Haier HR-7803D User Manual
Haier HR-7803D User Manual

Haier HR-7803D User Manual

Haier household microwave oven user's manual
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Household Microwave Oven
* Please read this manual carefully
before use.
* Please keep it attentively.
* See to the physical sample for the
appearence color or pattern.
Names of the Parts...................3
1. Beverage
2. Fish
Safety Precautions ...................4
3. Auto
4. Instant
5. Barbecue
6. Vegetable
7. Chicken
8. Auto
Instructions of the Control Panel
Auto Menu.................................12
Cooking Tips...........................14
Usage Tips................................15
Maintenance * Repair
Maintenance * Repair.............16
Answers to Questions............17
After-sales Service............18


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Haier HR-7803D

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    HR-7803D Household Microwave Oven * Please read this manual carefully before use. * Please keep it attentively. * See to the physical sample for the appearence color or pattern. Contents Before Use Features of the Product...2 Names of the Parts...3 AUTO COOKING MENU 1.
  • Page 2: Before Use

    Please retain the manual for future reference. You can be rest assured that the international star-level services of Haier will always accompany you. No matter what kind of problems you meet in usage, please contact us according to the telephone and address stated in the warranty certificate.
  • Page 3: Features Of The Product

    The sealing part of the cavity is produced with antiseptic materials, and ● can suppress the reproduction of the bacteria effectively. The special function of the microwave oven can eliminate the germ in the ● food quickly and completely. ★...
  • Page 4: Names Of The Parts

    Names of the Parts door door seal door hook cavity AUTO MENU MICRO POWER GRILL/COMBI PAUSE/CANCEL +TIME/WEIGHT ADJUST- START +30SEC baking mesh glass rotary tray tray support diagrammtic sketch for the accessory installation shell operation board useful volume of the cavity is 16 l...
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Please read the safety precautions carefully to guarantee safe and convenient use of Haier microwave oven. Danger No one except the professional technicians are permitted to disassemble the microwave oven, or it may result in electric shock. Do not apply excess force to the door. It may cause distortion of the door and result in microwave leakage.
  • Page 6 5. When you heat liquid in the oven, please take care of the delayed splashing of possible boiling liquid. 6. Do not use the microwave oven if there’s no food inside, so as to avoid damaging the appliance by no-load running.
  • Page 7: Installation Environment

    Installation Environment Ventilation space is required in installation of the microwave oven. Open the Package Carton * Installation Open the carton Put the microwave oven levelly at the position you choose. Keep good ventilation. Install AUTO COOKING MENU AUTO MENU MICRO POWER +TIME/WEIGHT ADJUST-...
  • Page 8: Time/Weight Adjust

    Functions AUTO COOKING MENU 1. Beverage 2. Fish AUTO MENU 3. Auto 4. Instant 5. Barbecue MICRO POWER 6. Vegetable 7. Chicken 8. Auto GRILL/COMBI PAUSE/CANCEL +TIME/WEIGHT ADJUST- START +30SEC Reheat Noodle Defrost...
  • Page 9: Usage

    30 second with high power level. LED display 0:30, the oven starts counting down,if you push the “START” button continously, the largest cooking time of this model is 5 minutes. The microwave oven has five power levels, which are able to meet your requirements for different cooking functions.
  • Page 10 Usage AUTO MENU cooking For instance Heat 400g milk with AUTO MENU function. 1. In stand-by mode, push the “AUTO MENU” button once 2. Push the “+TIME/WEIGHT ADJ U ST-”button continuously untill LED display 0.4 . 3. Push the “START +30S” button. 4.
  • Page 11: Cooking Function

    Usage Cooking function This model of microwave oven has three type roast function for you choice, In stand-by mode, led display 0:00, Push the “GRILL/ COMBI” button, This model uses a circulating display for roast type selection i.e. with each push, the roast type changes in...
  • Page 12 CHILD LOCK is cancelled. Attention: Setting and canceling of the “Child Lock” function are both under standby mode. The operation is invalid during the working of microwave oven. To avoid children from playing or tampering with the microwave oven and sustaining possible injury, the microwave oven has a special Child-Lock function.
  • Page 13: Weight Setting Table For The Auto Menu

    Weight Setting Table for the Auto Menu Recipe Type Beverage Fish Auto Reheat Instant Noodle Barbecue Vegetable Chicken Auto Defrost Weight 0.2kg 0.4kg 0.6kg 0.2kg 0.4kg 0.6kg 0.2kg 0.3kg 0.5kg 1 Piece 2 Piece 0.1kg 0.2kg 0.3kg 0.2kg 0.4kg 0.6kg 0.4kg 0.8kg 1.0kg...
  • Page 14: Selection Of The Cooking Dishware

    The metal screen may also cause arc, and thus can not be used. The coloring plate special for microwave oven (metal product) can not be used either It may cause combustion Do not use it in cooking It can be used for suitable...
  • Page 15: Cooking Tips

    It can also preserve the moisture and nutrition. When the food is removed from the microwave oven, the inside of the food is still heating. Place it aside for some time. Take the factor of duration into consideration.
  • Page 16: Usage Tips

    Usage Tips Use the “PAUSE/CANCEL” button. If you need to leave during cooking, you can pust the “PAUSE/CANCEL” button once to pause the program. To continue the cooking, push the “START+30SEC” button once. During the setting of program, if there’s misoperation, on it is needed to change the program,please push the “PAUSE/CANCEL”...
  • Page 17: Maintenance * Repair

    Remarks: If the microwave oven is to be idle for a long time, please clean thoroughly each part of the oven to avoid rusting. Warning...
  • Page 18: Answers To Questions

    Yes. NEVER do that. It is important to lay the food aside for several minutes. Cooking by microwave oven makes the food retrain heat inside. After you take out the food from the oven, the inside of the food will continue heating for 2-3 minutes. It can assist the cooking the joint of the food, vegetables or cookies completely outside the oven by laying aside.
  • Page 19: After-Sales Service

    After-sales Service After-sales service 1. Please glue the invoice on the invoice column in the warranty certificate and keep it with care. 2. This product has one year’s warranty (subject to the purchase date on invoice) with maintenance free of charge. Please contact the special shop for maintenance by the warranty certificate and invoice if maintenance is needed.

Table of Contents

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