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Care And Cleaning - Kenwood VC5000 User Manual

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care and cleaning

Always switch off and unplug before
cleaning the vacuum cleaner.
to empty the dust bag
1 Remove the flexible hose from the
front of the vacuum cleaner.
2 Open the front cover by lifting up.
3 Remove the dust bag: Pull the lever
towards the front
dust bag
4 Remove the securing clip by sliding
along the length of the dust bag
5 Empty the contents of the bag, then
replace the clip.
6 Fit the dust bag back into the
vacuum cleaner: Place the hole in
the bag over the protrusion on the
inside of the vacuum cleaner at the
same time pull back the lever
allowing the bag to locate then
release the lever to clip the bag in
and lift out the
7 Close the cover by pressing down
until it locks into position.
cleaning the filters
The filters should be cleaned
at least twice a month or
when they become visibly
dusty. Failure to do so may
cause reduced suction or
damage the motor.
1 Remove the dust bag, then carefully
remove the filter from behind the
plastic housing
2 Unclip the rear filter cover
remove the filter.
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