Haier HR-7857A User Manual
Haier HR-7857A User Manual

Haier HR-7857A User Manual

Household microwave oven double grill



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Summary of Contents for Haier HR-7857A

  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    HR-7857A Household Microwave Oven Double Grill Contents Before Use Features of the Product Names of the Parts Safety Precautions Installation Environment Open the Package Carton * Installation Usage Instructions of the Control Panel Functions Usage 8-12 Recipes 13-15 Selection of the Cooking Dishware...
  • Page 2: Before Use

    We are at your service all the time. Thanks again for your choosing Haier product. Due to the improvement of the product, the Haier microwave oven you have may be different from the figure in the user's manual on some part. We apologize for any inconvenience occurred...
  • Page 3: Features Of The Product

    Cubic roast It is the patent technology of Haier. Besides the conventional top heating pipe roast, it also adopts heating pipe at the bottom of cavity to make auxiliary heating during roast, to confirm even roasting of the food from every direction. The result is better taste.
  • Page 4: Names Of The Parts

    Names of the Parts door door seal roast door hook mesh roast tray glass rotary tray tray support mesh board (heating pipe on board) cavity shell cavity volume of the cavity is 24 L operation board...
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions * Please read the safety precautions carefully to guarantee safe and convenient use of Haier microwave oven. Danger Warning No one except the professional tech- nicians is permitted to disassemble the microwave oven, or it may result in electric shock.
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions

    Do not use the product for any industrial and commercial purpose. Do not use it with the cavity empty. It will damage the microwave oven. Warning When the cavity is in high-temperature (e.g. when the roast-cooking is just finished), do not use it to cook until it is cooled down completely.
  • Page 7: Installation Environment

    Put the microwave oven levelly at the positio you choose. Keep good ventilation. Install The gaps shall be all above 15cm Do not install the microwave oven in environment that is humid or with high temperature. user’s Roast screen manual...
  • Page 8: Instructions Of The Control Panel Functions

    Instructions of the Control Panel Functions Set the Roast function Adjust the MENU weight combined roast function "microwave+roast" The button for cooling cavity pause or cancel Code switch Turn right or left to adjust time and Auto menu...
  • Page 9: Usage

    Usage This model of microwave oven offers four different design of usage according to the demand of the users: I. Microwave only; II. Double-side roast; III. Combination of the microwave and double-side roast; IV. Auto-menu. Details as per following: I Use the microwave only.
  • Page 10 Usage 2. Turn the coding switch. The cooking indicator light starts flashing. 3. Push the "start" button. start Description: In cooking, it's better to do microwave cooking before roasting. It can save time and electricity, and maintain the color, fragrant smell and taste. Remarks: The stepping of the coding switch in adjusting the cooking time: 0-1 minute: stepping for 5 second 1-5 minute: stepping for 10 second...
  • Page 11 The LED displays By the auto-menu function, you only need to set the type and weight of the food to start cooking with the microwave oven. You do not need to set the cooking time. The LED displays The LED displays...
  • Page 12 4. Push the "start" button to start working. The LED displays start Description: The microwave oven will set the cooking time automatically according to the weight, and start counting down. The setting of the other kinds of auto-menu is the same as above.
  • Page 13: Usage

    5 minute. One-button microwave cooking: Under "standby" mode, push the "start" button directly. The microwave oven will make cooking instantly with one minute and 100% power level. Each push of the "start" button will add one minute on cooking time. The max value is 30 minute.
  • Page 14: Recipes

    Recipes Tandoori Fish Ingredients Fish 200gms Onion 1 (cut into Slices) For marination Lemon Juice 2Table spoon Ginger -garlic paste 2Tea spoon Green Chilies 2 crushed Salt to taste Method: * Put all the marinate ingredients in a bowl & mix well. * Wash and cut the fish into pieces.
  • Page 15 Recipes Chicken Tikka Ingredients Chicken boneless 200gms Garlic 5 cloves Ginger 2 cm piece Green chilies Curd 3- 4Table spoon (Curd hung in a muslin cloth so that the whey separates) Salt to taste Red Chilies 1/2Tea spoon Yellow Colour a pinch Method: * Make the paste of the ginger, garlic &...
  • Page 16: Recipes

    Recipes Spinach Cheese Delight Ingredients Spinach (chopped) 200gms Paneer (crumbled) 100gms Onion 1 small Tomato 1 small Salt to taste Red chilli 1/2Tea spoon Butter 20gms Method: * Chop & wash spinach leaves. Put in a microwave safe dish & cover. * Cook for 3min at P- 100.
  • Page 17: Selection Of The Cooking Dishware

    Alumi- * It can be used for suitable extent in foil defrosting food Please select suitable cooking dishware for the microwave oven. absorbed by the food penetrate the glass reflected by the metal Roast-cooking * Containers with color pattern at inner side may cause color drops.
  • Page 18: Cooking Tips

    It can also preserve the moisture and nutrition. When the food is taken out of the microwave oven, the in- Lay aside side of the food is still heating. Lay it aside for some time.
  • Page 19: Maintenance * Repair

    Remarks: If the microwave oven is idle for a long time, please clean the water stain and oily dirt that may remain on each part of the oven to avoid rusting.
  • Page 20: Answers To Questions

    Yes. NEVER do that. It is important to lay the food aside for several minutes. Cooking by microwave oven makes the food gathering heat inside. After you take out the food from the oven, the in- side of the food will continue heating for 2-3 minutes. It can cook the jointer of the food, big block of vegetables or cookies completely outside the oven by laying aside.
  • Page 21: Haier Warranty

    Technology HAIER WARRANTY HAIER Appliances (India) P.Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "the company") hereby offers the following warranty to the original domestic purchaser commencing from the date of the purchase. The company will, free of charge repair or replace any defective part or parts which prove to be defective in workmanship and / or materials and not due to abnormal or improper usage at its sole discretion.
  • Page 22 50500613...

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