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Haier HMW40AEB Instructions For Use Manual

Haier microwave oven instruction for use


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Microwave Oven

Instruction for use
Specific Number: 0050502453


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  • Page 1: Microwave Oven

    Microwave Oven Instruction for use HMW40AEB HMW40AEBS AEB-40100ET AEB-40100ET(S) Specific Number: 0050502453...
  • Page 2 The inner components are electrified, and may cause electric shock. Children shall use the microwave oven under the instruction of adult, or use the oven by self after they have received complete instruction and description from the adult. The adult shall teach the children the general knowledge on the danger of operating the microwave oven.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Detailed drawings (FIG.A) with a legend you shall find on the page 11 of this manual. Defrost Should your newly purchased appliance replace an old microwave oven, cut off the power cable of the Power level old appliance as close as possible to the cabinet. Please have the old appliance ecologically disposed off by a company specialised in environmental protection.
  • Page 4: Potential Dangers

    Microwave ovens may only be used to warm up or heat up food or drinks. Never use your microwave oven for other purposes such as drying textiles or other objects, let alone life animals. This may cause acute fire(s) or accident hazard.
  • Page 5: Where To Install The Oven

    English Customer service jobs resulting from improper operation of the oven are liable for payment even during the guarantee period. What is when... Is the plug firmly inserted in the socket? Is the power socket under current? (test this by plugging in another kitchen appliance) Is the fuse intact? Was the timer set properly? (first turn beyond the required time and then back accordingly) Does the oven door close tightly?
  • Page 6: Rating Plate

    Instruction for use 8 Cleaning and care Caution ! The microwave oven must be unplugged from the power supply before cleaning it (on the exter- nal or interior side). Pull out the power plug, or activate fuse safety switch. If you cannot reach the plug, keep the oven door open (also when cleaning the outside).
  • Page 7: Using The Microwave Oven

    L . Press and Hold the Pause/Stop pad until it unlocks the controls. It returns to the enter state. Note: To lock or unlock the child safety lock function the buzzer of the microwave oven will beep twice.
  • Page 8 English The microwave oven is therefore not suitable for: frying Making popcorn melting sugar or fats cooking dried beans etc. When preparing food(s) with uncertain compositions, you should keep an eye on the appliance until the end of the set cooking time.

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