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LG GCD247SL Owner's Manual

Sxs refrigerator
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  Summary of Contents for LG GCD247SL

  • Page 1 MFL67683021...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    How to exchange the water purifier (Only applies to internal type filter model) No Plumbing Ice & Water (Feature not available in all countries) Method to remove protection film (Feature not available in all countries) Height adjustment When the freezer door does not align with the height of the refrigerator door LED indicator (Freezer/Refigerator) Pure N Fresh...
  • Page 4 ,outer right hand side, to this page. should an...
  • Page 5 can cause death or serious personal injury 1.When connecting the power A dedicated outlet should be used. , and cause the circuit breaker to trip. Do not allow the power plug to face upward or to be crushed at the back of the refrigerator. drop or the cord Do not allow the power cord to be bent or crushed by...
  • Page 6 loose or worn out, do not causing a...
  • Page 7 Do not hang or cling from the door, or the shelves of the door, or any opening, or removable compartment of the refrigerator. Doing so will damage the refrigerator or its parts and may cause personal injury. Do not use or store inflammable materials such as chemicals, solvents, benzene, alcohol, medicine, LP gas, spray or cosmetics near or in the refrigerator.
  • Page 8 Do not place flower vases, cups, cosmetics, medicines or any container with water on the refrigerator. If it spills, it may cause an electrical short, fire or damage to the unit. If the refrigerator has been exposed to any water submersion, it must not be used until it has been checked and certified by a licenced Electrician.
  • Page 9 When disposing the refrigerator, remove the doors but leave the shelves in palce so that children may not easily climb inside. This can prevent prevent injury or death. Install the refrigerator on a solid and level floor. surface or injury as the refrigerator may lean and fall due to an unbalanced installation.
  • Page 10 Wait for 5 minutes or longer when reconnecting the plug. appliance Do not put bottles in the freezer. It will cause the contents of the bottle to freeze and the bottle to crack or explode. Pull out the power plug by grasping the plug, not the cord. Not doing so can Do not install the refrigerator in a wet place or outdoors in any sheltered area where the unit can be exposed...
  • Page 11 1. When connecting the power Prevent the power cord from being crushed or imprinted when the refrigerator is pushed in after the power plug is connected during the installation. When moving your appliance away from the wall, be careful not to roll over or damage the power cord.
  • Page 12 disposing leaking...
  • Page 13 WARNING : Risk of child entrapment. , solvents Freezer Refrigerator Compartment Compartment Lamp Dairy corner Automatic Filter (Optional) Icemaker Lamp Drawer cover/Shelf Refreshment center (Optional) (Optional) Shelf Lamp Pure N Fresh (Optional) Egg Box (Optional) Shelf Refreshment center Drawer/Shelf (Optional) (Optional) Shelf Drawer/Shelf...
  • Page 14: (Only Applies To Internal Type Filter Model)

    6. This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications such as staff kitchen areas, offices and other working environments; farm houses and by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments;bed and breakfast type environments;and similar non-retail applications.
  • Page 15: No Plumbing Ice & Water (Feature Not Available In All Countries)

    No Plumbing Ice & Water The other You can use the Automatic ice maker and Water Dispenser function functions without having to connect an external water pipe to the refrigerator. The refrigerator uses an internal water tank located on the refrigerator door to supply water for these functions.
  • Page 16 Removing the hinge cover The door handles can be removed if only marginal clearences are required to allow the refrigerator to pass through a narrow door. (see page 17 : Door potection film removal) Removing the hinge cover , and remove clip , and then pull out the feed water feed tube shown in the figure to the right.
  • Page 17: Method To Remove Protection Film

    CAUTION The new hose-sets supplied with the appliance are to be used and that old hose-sets should not be reused. push Align...
  • Page 18: When The Freezer Door Does Not Align With The

    Open the door and lift it up to the correct height,use a (+) type screwdriver to lifting the height of the front of the refrigerator by adjusting the height adjusting screws, or feet It is normal for the refrigerator to have a backward lean even before any height adjustment has been made.
  • Page 20 Note The display will automatically turn off after 20 seconds for power saving. (The ‘DISPENSER’ is still on) NOTE: The recommended temperature for continuous icemaking is -19 degrees. The icemaking will be impared if Freezer temperature is set to -18 or warmer. NOTE: The refrigerator temperature will take 1~2 days to stabilize after initial installation, therefore it is recommended to...
  • Page 21 EXPRESS FRZ. The EXPRESS FRZ display will illuminate when selected. If the EXPRESS FRZ is “ON” , press the button again to turn it off, or it will automatically turn off after the Express Freeze function has completed. Child Lock When engaged,the lock function prevents other display settings from being changed.
  • Page 22 and dispensed into a crushed or cubed form of ice depending on your selection. It is normal for the water to be at ambient temperatures each time the water tank is refilled. If you want colder water,add ice into the glass. Select water, crushed or cubed ice, and then lightly press the dispenser trigger lever with a glass or cup.
  • Page 23 Three beeps will sound at 30 second intervals if either of the refrigerator doors remain open or are not completely closed after 1 minute. your service provider if the 3 warning beeps doors. The inbuilt diagnostic function automatically detects certain faults during the refrigerators operation.
  • Page 24 40~60 turn for noises to be heard during a serious injury. The icemaker must only be removed or repaired by an authorised technician. Drawer Cover The freezer draws are provided to maximise Drawer Bottom of freezer food storage capacity and convenience. They compartment should also be used for storing watery meats or half liquid state foods.
  • Page 25 first 20 pieces of ice and discard the first 7 glasses of water first dispensed after the refrigerator is installed . tank food items and packaging do not block the entrance of the ice passage. crushed Remove any powdered ice accumilated within the ice passage.
  • Page 26 Press the refreshment door release button until you hear a clicking sound. With more storage space you can store more food. The refreshment center shelves are removable for cleaning only and should not be rearranged.
  • Page 27 dishes, plates is stopped by the guide rail. further While slightly lifted continue to pull it out unit it is removed. A two star section means that only items that can be stored between -12 ~ -18 degrees can be placed into this basket. Foods such as icecream or meats cannot be stored long term in this basket as they will not freeze correctly.
  • Page 28: Led Indicator (Freezer/Refigerator)

    LED indicator (Freezer/Refrigerator) LED lights are used to light up the refrigerator and freezer compartments. When the freezer/refrigerator door is opened, The LED Lamp perspective built-in LED lamp will light up. The refrigerator LED lamps will also light up when the refrigerator or refreshment center door is opened.
  • Page 29: Fresh Box

    additional partition. This bin allows you to store eggs without risk of damage to them from other items that may be placed nearby. or the refrigerator fresh compartment as the eggs are likely to freeze. Fresh box This refrigerator drawer is for storing vegetables or meats.
  • Page 30 door basket or placing them in sealed bags. foods. basket Foods in this draw should also be wraped or sealed in plastic food bags.
  • Page 31 door basket. metal Frostbite or personal injury can occur when frozen foods or internal freezer parts are touched with bare hands. freeze when in direct contact with chilled air. condensation effect on its performance.Remove any dew or condensation with a soft dust free cloth.
  • Page 32 basket Hold the door basket on both sides,then lift it up as per then pull it a way as per...
  • Page 33 Removing the Refreshment Center Cover and door baskets (Optional) Lift the cover ① After removal, lift the door baskets up ② remove it from the door. and pull them out from refreshment ③ center door.
  • Page 34 For products with a stainless steel exterior, use a clean sponge or soft cloth and a mild Detergent in warm water. Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaners. Dry thoroughly with a Soft cloth.Do not use appliance wax, bleach, or other products containing chlorine on stainless steel.
  • Page 35 Sensors are...
  • Page 36 Sensors are...
  • Page 38 Wait 1hour before attempting to dispence Dispenser motor may have thermally ice again,Check ice bin for any lumped cut out and temporarilly stopped. ice.
  • Page 39 outages tap. Noise , however this is normal. Not making Water tank may be low or empty. Re refil the water tank. enough ice Freezer set temperature is too warm. Makesure the freezer set temperature is (-19 C,-20 C,-21 C,-22 C,-23 C) cold than - 18 C.
  • Page 40 force will condensation condensation condensation condensation condensation summer periods. This is quite normal.