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LG LAC2800 Owner's Manual

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The working life of this product is 7 years since the date of purchase.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 LAC2800.DRUSLLR_ENG_8902 ENGLISH êìëëäàâ MODEL : LAC2800 The working life of this product is 7 years since the date of purchase.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    2006/28/EEC(ANNEX I , 3.2.9), 72/245/EEC, and 2006/95/EC. Listening to the radio European representative : Auto search memory LG Electronics Service Europe B.V. Veluwezoom 15, 1327 Storing and recalling broadcast frequencies AE Almere, The Netherlands (Tel : +31-036-547-8940) To scan the preset stations...
  • Page 3: Safety Note

    LG players when formatting rewritable discs. When setting the option to Live File System, you cannot use it on LG players. 8 cm This unit cannot play 8cm disc (use 12cm disc only).
  • Page 4: Front Panel

    Front Panel AUX In [AUX] [PWR]/[MUTE] 10 Preset Station [1-6] Volume UP/DOWN [+/-] • Skip / Search I I /i i 11 Shuffle [SHF] 12 Repeat [RPT] • Seek/ Tune I I /i i • Auto Store [U U /AS] 13 Intro Scan [INT] •...
  • Page 5: About Detachable Control Panel

    About Detachable Control Panel Attaching the control panel Detaching the control panel Align the left side of the panel with Press the “ ” (RELEASE) to the stopper. open the control panel. Push the right side or panel into the Hold the right part of the control unit until it clicks.
  • Page 6: Installation

    Installation ISO-DIN Installation Basic Installation Slide the unit into the ISO-DIN Before installing, make sure that the Bend the claws frame. ignition-switch is set to OFF and according to Fit screws removed from the old the thickness remove the terminal of the car battery of the unit.
  • Page 7: Connection

    Connection Before connecting, make sure that the ignition switch is set to OFF, and remove the battery # terminal to avoid short circuits. Power Antenna Control Relay Power Antenna(Blue) Dimmer(Pink) Dimmer Switch B 1 Violet : Rear Right + B 2 Violet/ Black Stripe : Rear Right – To Ignition(Red) Ignition Switch B 3 Gray : Front Right +...
  • Page 8: Basic Operation

    Basic Operation Note ON PLAYER When XDSS+ is set to “Off”, you can adjust the EQ settings. 1. Turn the unit on. PWR/MUTE Adjusting the sound level 2. Select a source. 3. Adjust the volume. VOLUME + or - Press SEL repeatedly to select the mode you want to adjust from volume, bal- ance and fader.
  • Page 9: Listening To The Radio

    Listening to the radio Connecting an Auxiliary Equipment ON PLAYER 1. Select a source to tuner. Auxiliary input 2. Select a band. BAND 3. Auto seek. < / > Manual seek. < / > (Press and hold) Line out Listening to the radio - more you can do MP3 Player, etc ON PLAYER Auto search memory...
  • Page 10: Listening A Cd

    Note Listening a CD During random playback, if you press < , you won’t go back to the previous track. ON PLAYER 1. Insert a CD. MP3/WMA Track -10 / +10 2. Adjust the Volume. VOLUME + or - (If there is no folder or one folder.) During playback press to go back 10 tracks, and press to go forward 10 tracks.
  • Page 11: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Symptom Cause Correction Leads and connectors are not properly. Confirm once more that all connections are General Power doesn’t turn on / The correct. unit doesn’t operate. The fuse is blown. Rectify the problem that caused the fuse to blow, and then replace it.
  • Page 12: Specifications

    Specifications General Output Power 50W x 4CH (Max.) Power Source DC 12V Speaker impedance 4Ω Ground System Negative Dimensions (W x H x D) 180 x 50 x 176 mm (Without Control Panel) Net Weight 1.3 kg Tuner Frequency Range 87.5-107.9, 87.5-108, 65-74 or 87.5-108 MHz S/N Ratio 55 dB...