Haier DTA-1486 Owner's Manual
Haier DTA-1486 Owner's Manual

Haier DTA-1486 Owner's Manual

Combined 14" tv and dvd player
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Please read this manual carefully
before using this TV set and keep it
for future reference.


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Summary of Contents for Haier DTA-1486

  • Page 1 COMBINED 14" TV AND DVD PLAYER OWNER'S MANUAL Please read this manual carefully before using this TV set and keep it for future reference. DTA-1486...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS Before Operation Warning and cautions...2 Installation...3 Aerial connection...3 Preparation of the remote control unit...3 Function buttons and external sockets...4 Front panel of the TV set...4 Rear panel of the TV set...4 Buttons on the remote control...5 Basic operation Switching on/off the TV set...6 Watching TV program...7 Watching TV program...7 Program swap and auto scan functions...8...
  • Page 3: Warning And Cautions

    Warning and cautions 1. When you clean the TV set, please pull out the power plug from AC outlet. Don't clean the cabinet and the screen with benzene, petrol and other chemicals. 2. In order to prolong the using life of the TV set, please place it in a well ventilated location.
  • Page 4: Installation

    Installation Aerial connection For an optimum high quality picture, it is strongly advised that the TV set connect to an external aerial(s) using high quality coax cable. When connecting to HiFi VCRs, satellite (or cable) set top boxes, that the AV terminals are used to allow the stereo sound to be transferred.
  • Page 5: Function Buttons And External Sockets

    Front panel the TV set Video TV/DVD Audio Switching Rear panel of the TV set TV SCART Terminal Power Indicator Signal Receiver The DVD Player Menu Channel Position up/down Open/close Volume up/ down the DVD TV EXT TV EXT Power Switch...
  • Page 6: Buttons On The Remote Control

  • Page 7: Switching On/Off The Tv Set

    Switching on/ off the TV set In the following, the methods of using power switch and remote controller to switch on/off power supply for the TV set will be explained. Switching on/ off the TV set POWER Switching on/ off the TV set 1 Please press the power switch to switch on AC power supply and the power indicator will light.
  • Page 8: Watching Tv Program

    Watching TV You can watch TV program in a preset channel. Watching TV program MENU MENU How to select TV program Select the desired program 1 Using "Program number" buttons Directly enter the channel number with the numeric keypad on the remote control. To select channel numbers from 10 ~ 99 press [-/--] button and enter the two digit channel number To select channel numbers from 100 ~ 218 press [-/--] button...
  • Page 9: Program Swap And Auto Scan Functions

    Watching TV continued Swap function enables quick swap to the last watched program. Auto scan function enables automatic successive scanning of all the programs in memory with "OFF" skip status Program swap and auto scan functions SWAP SCAN (each channel will last about 2 seconds). Program swap Suppose the channel number you used just now is 8 and the...
  • Page 10: Searching Channel

    Searching channel This TV set has three methods to set the channels, which are respectively full automatic, semi automatic and manual fine tune. In this section, how to use the remote control to set the channel is explained. You can also use the buttons on the TV set to set channel. Full automatic mode MENU MENU...
  • Page 11: Semi-Automatic Search

    Searching channel Continued Semi-automatic search MENU MENU EXIT Semi-automatic search 1 Press the P+/- buttons or PROGRAM NUMBER 0-9 buttons to choose desired channels I.E. channel 1 2 Press the TUNE menu button , till the TUNE menu shown on the right display on the screen.
  • Page 12: Manual Fine Tune

    Searching channel Continued Manual fine tune 1 Press the P+/- buttons or PROGRAM NUMBER 0-9 button to choose desired channels I.E. channel 1 MENU MENU Manual fine tune If the picture and/or sound are poor, try using the FINE Do not use this feature unless TUNE feature.
  • Page 13: Program Skip

    Searching channel Continued Program skip MENU MENU MENU Program skip The Program skip feature enables you to skip/hide programs that you do not wish to be displayed when using the P+/- buttons. These channels will still be displayed by directly using the channel number buttons on the remote control.
  • Page 14: Convenient Picture And Sound Control Functions

    Convenient picture and sound control functions Multiple picture modes How to select picture modes four preset modes and one customized mode. P.STD Press the P.STD button to select the desired picture quality. Five kinds of picture modes (i.e., "RICH", "USER","LISTEN", "SOFT"...
  • Page 15: Black Stretch And Noise Reduce

    Convenient picture and sound control functions Continued Black Stretch-(Automatically Increases the Contrast Rage) Noise Reduce - (Picture Noise & Grain Reduction Circuit. Only use on poor reception.) Black stretch and noise reduce MENU MENU How to select BLACK STRETCH 1 Press the MENU menu button , till the PICTURE menu shown on...
  • Page 16: Mute Function

    Convenient picture and sound control functions Continued Mute function Sound mute 1 Press the MUTE button on the MUTE remote control and "MUTE" type face will display on the lower part MUTE of the screen. At this time, the sound of the TV set is turned off. 2 If you want to recover the sound, press the MUTE button again or directly press the V-/+ buttons.
  • Page 17: Time Functions

    Time functions Clock setting and timer on/off functions TIME MENU TIME MENU Clock setting The clock will only work if the TV set if left turned on or in standby. When the set is disconnect from the power supply or is turned off by the main power on the front panel, the clock loses power and will need to be reset when the power is reconnected.
  • Page 18: Sleep Timer And Program Preset

    Time functions Continued Sleep timer and program preset TIME MENU TIME MENU NOTE: For operate turned off. Sleep timer The TV set have 18 sections option for sleep timer function (each section has a time interval of 10 minutes) (See right chart): 1 Press the TIME menu...
  • Page 19: Setup Function

    Set up function Screen saver and childlock functions MENU MENU How to start screen saver function When the BACKGROUD function is ON, the screen will turn automatically as shown "NO SIGNAL" of moving ( black background). 1 Press the MENU menu button , till the FUNCTION menu shown...
  • Page 20: Avl And Calendar Functions

    Set up function Continued AVL and calendar functions Automatic Volume Limit control reduces effect of large volume changes such as when the ads come on. MENU "AVL" AVL function "ON" or "OFF" 1 Press the MENU menu button till the shown on the right display on the screen.
  • Page 21: Fade

    Set up function Continued Fade MENU 2 Press the P+/- buttons to select "FADE . Fade The FADE control allows time for the picture tube to warm up and gently turned on, which can help prolong the life of the picture tube. 1 Press the MENU menu button , till the FUNCTION...
  • Page 22: Position Exchange Function

    Position exchange functions Exchange MENU MENU MENU Exchange This feature enables TV programs that may be on a wrong TV channel number to be swapped/exchanged. This feature is very useful when Automatic Search Tuning has been used, to reallocate the found programs to the correct channel numbers. 1 Press the MENU button again (6 times) till the EXCHANGE menu display on the screen.
  • Page 23: Basic Playback

    If the disc is out of the guide, it may damage the disc and cause the DVD player to malfunction. Do not place a disc which is unplayable in this DVD player ( see "Playable discs").
  • Page 24: Advanced Playback

    Advanced Playback Advanced Playback IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL DESCRIBED FUNCTIONS ARE FOR DVD DISCS. There will be some differences for other kinds of disc. SUBTITLE Press " SUBTITLE ", the screen will display "SUBTI- TLE 01/XX XXXXX", "01" indicates the ordinal number of this language;...
  • Page 25: Special Function Playback

    Special Function Playback JPEG DISC PLAYBACK When a disc containing standard JPEG picture files is inserted into the player, a navigation menu will be displayed automatically. Use the UP and DOWN cursor buttons to select a file then press PLAY/ENTER. The slide show will commence. Press PREVIOUS or NEXT to move between pictures.
  • Page 26: Dvd System Setup

    DVD System Setup DVD System Setup General Setup Process 1.Press the SETUP button, the SETUP General Setup Page,Preference Page will be displayed in turn. 2.Press CH+/- b item,then press submenu. 3.Press CH+/- bu to setup,then press PLAY/ENTER to confirm. PLAY/ENTER 4.Press SETUP button to exit the menu.
  • Page 27: General Setup Page

    CAPTIONS: This functionallows you to display or hide the caption. SCREEN SAVER: If the screen saver is on,then there will be an animated picture of DVD on the screen whenever the DVD player is idle for more than 3 minutes . ..General Setup Page..
  • Page 28: Preference Page

    DVD System Setup(Continued) DVD System Setup SETUP PLAY/ENTER Preference Page The Preference Page is only available when there is no disc in the player. These settings are applied consistently to all discs which are inserted and played. TV TYPE: This player supports different TV output, including MULTI(Auto), NTSC, and PAL systems.
  • Page 29 DVD System Setup(Continued) DVD System Setup DEFAULT: SETUP (except password and parental lock status) for this DVD player back to the manufacturers original settings. Press ENTER to perform the reset. PLAY/ENTER Resets all settings Note: Some functions may not be available depending on the type of disc.
  • Page 30: Playable Discs

    Playable Discs The following discs can be played: You cannot play discs other than those listed above. You cannot play discs of non-standardized discs, even if they may be labelled as above. The performance of CD-R or CD-RW disc is depend on the way of disc-burning. In a few cases, their performance may be not very well or even no performance.
  • Page 31: Disc Protection And Dvd Characteristics

    Disc Protection and DVD Characteristics Compare DVD disc with other discs: Encode Digital/MPEG method Single- Double side -side Capacity single- single layer -layer 4.7G 8.5G Playing Time minutes minutes Disc diameter Horizontal More than 500 line resolution Picture proportion Subtitle Language 48KHz, 96KHz/ Sound quality...
  • Page 32: Connection To The External Audio And Video Equipment

    Connecting the TV set to the other video and audio equipment Connecting to the other video and audio equipment You can connect a stereo to the AUDIO output terminals on the TV set to enjoy sounds of higher quality. VIDEO and AUDIO output terminals output the video and audio signals being monitored by the TV set.
  • Page 33: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting guide To assist in location possible faults use help guide below BREAKDOWN PHENOMENON PICTURE SOUND Picture with snow Noise Double or Triple Image Normal Noise Disturb No sound or 1 Normal speaker no sound No sound No Picture Normal volume No colour Scramble Normal or Weak Volume...
  • Page 34: Specifications

    Specifications The specifications offered you here are only for reference and, with the improvement of the products ,there may be some different between the description and the practicality. Specifications Colour system PAL,SECAM, Sound system BG,DK Picture tube 14"colour picture tube (33.5cm viewable) Sound output power 2X2W 10% THD Power requirements...
  • Page 36 90504962...

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