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i850 TELUS Handset User's Guide



   Summary of Contents for Motorola i850 H65XAN6RR4AN

  • Page 1

    i850 TELUS Handset User’s Guide...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Emergency Calls Using Mike’s Talk Around .. 28 Setup Options ..........28 Getting Started........... 1 Making Phone Calls ........ 30 Battery ............. 3 Receiving Phone Calls........30 Activating your Mike Account......6 Call Icons ............31 Powering On and Off ........6 Entering the Number to Call......

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Message Center........56 Editing Entries..........43 Viewing Entries ..........44 Accessing the Message Center ..... 56 Deleting Entries ..........46 Message Center Options ....... 56 Checking Capacity ......... 46 Receiving Messages........56 Creating Pauses and Waits ......46 Message Notifications........57 Voice Mail ............

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    SMS Messages......... 79 Digital Rights Management ....90 Receiving a Message ........79 Installing Items ..........90 Reading From the Message Center....79 Understanding DRM Status Icons....90 Calling and Storing Numbers ......80 Sharing Items ..........90 Managing DRM Items ........91 My Info ............

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Viewing Ring Tone Assignments ....103 Java Applications and GPS Enabled ... 114 Managing Memory ........103 GPS Enabled.......... 117 Deleting Custom Ring Tones ....... 104 IMPORTANT: Things to Keep in Mind ..117 Datebook ..........105 Viewing Your Approximate Location .... 118 Viewing Datebook ........

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Using a Headset .......... 133 Operational Cautions ........149 Using Settings..........133 Accessory Safety Information ...... 150 Profiles ........... 138 MOTOROLA LIMITED WARRANTY.... 152 Viewing Profiles ........... 138 Patent and Trademark Information ....155 Switching Profiles ........138 Index............157 How Changing Settings Affects Profiles ..

  • Page 8

    Responsible Party Name: Motorola, Inc. communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur Address: 8000 West Sunrise Boulevard in a particular installation.

  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Getting Started retractable anttena camera lens mirror volume controls light sensor Push-To-Talk (PTT) button camera audio jack speaker (in back) microphone power button accessory connector...

  • Page 10

    Getting Started Speakerphone Key — acts like s when Power button. the flip is closed; turns speakerphone on; used with voice names and voice records. Navigation key — press the arrows to scroll through menus and lists. Smart Key — acts like e when the flip is closed;...

  • Page 11: Battery

    Battery Battery 3 Allow the battery door to pop, slide it forward and remove it from the back of the handset. Removing the Battery Door 1 Make sure the handset is powered off. See “Powering On and Off” on page 6. 2 Slide the release button back until it releases the battery door.

  • Page 12: Charging The Battery

    Getting Started 3 Replace the battey door and press it gently until 3 Plug the other end of the charger into the you hear a click. accessory connector. Charging the Battery Your handset comes with a battery charger. Tip: To remove the charger from the accessory connector: Press the buttons on the sides of 1 Plug the charger into an electrical outlet.

  • Page 13: Removing The Battery

    50°F to 104°F (10°C to 40°C). Battery Use and Maintenance Prolonged charging is not recommended. • The Motorola Approved Lithium Ion chargers provide optimum performance. Other chargers may not fully charge the iDEN Lithium Ion battery or may yield a reduced number of lifetime charge cycles.

  • Page 14: Activating Your Mike Account, Powering On And Off

    Getting Started Note: When powering on, if you press p for more • The battery capacity is degraded if the battery is stored for long periods while fully charged. If long than 5 seconds, you will turn on Airplane term storage is required, store at half capacity. mode.

  • Page 15: Finding Your Phone Number And Private Id, Handset Basics

    Finding Your Phone Number and Private ID As your handset connects to the network, you will see See “My Info” on page 81 for more information about a welcome message and a connecting message. this feature. When the idle screen appears, the handset is ready Handset Basics to use.

  • Page 16: Display Options, Main Menu

    Getting Started Text Area OK Key Pressing O: This area displays menus, messages, names, phone numbers, and other information. • Selects the highlighted menu item or list item Display Options • Sets options • Confirms actions Two display options appear at the bottom of most screens.

  • Page 17

    Handset Basics Settings Customize your handset. Messages Access messages. See See page 130. page 56. Ring Tones Assign ring tones and turn Call Forward Set call forwarding options. ringer off. See page 102. See page 37. Camera Take pictures. See Datebook Schedule appointments.

  • Page 18: Status Icons

    Getting Started Status Icons Call Forward — Your handset is set to forward calls. See “Call Status icons appear at the top of the display. Some Forwarding” on page 37. appear at all times. Others appear only when your handset is engaged in certain activities or when you have activated certain features.

  • Page 19: Locating Your Sim Card, Sim Card Security

    Locating Your SIM Card Locating Your SIM Card SIM Card Security Your SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is a small Your SIM card stores all your Contacts information. piece of plastic located in the SIM card holder in the Since this information is stored on your SIM card, not back of your handset, underneath the battery.

  • Page 20: Changing The Pin

    Getting Started Important: If you enter your PIN incorrectly 5 times, Turning the PIN Requirement On and your SIM card is blocked. To unblock your SIM card, you must contact TELUS When the SIM PIN requirement is on, you are Mobility Client Care.

  • Page 21

    SIM Card Security Important: If you unsuccessfully enter the PUK code Inserting and Removing Your SIM Card 10 times, your SIM card is permanently Important: Do not touch the gold-colored areas of blocked and must be replaced. If this your SIM card. happens, all data is lost.

  • Page 22

    Getting Started Inserting Your SIM Card 3 Open the SIM card holder. 1 With your handset powered off, remove the back cover and battery. 2 Slide the latch towards the right to open the SIM card holder. latch 4 Carefully slide your SIM card into the SIM card holder.

  • Page 23

    SIM Card Security 5 Close the SIM card holder. 2 Slide the latch towards the right to open the SIM card holder. latch 6 Slide the latch towards the left to close the SIM card holder. 3 Open the SIM card holder. Removing Your SIM Card Important: To avoid loss or damage, do not remove your SIM card from your handset unless...

  • Page 24: Antenna

    Getting Started 4 Carefully slide your SIM card out of the SIM card To extend the antenna, pull gently on the rounded tip holder. until the antenna is fully extended and clicks into position. When finished with a call, retract the antenna by pushing gently on the rounded tip until the antenna clicks into place.

  • Page 25: Accessories, For More Information

    Accessories Accessories Your handset comes with a battery and a charger. To order additional accessories, log on to our Web site at or contact your Mike Dealer. For More Information If you have questions about your i850 handset, contact your Mike Dealer or TELUS Mobility Client Care.

  • Page 26: Mike's Direct Connect Service

    Mike’s Direct Connect Tip: To let someone know that you want to talk to him or her on a Private call, send a call alert. Service See “Call Alerts” on page 20. Every Private ID number contains 3 parts — an area There are two ways of communicating over Mike’s ID, a fleet ID, and a member ID —...

  • Page 27

    From the Recent Calls List With the Contacts type field highlighted, scroll left or right to display the Contacts type for the number The recent calls list stores the last 20 calls you made you want to call. or received. If you are making a Private call, your handset places To select a Private ID from the recent calls list as the the call to the Private ID stored in the Contacts entry,...

  • Page 28: One Touch Ptt, Call Alerts

    Mike’s Direct Connect Service 3 Release the PTT button to listen. Enter the number using your keypad. -or- Press A under Search. Select Contacts, Recent One Touch PTT Calls, or Memo. Enter the number from Contacts, the recent calls list, or Memo, as you would when One Touch PTT sets your handset to call the most making a call.

  • Page 29: Using The Call Alert Queue

    Using the Call Alert Queue • Clear — dismiss and delete the call alert Viewing Date and Time Sending Call Alerts To view the date and time a call alert was received: 1 From the main menu, select Call Alert. 1 Enter the Private ID you want to send to, as you would when making a Private call.

  • Page 30: One-to-many Group Calls

    Mike’s Direct Connect Service One-to-Many Group Calls Note: Answering a call alert from the recent call list does not remove it from the call alert queue. A group call is a type of dispatch call made to all Deleting Call Alerts members of a Talkgroup at once.

  • Page 31

    One-to-Many Group Calls Making Group Calls 1 Press #. Then enter the Talkgroup number using the keypad. -or- Choose the Talkgroup name from Contacts or recent calls list. 2 Proceed as if making a Private call. Receiving Group Calls To answer a group call: Proceed as if answering a Private call.

  • Page 32

    Mike’s Talk Around • Call Timers • Call alerts Mike’s Talk Around allows direct two-way • Voice records handset-to-handset communications between two or more handsets equipped for Mike’s Talk Around. Using Mike’s Talk Around You can make and receive Mike’s Talk Around To set your handset to Mike’s Talk Around: calls even when network service is not available.

  • Page 33: Channels And Codes

    Channels and Codes Exiting Mike’s Talk Around To have a conversation, all parties must be on the same channel and code. For private Mike’s Talk To set your handset to network mode when Mike’s Around calls, the person you are calling must be in Talk Around is active: Mike’s Talk Around and set to the same channel to 1 From the Talk Around idle screen, press m.

  • Page 34: Mike's Talk Around Tm

    Mike’s Talk Around Making and Receiving Code Calls in Receive All Mike’s Talk Around You can set your handset to receive Mike’s Talk Around transmissions from any handset that is set To make a code call in Mike’s Talk Around: to the same channel, regardless of the code (1-15), 1 Press and hold the PTT button.

  • Page 35: Private Mike's Talk Around Calls

    Private Mike’s Talk Around Calls Private Mike’s Talk Around Private Only Calls To limit Mike’s Talk Around to private conversation only, set your code to Pvt Only. In this mode, code You can have a private conversation with another calls will be ignored and only private calls can be person using Mike’s Talk Around.

  • Page 36: Emergency Calls Using Mike's Talk Around, Setup Options

    Mike’s Talk Around Emergency Calls Using Mike’s 2 Press and hold the PTT button. Begin speaking after your handset emits the Mike’s Talk Around Talk Around tone. 3 Release the PTT button to listen. Emergency phone calls can be initiated if you are in network coverage.

  • Page 37

    Setup Options • Launch directly into Mike’s Talk Around when Using State Tone you select Talk Around from the main menu. To set your handset to notify you with a tone that • Notify you periodically with a tone that you are in you are in Mike’s Talk Around: Mike’s Talk Around.

  • Page 38: Making Phone Calls, Receiving Phone Calls

    Making Phone Calls Receiving Phone Calls Making Phone Calls When you receive a phone call, your handset rings, To make a phone call: vibrates, or lights up its backlight. With the Flip Open Answering a phone call 1 Enter the number you want to call. If the flip is closed, press t.

  • Page 39: Call Icons, Entering The Number To Call

    Call Icons Press e. -or- • Select the number from Contacts • Select a number stored in Datebook Close the flip. -or- • Redial the last phone number called Call Icons • Say a voice name into your handset When you make a phone call, call icons appear in the •...

  • Page 40

    Making Phone Calls 2 To view the rest of the recent calls list, press the If the Contacts type displayed is not a phone number, volume keys on the side of your handset. your handset places the call to the phone number 3 You can call the number displayed by pressing t stored in the Contacts entry.

  • Page 41: Missed Phone Calls

    Missed Phone Calls Redialing the Last Number Using Speed Dial and Turbo Dial ® Press and hold s to place a call to the last phone Each phone number stored in Contacts is assigned a number you called. Speed Dial number, which you can use to enter that number.

  • Page 42: Using Mute, Making Emergency Phone Calls

    Making Phone Calls With the Flip Open Opening the flip turns speakerphone off. If you want to dismiss the missed call message, Using Mute press A under Back. -or- Muting calls lets you listen to incoming sound without If you want to view the missed call on the recent calls list, press A under View.

  • Page 43: Recent Calls, Calls And Call Alerts, My Info From Other Handsets

    Calls and Call Alerts Recent Calls Call alerts you have received appear as Private calls. Like all items in the recent calls list, they remain listed until you delete them or until they reach the end of the The recent calls list stores information associated list.

  • Page 44: Contact Information From Other Handsets, Viewing The Recent Calls List

    Recent Calls If you receive My Info from the same handset more When you select contact information to view its than once, only the most recently sent version details, you see the name or Private ID or the person appears in the recent calls list. who sent the information and all the information in the item.

  • Page 45: Storing Items To Contacts, Deleting Items

    Storing Items to Contacts Choosing Picture View or List View Note: Storing My Info or contact information from another handset or to a Contacts entry that You can set your handset to show the picture has a name assigned to it does not change associated with each item as you view the recent the name of the Contacts entry.

  • Page 46: Making Calls From The Recent Calls List

    Recent Calls 3 Press O or press A under Yes to confirm. You can also make calls while viewing the details of an item on the recent calls list: Making Calls From the Recent 1 From the recent calls list, select the item Calls List containing the number you want to call.

  • Page 47

    Making Calls From the Recent Calls List 3 To make a phone call, press t on the top of your handset. -or- To make a Private call, press the PTT button.

  • Page 48: Contacts

    Contacts Contacts • A Contacts type — Each number or address stored must be assigned a Contacts type: Contacts stores up to 600 numbers or addresses. Mobile phone number Each Contacts entry can store several numbers or addresses. Private Private ID Information stored in Contacts is saved on your SIM card.

  • Page 49: Accessing Contacts, Creating Entries

    Accessing Contacts To cancel a Contacts entry at any time press, e to Note: You can store numbers up to 64 digits long, but every 20 digits must be separated by a return to the idle screen. pause or wait. See “Creating Pauses and To create a Contacts entry: Waits”...

  • Page 50

    Contacts Enter the number or address. For phone numbers, Select Ringer. Select the ring tone you want to use the 10-digit format. For email addresses, see assign. “Entering Text” on page 54. 3 If you want to assign a picture from the media Tip: Press A under Browse to select a number or center: address from Contacts, the recent calls list, or...

  • Page 51: Storing Numbers Quickly, Editing Entries

    Storing Numbers Quickly With the Speed # field highlighted, press O. 4 To store the number as a new entry, select [New Contact]. -or- Press A under Delete to delete the current Speed Dial number. To store the number to an existing entry, select the entry.

  • Page 52: Viewing Entries

    Contacts Viewing Entries Selecting an Entry In this view, each entry shows: When you view Contacts entries, you can choose how much detail you want to see. • The name assigned to the entry • A small version of the picture assigned to the entry Viewing the Contacts List •...

  • Page 53

    Viewing Entries If you select a phone number, you can view its 3 Select List View to show the Contacts list without Speed Dial number and see whether it has a voice pictures. -or- name. Select Picture View to show the picture assigned To return to the entry, press A under Back or press to each entry.To view entries: 1 From the Contacts list, scroll to the entry you want...

  • Page 54: Deleting Entries, Checking Capacity, Creating Pauses And Waits

    Contacts Showing Only Private IDs and 2 Scroll left or right to display the Contacts type for the number you want to delete. Talkgroups 3 Press m. To set Contacts to show only entries that contain 4 Select Delete Number. Private IDs and Talkgroup entries: 5 Press O or press A under Yes to confirm.

  • Page 55: International Numbers

    Creating Pauses and Waits If you store 17035551235P1234, when you select Note: The network translates the “+” into the this number and make a call, your handset dials the appropriate international access code first 11 digits, pauses for 3 seconds, then dials the needed to place the call.

  • Page 56: Advanced Calling Features, Call Waiting, Switching Between Calls

    Advanced Calling Turn Off Call Waiting To turn off Call Waiting during a call: Features 1 Press m. 2 Select In Call Setup > Call Waiting. Call Waiting 3 Set this option to Off. Call Waiting lets you receive a second call while on Tip: To turn Call Waiting back on while still on the an active call.

  • Page 57: Putting A Call On Hold, Call Forwarding, Forwarding All Calls

    Putting a Call on Hold Putting a Call on Hold Phone line 2 is active; calls to phone line 1 are being forwarded. 1 While on an active call, press m. Phone line 2 is active; calls to phone line 2 are 2 Select Hold.

  • Page 58: Turning Off Call Forwarding, Forwarding Missed Calls

    Advanced Calling Features Turning Off Call Forwarding To forward missed calls: 1 From the main menu, select Call Forward > If you do not want all your calls forwarded, turn the Forward > Detailed. feature off: 2 Select If Busy to specify a forwarding number for 1 From the main menu, select Call Forward >...

  • Page 59: Calling 2 People

    Calling 2 People Note: Your handset comes pre-programmed to Merging 2 Calls into a 3-Way Call detailed forward to Mike’s Voice Mail. If you After you put a call on hold and place a second call, change your detailed call forwarding, you can combine these calls into a 3-way call: remember to reset the forwarding back to your access number or your phone number.

  • Page 60: Creating Pauses And Waits While Dialing, Making International Calls, Setting Flip Actions

    Advanced Calling Features Creating Pauses and Waits Note: The network translates the “+” into the appropriate international access code While Dialing needed to place the call. You can enter a pause or wait while dialing a number. 2 Enter the country code, city code or area code, For more information on pauses and waits, see and phone number.

  • Page 61: Call Timers

    Call Timers To set your handset not to answer calls when you • Circuit Reset — keeps a running total of all of open the flip: your circuit data use, until you reset it. • Circuit Lifetime — displays the total minutes of all Set Flip to End to Off in step 2.

  • Page 62: Entering Text, Using Word Mode

    Using Word Mode Entering Text In Word mode, T9 Text Input analyzes the letters on You can enter text, numbers, and symbols into your the keypad button you press and arranges them to handset using Alpha, Word, Numeric, or Symbol text create words.

  • Page 63: Special Function Keys

    Special Function Keys 3 Select Word as your text input mode. These icons appear in the top row of your display: 4 Press #. Shift is on. The word you typed in Alpha text entry mode is now in the database. Caps lock is on.

  • Page 64: Message Center, Accessing The Message Center, Message Center Options, Receiving Messages

    3 Press O or press A under the display option on Message Center the left. The message center manages your messages. The message center shows how many messages you have of each type. You can listen to, read, or When you receive the following types of messages, delete these messages.

  • Page 65: Message Notifications, Voice Mail

    Message Notifications • Dismiss the message notification and access the Setting Notification Options message later through the message center. To control whether your handset sounds message notification tones while you are on phone calls: Message Notifications 1 From the main menu, select Settings > Phone When you receive a message, your handset notifies Calls >...

  • Page 66: Advanced Voice Mail With Fax, Net Alerts

    Message Center If the flip is closed, press .. -or- When you subscribe to Mike's Advanced Voice Mail with Fax, you'll receive a fax number from your point If the flip is open, press O or press A under of feature activation. If you haven't received a fax Back.

  • Page 67: Multimedia Messages, Navigating The Inbox, Drafts, And Sent Items, Creating And Sending Messages

    Press *. Multimedia Messages To open a message on the current page: Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) lets you send Select the message you want to open. -or- and receive messages that may include text, pictures, and audio recordings. Press the number on the keypad corresponding to the number of the message.

  • Page 68

    Multimedia Messages • Valid Until — sets a date after which no more Sending or Canceling attempts are made to deliver the message. To send the message at any time after it has been To send a message, you must address it to at least addressed: one recipient.

  • Page 69

    Creating and Sending Messages Select To. Insert a picture or audio recording. See “Attaching Pictures and Audio Recordings From the Media Enter the phone number or email address from the Center” on page 66. keypad and press O. Repeat this action to enter When you are finished, press O.

  • Page 70: Replying To A Message

    Multimedia Messages 3 If you want to attach a picture or audio recordings, Select a date by scrolling or entering numbers. see “Attaching Pictures and Audio Recordings Press O. -or- From the Media Center” on page 66 or “Attaching To set no date, press A under No Date. New Pictures and Voice Records”...

  • Page 71

    Creating and Sending Messages • Message — the first 40 characters of the message More Ways to Begin a Message you are replying to. Text you add to the body of In addition to beginning a message from the your message appears above this. message center, you can begin a message from •...

  • Page 72

    Multimedia Messages 3 Press A under Create. -or- From the Media Center If Create is not one of your options: Press m. You can send pictures and audio recordings in MMS Select Create. messages. 4 Create and send the message. The message is 1 From the media center, scroll to or select the item automatically addressed to the phone number you you want to include in a message.

  • Page 73: Quick Notes

    Creating and Sending Messages 2 Press m. You can search for an entry name as you would otherwise when viewing Contacts. See “Searching for 3 Select Recent Calls. a Name” on page 45. 4 Select the entry containing the phone number or 1 While you are creating a message, scroll to or email address you want to send the message to.

  • Page 74

    Multimedia Messages Tip: To create new Quick Notes to use in later Removing an Inserted Item messages, see “Customizing MMS” on page To remove an item inserted into the body of the message you are creating: Inserting Pictures and Audio 1 Highlight the item you want to remove.

  • Page 75

    Creating and Sending Messages To discard the picture, press A under Discard. 4 If you want to attach more items, select [New Attachment]. You can then take another picture. 5 When you are finished, press A under Done. 7 When you are finished, press A under Done if Done is one of your options.

  • Page 76: Drafts, Sent Items

    Multimedia Messages 2 Scroll to the attachment you want to remove. Deleting a Draft 3 Press m. When you send a draft, it is deleted from Drafts. 4 Select Unattach. To delete a message in Drafts without sending it: Drafts 1 Scroll to the message you want to delete.

  • Page 77

    Sent Items 2 Scroll to the message you want to forward. 4 Select Delivery Status. 3 Press m. Deleting 4 Select Forward. 1 Scroll to the message you want to delete. -or- 5 Edit and send your message. View the message you want to delete. You can add to and edit the message you are 2 Press m.

  • Page 78: Receiving A Message, Navigating A Message

    Multimedia Messages Receiving a Message Embedded Objects and Attachments Messages may contain pictures or audio recordings When you receive an MMS message, a message as part of the body of the message or as notification appears on the display. attachments. To view the message: If a message contains pictures or audio recordings in 1 Press O or press A under the display option on...

  • Page 79: Viewing Received Messages From The Message Center

    Viewing Received Messages From the Message Center A slide show may contain a series of pictures that If you have not viewed the message before, the display is sequence. It may also include one or more message is downloaded from the message server. audio recordings.

  • Page 80: Actions For Received Messages

    Multimedia Messages Actions for Received Messages 4 Create and send your message. Embedded objects and attachments are included Deleting when you forward a message. Unread Messages Locking and Unlocking 1 Scroll to the message you want to delete. When you lock a message, it cannot be deleted until 2 Press A under Delete.

  • Page 81

    Actions for Received Messages Making a Private Call These numbers may appear in the From field, the To field, the Cc field, the subject line, or the body of the 1 View the message. message. 2 Highlight the Private ID you want to call. 1 View the message.

  • Page 82

    Multimedia Messages 4 Select Go To Website. 2 Highlight the picture or audio recording you want to delete. Note: The entire URL must appear in the 3 Press m. message. Otherwise, you cannot go to the website. 4 Select Delete Picture or Delete Audio. Saving an Embedded Picture or Audio Saving Attachments Recording...

  • Page 83: Customizing Mms

    Customizing MMS Customizing MMS If the slide show contains pictures, you can save each picture as it appears. If the slide show contains audio recordings, you can save each audio recording The Setup menu lets you customize MMS for your at any time during the slide show.

  • Page 84

    Multimedia Messages New Quick Notes and Reply Phrases 2 Scroll to the Quick Note or reply phrase you want to delete. Creating 3 Press press A under Delete. 1 From the Setup menu, select Quick Notes or 4 Press O or press A under Yes to confirm. Replies.

  • Page 85: Managing Memory

    Managing Memory • 10 Messages — If you have more than 10 Choosing to Delete Messages Later messages, messages are deleted in the order they If you choose to delete messages later, rather than at were received, starting with the oldest, until 10 are the time you set the clean-up option, the type of left.

  • Page 86

    Multimedia Messages Tip: This option is available from many context-sensitive menus when you are using MMS. To free memory, delete messages. To delete many messages at once, see “Deleting All Messages” on page 78. To set messages to be deleted automatically, see “Setting the Clean-up Option”...

  • Page 87: Sms Messages, Receiving A Message, Reading From The Message Center

    To keep the message, press O. SMS Messages To dismiss the message notification: Short Message Service (SMS) messages are short If the flip is closed, press .. -or- text messages, also called text and numeric If the flip is open, press A under Back or close messages.

  • Page 88: Calling And Storing Numbers

    SMS Messages Calling and Storing Numbers If an SMS message you receive contains a phone number, you can call that number by pressing s while viewing the message. If an SMS message you receive contains a phone number, Private ID, or Talkgroup ID, you can call or send a call alert to that number, or store that number to Contacts.

  • Page 89: Viewing My Info, Editing My Info

    My Info • Circuit Data — the number you use if you want to use your handset to transfer circuit data. See “Using Your Handset as a Modem” on page 84. My Info lets you view information about your handset You receive this number from TELUS Mobility.

  • Page 90: Setting Sending Options

    My Info 5 When you are finished, press A under Done. You can also edit the information in Line 1, Line 2, and Circuit Data, but your changes are only Automatic Sending temporary. The next time your handset registers on the network, your actual phone numbers and circuit To control whether your information is sent data number appear again in My Info.

  • Page 91: Mike's Wireless Web Services, Launching The Microbrowser, Navigating The Microbrowser, Accessing The Browser Menu

    Mike’s Wireless Web 3 Once connected, the Homepage (or the last page visited) will be displayed. To access the Home Services menu page from any other menu in the microbrowser, press e. Your i850 handset is equipped with a microbrowser 4 To view additional text while visiting a site, use the that can be used to access Mike's Wireless Web navigation keys to scroll to read it.

  • Page 92: Ending The Microbrowser Session, Using Your Handset As A Modem

    Mike’s Wireless Web Services Ending the Microbrowser Below is the list of available options: Session • Exit Browser — closes the browser and returns you to the idle screen. Use this option when you At any point in the session, press and hold e to want to return to the page currently viewed at a later time, without navigating through the entire close the microbrowser.

  • Page 93

    Using Your Handset as a Modem 4 Press A under Change 2 With the handset’s display facing up, insert a data cable’s connector into the accessory connector, 5 Scroll to the baud rate for your location. until you hear a click. Press A under Select.

  • Page 94: Camera, Accessing The Camera, Taking Pictures

    Camera 3 Aim the camera lens on the flip. Use the internal display as the viewfinder. 4 When the image you want to capture is in view, The camera in your i850 handset takes pictures. press c or press O or press A under Capture. You can save these pictures in your handset and 5 To save the picture, press c or press O.

  • Page 95

    Taking Pictures If you choose any other action, all picture options From smallest to largest, the values are: Small, return to their defaults. Medium, Wallpaper, Large, and XLarge. Zoom If you plan to use the image as wallpaper, it is best to select the Wallpaper size.

  • Page 96: More Actions For Captured Pictures, Accessing The Media Center

    Camera Press A under No to return to the list of entries More Actions for Captured without overwriting the assigned picture. Pictures Setting as Wallpaper After you capture a picture as described in “Taking 1 After you have captured a picture, press m. Pictures”...

  • Page 97: Customizing The Camera, Managing Memory

    Customizing the Camera Customizing the Camera Tip: This option is available from many context-sensitive menus when you are The Camera Setup menu lets you customize the using the camera. camera: Managing Memory • Ask for Name — If you set this option to On, you are prompted to enter a name for each While you are taking pictures, the percentage of picture before you save it.

  • Page 98: Digital Rights Management, Installing Items, Understanding Drm Status Icons, Sharing Items

    Digital Rights Management Digital Rights To send the DRM installation to the background, press e. Management Understanding DRM Status When you download multimedia content available Icons online, such as audio, images, or Java applications, these items may be subject to DRM restrictions. Depending on how a given third-party vendor has set DRM, or digital rights management, is a system that rights for an item, the item may include the following...

  • Page 99: Managing Drm Items

    Managing DRM Items You can gift a DRM item to a friend’s handset. Gifting 7 Follow the vendor’s instructions for purchasing an is when you purchase a copy of a DRM item and additional license. send it to someone. If you do not want to gift an item, Tell-A-Friend you can send a message to a friend’s handset that contains the link for purchasing the item.

  • Page 100

    Digital Rights Management • For count-based items, the number of credits Deleting Items (uses) left or an unlimited use notice If you delete a DRM item that you purchased from • The name of the item’s vendor TELUS Mobility from your handset, you will have to purchase it again to download it.

  • Page 101

    Managing DRM Items When ring tones and wallpapers expire, they are automatically removed from their respective lists. For expired items that continue to display in their respective lists, you can either choose to renew the license for the item or else manually delete the item. Note: You cannot delete locked items.

  • Page 102: Media Center, Viewing The Media Center

    Media Center Viewing the Media Center Media Center To access the media center: The media center lets you access pictures and audio recordings. From the main menu, select Media Center. -or- From the camera, press m. Select Media Center. All pictures saved in your handset can be accessed through the media center.

  • Page 103: Forward Locked Items

    Forward Locked Items 4 Select All, Pictures, or Audio. Sorting by Time or Name Tip: You can also press * or # to scroll through You can set the media center to sort items by the these options while viewing the list of items. time the item was created or by the name of the item.

  • Page 104: Pictures

    When you view items in the media center, one of 2 Select Zoom. these icons appears next to each forward locked 3 Select the zoom option you want. item: If the picture does not fit in the display, scroll left and right and up and down to view different parts of the Forward locked.

  • Page 105: Audio Recordings, Renaming Items

    Audio Recordings Setting as Wallpaper To restart the audio recording, scroll right. When you play an audio recording, an animated 1 Scroll to or select the picture you want to set as image appears on the display. wallpaper. 2 Press m. Assigning to Contacts 3 Select Set As Wallpaper.

  • Page 106: Locking Items, Deleting Items, Accessing The Camera

    4 Press O or A under Yes to confirm. Locking Items Deleting All Items When you lock an item in the media center, it cannot be deleted until you unlock it. You can delete all unlocked items currently in view, 1 Access the media center.

  • Page 107

    Managing Memory Managing Memory To view your used memory, free memory, and memory capacity: 1 Access the media center. -or- Scroll to or select any item in the media center. 2 Press m. 3 Select Memory Usage. To free memory, delete items in the media center. Note: Items in the media center are stored in your handset using the same memory space used to store messages, Java applications...

  • Page 108: Using Direct Send, Sending My Info And Contact Information

    Using Direct Send Using Direct Send Starting a Call by Sending Information 1 From the main menu, select My Info. Direct Send lets you exchange My Info and contact 2 Press m. information with other handsets that have this 3 With Direct Send My Info highlighted, press O. capability.

  • Page 109

    Sending My Info and Contact Information 3 Scroll to the Contacts entry or item in the recent Receiving My Info or Contact calls list you want to send. Information 4 When Ready to Send appears on the display, When you receive My Info or contact information from press the PTT button to send the information.

  • Page 110: Ring Tones, Setting Your Handset To Vibrate

    Ring Tones 2 Set this option to On. To set your handset to vibrate instead of making a To set the ring tone your handset makes when you sound for some features but not others: receive phone calls, call alerts, message 1 From the main menu, select Ring Tones.

  • Page 111: Assigning Ring Tones To Contacts, Ring And Vibrate, Viewing Ring Tone Assignments, Managing Memory

    Assigning Ring Tones to Contacts 7 When you are finished, press A under Done. Assigning Ring Tones to Contacts This icon appears on the display. You can set the ring tone your handset makes when Viewing Ring Tone you receive phone calls or call alerts from someone Assignments you have stored in Contacts.

  • Page 112: Deleting Custom Ring Tones

    Ring Tones Note: Ring tones are stored in your handset using the same memory space used to store messages, Java application data, items accessible through the media center, and voice records created when your handset is in a call. Deleting some of these other items frees memory for ring tones.

  • Page 113: Datebook, Viewing Datebook

    Datebook • A reminder — If an event has a start time, you can set Datebook to remind you that the event is going to start. Datebook stores up to 250 events. You can store events over a 13 month period — 12 months after •...

  • Page 114: Creating Events

    Datebook Creating Events 2 Select the event. To change the current view: Every Datebook event must have a subject and be 1 While viewing Datebook, press m. stored to a date. Other information is optional. 2 Select the view you want. You may enter the information in any order by scrolling through the event details.

  • Page 115

    Creating Events 3 If you want to assign a location to the event: Enter the date you want. Select Location. 7 If you want to make the event a recurring event: Enter the location. See “Entering Text” on page 54. Select Repeat.

  • Page 116: Editing Events, Deleting Events

    Datebook Editing Events Assigning More Options To assign more options before storing an event: To change the details of an event: 1 If you have created a reminder for the event and 1 Select the day the event occurs. want to set the ring tone for that reminder: 2 Select the event.

  • Page 117: Receiving Reminders, Making Calls From Datebook And Datebook Reminders

    Receiving Reminders Receiving Reminders For Events with Numbers to Call If you stored a phone number, Private ID, or If you created a reminder for a Datebook event, when Talkgroup number in the Subject or Location field of the reminder time occurs, your handset notifies you a Datebook event, you can call or send a call alert to with text on the display and a reminder tone.

  • Page 118: Customizing Datebook Setup

    Datebook Making Calls from Datebook To make a Private call or Talkgroup call: Press the PTT button. -or- To make a phone call: If you did not include a # before the Talkgroup you 1 Highlight or select the event containing the number want to call: Press m.

  • Page 119

    Customizing Datebook Setup • Reminders — If this option is set to Only When On, your handset to remind you of events only when it is on. If this option is set to Always, your handset powers itself on when you receive reminders.

  • Page 120: Java Applications, Installing Applications, Running Applications, Suspending Applications, Resuming Applications

    Java Applications To run an application that does not have a shortcut on the main menu: Your handset arrives with Java applications 1 From the main menu, select Java Apps. preloaded. These preloaded applications autoinstall 2 Select the application or suite of applications you the first time you open them.

  • Page 121: Ending Applications, Deleting Applications, Managing Memory

    Ending Applications 5 Press O or press A under Yes to confirm. 2 Select the application you want to resume. 6 When your handset has finished deleting the Ending Applications application, press A under Done. To delete all Java applications: To end an application: 1 From the main menu, select Java Apps.

  • Page 122: Shortcuts On The Main Menu, Java Applications And Gps Enabled

    Java Applications Shortcuts on the Main Menu 2 Scroll to view the list of Java applications. Any application that has a shortcut on the main menu When you install an application, you can create a has a checkmark next to it. shortcut to the application on the main menu.

  • Page 123

    Java Applications and GPS Enabled • Restricted — No Java or similar software When a Java application requests access the applications may access the location of your location of your handset, a screen appears informing handset. However, location information may still be you.

  • Page 124

    Java Applications • For this session — If the application requests • Ask — When the application requests access to access to the location of your handset again the location of your handset, you are prompted before you power off your handset, the request to grant or deny permission (see “Granting or is granted without notifying you.

  • Page 125: Gps Enabled, Important: Things To Keep In Mind

    GPS Enabled IMPORTANT: Things to Keep in Mind Your handset’s GPS Enabled feature uses information from Global Positioning System (GPS) If you are using the GPS feature of your handset satellites orbiting the Earth to determine the while driving, please give full attention to driving and approximate geographical location of your handset, to the road.

  • Page 126: Viewing Your Approximate Location

    GPS Enabled Walking or driving very slowly may also The satellites used by the GPS feature of your substantially reduce GPS performance. handset are controlled by the U.S. government and are subject to changes implemented in accordance Even where location information can be with the Department of Defense GPS user policy and calculated in such situations, it may take much the Federal Radionavigation Plan.

  • Page 127: Enhancing Gps Performance

    Enhancing GPS Performance Enhancing GPS Performance To calculate your location again: Press A under Rfrsh. Sometimes the GPS feature of your handset may be It may take your handset several minutes to complete unable to complete a location calculation the process of determining your location. During this successfully.

  • Page 128: Updating Satellite Almanac Data

    GPS Enabled • Hold your handset to enhance reception. Signals • In a car. When using the GPS Enabled feature in a from GPS satellites are transmitted to your GPS car, position your handset so that the GPS antenna antenna, which is in your handset antenna. Hold has good access to GPS signals through the car’s your handset away from your body, giving the windows.

  • Page 129: Setting Privacy Options

    Setting Privacy Options The almanac contains information about the location 3 Select the privacy option you want: of satellites, their operational status, and other • Restricted — No Java or similar software satellite information. Keeping this information applications may view the location of your updated enhances the performance of your GPS handset.

  • Page 130: Using Gps With Map Software

    GPS Enabled 2 Select On or Off. To do this, connect your handset to your laptop (or other device) with a data cable and set your handset 3 Enter the current GPS PIN. to transmit data (see “Getting Started” on page 123). Note: When you receive your handset, your GPS Your handset then provides your approximate PIN is 0000.

  • Page 131

    Using GPS with Map Software Getting Started 3 Insert the data plug into the COM port of your laptop or other device. To connect your handset to your laptop or other Make sure no other application is using the COM port device: selected.

  • Page 132: Voice Records, Creating Voice Records, Playing Voice Records, Labeling Voice Records, Viewing Voice Records

    Voice Records Playing Voice Records 1 From the main menu, select VoiceRecord. A voice record is a recording you make with your 2 Select the voice record you want to play. handset and can play back. You can record notes to yourself when your handset is not in a call or record 3 To stop the voice record while it is playing, press phone calls when your handset is in a call.

  • Page 133: Locking Voice Records, Deleting Voice Records

    Locking Voice Records Locking Voice Records Voice Records Icons One of these icons appears next to each voice When you lock a voice record, it cannot be deleted record: until you unlock it. 1 From the main menu, select VoiceRecord. A voice record made while your handset was not in a call.

  • Page 134

    Voice Records 2 Scroll to any voice record. 3 Press m. 4 Select Delete All. 5 Press O or A under Yes to confirm. Managing Memory To view the amount of memory available for voice records: 1 From the main menu, select VoiceRecord. 2 Press m.

  • Page 135: Memo

    Memo To store the memo number to Contacts: 1 From the main menu, select Memo. Memo lets you store a number, make a call to that 2 Press m. number, and save it to Contacts. 3 Select Store to Cntcs. To create a memo: 4 To store the number as a new entry, select [New Contact].

  • Page 136: Shortcuts, Creating A Shortcut, Using A Shortcut, Editing A Shortcut

    Using a Shortcut Shortcuts If you know the shortcut number: Shortcuts lets you access most menu options by 1 From the idle screen, press m. pressing a number on your keypad or saying the voice name of the shortcut. You create the shortcut 2 On your keypad, press the number assigned to the and then use it to take you to that screen any time.

  • Page 137: Deleting Shortcuts

    Deleting Shortcuts 8 Repeat step 4 through step 7 for all the items you want to move. 9 Press A under Done. To change the name or number assigned to a shortcut: 1 From the main menu, select Shortcuts. 2 Highlight any shortcut. 3 Press A under Edit.

  • Page 138: Customizing Your Handset, Setting The Volume, Setting Your Handset To Vibrate

    Setting Your Handset to Vibrate Customizing Your Handset To set your handset to vibrate instead of making a sound when you receive all phone calls, Private calls, group calls, call alerts, message notifications, and Setting the Volume Datebook reminders, see “Setting Your Handset to Vibrate”...

  • Page 139: Setting The Menu View, Setting The Backlight

    Changing the Look of Your Handset To change the theme of your handset: Including Pictures From the Media Center 1 From the main menu, select Settings > If you have set wallpapers to change automatically, Display/Info > Theme. you can include pictures stored in the media center as images that may appear on the idle screen.

  • Page 140: Airplane Mode—temporarily Turning Off Calls

    Customizing Your Handset Airplane Mode—Temporarily If you do not do any of these things for 10 seconds, the backlight dims. If you do not do any of these Turning Off Calls things for 30 seconds or more, the backlight turns off. When the backlight is off, pressing a key on the Sometimes you may want to have your handset on, keypad turns the backlight on but does not perform...

  • Page 141: Using A Headset, Using Settings

    Using a Headset Using a Headset For phone calls, use the remote PTT button to answer calls, switch between calls, and end calls. If you use a headset or similar device with your Hold the remote PTT button for less than 2 seconds handset, you can set your handset to send incoming to answer calls and switch between calls.

  • Page 142

    Customizing Your Handset • Clock — controls whether the time and date • Auto Ans — sets your handset to automatically appear on the idle screen; sets time and date answer an incoming call after a specified number format; sets year. of rings.

  • Page 143

    Using Settings • One Touch PTT — control the action of the PTT • Left Sftkey — sets the main menu item you button from the idle screen. See “Setting One access when you press the left option key from the Touch PTT”...

  • Page 144: Advanced Features

    Customizing Your Handset • Java Speaker —sets the volume of sound • Change Passwords — changes your handset associated with Java applications coming out of unlock code, security code, SIM PIN, and GPS the speakers. PIN. • Data — sets the volume of sounds that notify you Advanced Features that you are receiving a circuit data call.

  • Page 145

    Using Settings • Return to Home — After Handset controls how long the recent calls list displays after handset calls; After Prvt controls how long the recent calls list displays after Private calls. • Airplane Mode — prevents your handset from making or receiving phone calls, Private calls, or group calls, or transferring data.

  • Page 146: Profiles, Viewing Profiles, Switching Profiles, How Changing Settings Affects Profiles

    Viewing Profiles Profiles To view the profiles stored in your handset: A profile is a group of settings saved together so that you can apply them to your handset easily. 1 From the main menu, select Profiles. 2 Select the profile you want to view. A profile contains these settings: Tip: The profile that is currently in effect on your •...

  • Page 147: Temporary Profiles

    Temporary Profiles When you do this, your handset either: A temporary profile stays in effect until you switch profiles, power off your handset, or delete it (or the • Updates the profile in effect to reflect these profile it is based on) from the list of profiles. changes, without notifying you -or- If you do not store a temporary profile, it is deleted Creates a temporary profile that contains these...

  • Page 148: Creating Profiles, Editing Profiles, Deleting Profiles

    Profiles Editing Profiles To overwrite the profile that temporary profile is based on: 1 From the main menu, select Profiles. 1 From the main menu, select Profiles. 2 Scroll to the profile you want to edit. 2 Scroll to the temporary profile. 3 Press m.

  • Page 149: Setting Call Filtering

    Setting Call Filtering Setting Call Filtering • Off sets your handset to notify you of all Private calls and group calls. The call filtering setting in each profile lets you control • On sets your handset to ignore all Private calls which calls, call alerts, and message notifications and group calls.

  • Page 150: Understanding Status Messages

    Understanding Status Status Message Description Messages Messages You are either out of coverage or Service Not having problems with provisioning. You may receive status messages under certain Available conditions. Before contacting TELUS Mobility Client The system is experiencing heavy System Busy Care, note the message, numeric code, and the traffic.

  • Page 151

    Status Message Description Status Message Description Messages Messages The incorrect PIN was entered 3 Searching for GPS satellites. PIN Blocked Scanning for consecutive times. You will be unable Call Your Satellites to place or receive calls on your Provider handset. Contact TELUS Mobility Could not find GPS satellites.

  • Page 152: Safety And General Information, Rf Operational Characteristics, Portable Radio Product Operation And Eme Exposure

    Operation and EME Exposure exposure to electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields in the radio frequency range Your Motorola radio product is designed to comply between 9 kHz and 300 GHz.” "Attachment to with the following national and international Resolution 303 from July 2, 2002.

  • Page 153: Phone Operation, Antenna Care

    To maintain compliance with FCC RF exposure Approved Accessories guidelines, if you wear a radio product on your body For a list of approved Motorola accessories call when transmitting, always place the radio product in 1-800-453-0920, or visit our website at a Motorola approved clip, holder, holster, case or

  • Page 154

    The SAR information reported to the FCC includes the must be tested and certified to the FCC that is does not FCC-accepted Motorola testing protocol, assessment exceed the limit established by the government-adopted procedure, and measurement uncertainty range for this requirement for safe exposure.

  • Page 155: Electro Magnetic Interference Compatibility, Medical Devices

    Electro Magnetic Interference/Compatibility Electro Magnetic Medical Devices Interference/Compatibility Pacemakers Note: Nearly every electronic device is The Advanced Medical Technology Association susceptible to electromagnetic (AdvaMed) recommends that a minimum separation interference (EMI) if inadequately of 6 inches (15 cm) be maintained between a shielded, designed or otherwise handheld wireless radio product and a pacemaker.

  • Page 156: Operational Warnings

    Safety and General Information Operational Warnings Other Medical Devices If you use any other personal medical device, consult For Vehicles with an Air Bag the manufacturer of your device to determine if it is adequately shielded from RF energy. Your physician Do not place a portable radio product in the area over may be able to assist you in obtaining this the air bag or in the air bag deployment area.

  • Page 157: Operational Cautions

    Operational Cautions other area where you would normally be Cleaning and Drying Considerations advised to turn off your vehicle engine. Using a leather carry case may help protect the Areas with potentially explosive surfaces and help prevent liquids (e.g., rain) from atmospheres are often but not always entering into the interior of the radio product.

  • Page 158: Accessory Safety Information

    Safety and General Information Clean the external surfaces of the radio product with • To reduce the risk of damage to the cord or plug, a damp cloth, using a mild solution of dishwashing pull by the plug rather than the cord when you detergent and water.

  • Page 159

    Accessory Safety Information • The cord size is 18AWG for lengths up to 100 feet and 16AWG for lengths up to 150 feet. • Do not operate any battery charger if it has received a sharp blow, has been dropped, or has been damaged in any way;...

  • Page 160: Motorola Limited Warranty

    What Does this Warranty Cover? Subject to the exclusions contained below, Motorola, Accessories as defined One (1) year from the Inc. warrants its Motorola iDEN Digital Mobile and above. date of purchase by the Portable Handsets ("Products"), Motorola-branded or first consumer purchaser certified accessories sold for use with these Products of the product.

  • Page 161

    Motorola, or its Batteries. Only batteries whose fully charged authorized service centers, are excluded from capacity falls below 80% of their rated capacity and coverage.

  • Page 162

    (d) the name and What will Motorola Do? Motorola, at its option, will location of the installation facility (if applicable) and, at no charge repair, replace or refund the purchase most importantly;...

  • Page 163: Patent And Trademark Information

    TO USE THE PRODUCTS, ACCESSORIES OR trademarks indicated as such herein are trademarks SOFTWARE TO THE FULL EXTENT THESE of Motorola, Inc. ® Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off. © 2005 DAMAGES MAY BE DISCLAIMED BY LAW. Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved.

  • Page 164

    Furthermore, the purchase of the Motorola products shall not be deemed to grant either directly or by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license under the copyrights, patents,...

  • Page 165: Index

    Index Battery Calls care 5 3-way 51 Numerics charging 4, 5 answering automatically 134 door 3 answering with any key 134 2-way radio 134 inserting 3 emergency 34 see also Private calls, group calls, and call alerts safety 149 entering number 31 3-way calling 51 Baud rate 137 from Contacts 19, 32...

  • Page 166

    Index Camera 86 searching 45 screen 7 see also pictures showing all entries 46 Drafts 59, 68 accessing 86 showing only Private IDs 46 see also MMS messages, drafts creating MMS messages 64 SIM card 40 icons 68 picture options 86 storing from idle screen 43 setting up 89 storing from Memo 43, 127...

  • Page 167

    Flip action 30, 52 DRM 90 Lists, see menus Inbox 71 sent items 69 GPS Enabled 117 Media center 94 status 10 almanac data 120 audio recordings 97 voice records 125 best results 119 creating MMS messages 64 Idle screen 7 map software 122 deleting 98 creating MMS messages 64...

  • Page 168

    Index Menu key 2, 8 creating 59 viewing 81 Menus 8 deleting 69, 72, 76, 78 context-sensitive 2, 8 drafts 68 Navigation key 2 main menu 8 embedded objects 70 Net alerts 58 Message center forwarding 68, 72 MMS messages 71 going to website 73 One-to-one calls 18 Message notifications 57, 83...

  • Page 169

    Pictures 96 accessing the camera 86 Radio frequency 144 Safety 144 Contacts 40, 41, 42, 45, 88, Recent calls 19, 31, 35, 38 accessory 150 addressing MMS messages battery 149 deleting from messages 74 electromagnetic interference inserting in messages 66 call alerts 35 recent calls 37 contact information 36...

  • Page 170

    Index SIM PIN 11, 136 Word mode 54 storing 46 changing 12 Themes 130 Wallpaper 88, 97, 131 default 11 Trademark information 155 Wireless Web 83 entering 11 Turbo Dial 33 Word mode 54 requirement 12 unblocking 12, 13 Voice mail 57 Slide shows receiving 57 see MMS messages, slide...

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