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Image Quality - Epson Stylish Pro 7890 Brochure & Specs

A new demension in 8 colour printing


Stylus Pro 9890
Featuring all the advanced design technologies of the Epson Stylus
Epson's award winning UltraChrome K3
represents a new dimension in eight colour printing.

Image Quality

When it comes to image quality, the Epson Stylus
been regarded as the global leader. With the introduction of the Epson Stylus
9890, the standard for quality output has again raised the bar for others to follow. This is largely
due to key technologies that include:
• Epson MicroPiezo
• Variable Sized Droplet Technology
• 2880 x 1440 dpi resolution
• Advanced LUT (Look-Up Table) technology
• 1440 x 1440 dpi print mode
Building on the print head technology leadership established
by Epson with the solid-state MicroPiezo
Epson Stylus
Pro 7890 and 9890 series features the Epson
TFP (Thin Film Piezo) print head.
With 8-channel print head technology, the new
one-inch wide print head features a massive 360 nozzles
per colour (channel), delivering twice the nozzle count
of earlier models and is therefore able to print at nearly
twice the speed. Another advance made with the
TFP print head is an ink-repelling coating,
which reduces clogging. As a result, there is less printer
down-time and cleaning requirements, all of which minimise
running costs.
ink with Vivid Magenta, the Epson Stylus
TFP Print Head Technology
print head, the
Stylus Pro 7890
Pro 900 series, coupled with
Pro family of large format printers has long
Pro 890 series
Pro 7890 and
Perfectly accurate
dot shape



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