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LG GC-249S User Manual

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  Summary of Contents for LG GC-249S

  • Page 2 MODEL:GC-249S REFRIGERATOR User’s Guide Please read this guide thoroughly before operating and keep it handy for reference at all times. FRIGORIFICO Guía de usuario Lea detenidamente estas instrucciones antes utilizar el frigorífico y guárdelas como referencia para el futuro. FRIGORIFICO Manual do Utilizador Leia inteiramente este manual antes de colocá-lo...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONTENT Name of parts ..................2 Movement & transportation ..............3 Earth connection ................... 3 Installation .................... 4 Safety guards ..................5 How to use .................... 7 Best ways to store food ................ 9 Ways to disassemble spare parts ............11 Installing location and replacement of door opening type(option)...
  • Page 4: Name Of Parts

    Name of parts Temperature control Egg tray Refrigerator Shelf (2 or 3 pieces) Multi-functional rack(4 or 5 pieces) Fruit & vegetable compartment cover Fruit & vegetable Bottle rack compartment Evaporator Freezing compartment drawer (3 or 4 pieces) Adjustable foot Note: The figure is only for reference.
  • Page 5: Movement & Transportation

    Movement & transportation ● BEFORE TRANSPORTATION ● DURING TRANSPORTATION . Hold tightly the adjustable foot at the .Remove all the food from the refrigerator, bottom of the refrigerator and the secure the spare parts such as the shelves upper handle at the back. by adhesive tape.
  • Page 6: Installation

    Installation Installing on a firm and flat surface Keep an appropriate distance between the wall - Unstable installation is the main reason of vibration and noise. - To ensure proper air circulation around the fridge- - When the refrigerator is installed unstably, freezer, please maintain sufficient space on both it can be stabilized by adjusting the the sides as well As top and maintain at least 2...
  • Page 7: Safety Guards

    Safety guards ● Please use the exclusive power socket. ● Please unplug the refrigerator before changing the light bulb. - If the refrigerator uses the same power socket as other electrical appliances,the socket could - Changing the light bulb as the refrigerator be overloaded abnormally and fire may be is operating may cause an electric shock.
  • Page 8 Safety guards ● Please keep away from fire. ● In case of a gas leak,please do not touch the refrigerator and the power - Can cause fire. socket, you should open the windows and the door for ventilation. - As a spark may cause a explosion and lead to fire.
  • Page 9: How To Use

    How to use Initial operation ●Clean the inner part of the refrigerator before using. ●Do not put foods into the refrigerator until it has been plugged in for 3 hours. Temperature control ●The thermostat used for controlling the temperature inside the refrigerator is located on the top of the refrigerator.
  • Page 10: Refrigerator Compartment

    How to use Defrost As the refrigerator operates, the moisture from foods or in the air may be frosted on to the inner part of the refrigerator and the surface of evaporator. Too thick frost will affect the operation of the refrigerator, so regularly defrosting is necessary.
  • Page 11: Best Ways To Store Food

    Best ways to store food Refrigerator compartment The refrigerator compartment is used to store foods that are not required to be frozen,the storage life is shorter. The following foods storage position is provided for your reference. ①② position:egg ﹑ butter etc. ③④...
  • Page 12 Best ways to store food Storing the food ● Store foods which are easily frozen on the outer position of the ● Store the foods or other things after refrigerator shelf. cleaning and wiping. - If foods which are easily frozen - Store vegetables and fruits after or contain a lot water are stored on cleaning and wiping.
  • Page 13: Ways To Disassemble Spare Parts

    Ways to disassemble spare parts Refrigerator shelf Refrigerating compartment door rack Slightly rise the front part of the Grasp both sides,lift upward shelf, then pull outward. and then pull outward. Freezing compartment drawer Bottom cover Pull outward.Rise it slightly and Remove the two screws which then take it out.
  • Page 14: Installing Location And Replacement Of Door Opening Type(Option)

    To Reverse the Doors(Option) Your fridge-freezer is designed with reversible doors, so that they may open from either the left of right hand side to suit your kitchen design. Precaution 1. Before reversing the door, first of all, you should take out food and accessories like shelves or trays which are not fixed in the fridge-freezer.
  • Page 15: Cleaning The Refrigerator

    Cleaning the refrigerator Before cleaning - Unplug the refrigerator first to ensure safety. Cleaning ● Shelf and door rack ● Surface of refrigerator - These can easily become - Clean it with a soft cloth using a dirty. The inside of the soapy cleanser, then dry with a refrigerator must be clean cloth.
  • Page 16: Does The Refrigerator Have A Malfunction

    Does the refrigerator have a malfunction If the refrigerator still does not work properly after checking the following tasks, please unplug the refrigerator and immediately contact the specified maintenance service unit or the retail shop of this product. Please check Situation The refrigerator does not Is there a power failure?
  • Page 17: This Is Not A Malfunction

    This is not a malfunction ● The refrigerator dew forming on ● Your hear a sound likes flowing the surface. water. - If the refrigerator is installed in a - It is the sound produced when the humid environment or if it is compressor stops operating.
  • Page 18: Appendix

    Appendix GC-249S 4pieces 2pieces...