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Operations; Starting; Controls For Refrigerator Compartment; Controls For Freezer Compartment - LG Refrigerator-Freezer Owner's Manual

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When your refrigerator is first installed, allow it 2-3 hours to stabilize at normal operating temperatures
prior to filling it with fresh or frozen foods.
If operation is interrupted, wait 5 minutes before restarting.



• In cold weather the unit operates less and the freezer compartment has a tendency to warm up. For
colder freezer, turn the COLD AIR CONTROL to "7"~"9".
• If you take a lot of foods in the freezer or open its door frequently, its temperature is apt to be
somewhat higher. In this case, set the COLD AIR CONTROL dial between 7 and 9 to cool it. Return
the COLD AIR CONTROL dial to the original position to cut down the consumption of energy.
• In hot weather or to put much foods in the refrigerator compartment, the refrigerator
compartment has tendency to warm up.
For colder refrigerator, turn the COLD AIR CONTROL to "2"~"4" to direct more cold air into the
refrigerator compartment, and the REF TEMP CONTROL TO MAX.
Setting at "7"~"9" of the COLD AIR CONTROL, the refrigerator compartment will not be cold enough.
• Setting the Freezer Knob at
Setting the Freezer Knob at NORMAL will have sufficient freezing effect, so it is recommended to set the
Knob at NORMAL.
Your refrigerator has two controls that let you regulate the
temperature in the freezer and refrigerator compartments.
The default setting of the temperature control button for the
refrigerator compartment is NORMAL. You can set the
refrigerator temperature using the Electro Temp Control.
Whenever pressing the button, the LED emit light. The
temperature of the compartment goes down as the LED
luminesce from MIN to MAX.
You can select the desired set point in five (5) steps between
minimum and maximum.
• COLD AIR CONTROL - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Setting at "9", the
freezer compartment becomes colder. But the refrigerator
compartment becomes warmer because less cold air flows into the
refrigerator compartment.
will satisfy 4 STAR.

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