed his bid to climb the highest mountain on every continent. Accompanying Rex on his quest was a Panasonic 3CCD SD video camera. This model is light and compact, weighing just 243g (without battery). It was easily carried in Rex’s pocket to shoot MPEG2 video directly to SD cards for downloading to computer once he returned to base camp.
  • Page 24 •1GB=1 billion bytes. Usable capacity will be less. •You are not allowed to reproduce (copy), or transfer to a network, any part of the software applications supplied with this product for commercial purposes without written authorization. •Panasonic will in no way be liable for any damages sustained directly or indirectly from the use of this product or from any trouble occurring therein. •Panasonic will also in no way be liable for any losses of data caused by this product.