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Haier WQP4-1A Owner's Manual

Haier domestic dishwasher owner manual
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  • Page 1 DOMESTIC DISHWASHER WQP4-1A Code:012050...
  • Page 2 FEATURES Flash wash The duration of standard wash program is shorter than 30 minutes. Intelligently programmed with 6 washing programs available for selection, which are rinse, standard wash, intense wash, rinse with drying, standard wash with drying and intense wash with dring. Heated wash The standard water temperature is about 65 C~75 C.
  • Page 3: Parts And Functions

    PARTS AND FUNCTIONS Dishwasher This unit is a tableware-cleaning dishwasher. It sprays hot water with detergent on the tableware, then flushes with clean water. Used when opening or closing the door. Be careful not let the door open accidentally. Handle Switch First push, on;...
  • Page 4: Control Panel

    PARTS AND FUNCTIONS Control panel On/Off switch Powered on when pressed down, powered off when released. Drying indicator The lamp twinkles to indicate the ap- pliance is under the drying process. The lamp lights when the drying pro- cess is coming on. The lamp is off when the drying process is not selected.
  • Page 5 After instal- lation and test run, if there is no fault, tell the customer how to use the dishwasher. Use the special power socket If the power cable connected at the middle way, or a prolonged cable or a socket with several spigots is used, the cable may turn hot or catch fire.
  • Page 6 If the supply cord is damaged,it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. The dishwasher shall be set evenly. The largest permitted slope shall not more than 2 .
  • Page 7 When abnormal phenomenon appears, turn the power switch to"off", take off the power plug, or cut off the main power supply and get in touch with haier After-sales Service Center at once. Continually operation at abnormal state may cause electric shock or fire.
  • Page 8: Before Operation

    BEFORE OPERATION Warning Intallation should be done by experts. If the customer installs it improperly, it may cause water leakage, electric leakage or fire. When connecting it to a lateral type valve Tightly screw the tighting nut on the inlet pipe into the water valve. Environment temperature The envionment temperature for operation is 5-40 C.
  • Page 9: Program Selection

    OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS Program selection 1. There are six types of washing program available for selection, which are normal wash, intense wash, prewash, normal wash with drying, intense wash with drying and prewash with drying. 2. Press the On/Off switch and then indicators for drying and standard wash illuminate. 3.Check the conditions of the dishes and make sure whether a drying process is necessary or not before selecting the washing program.Press the select button and a beep can be heard, indicating a program with drying process is selected.
  • Page 10 1.Open the door and put the shelf in 1) Set the lock on"open"position, draw the handle forward to open the door. Move the lock gently 2)Draw the shelf out of the dishwasher shelf 2.Dish treatment before washing 1)Wash off residues, such as fish bone, vegetables,chopsticks, toothpicks,straws, fat,resin,etc.
  • Page 11 OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS C.Dish washing 1.Switch on the appliance. Press the On/Off switch and the indicators for drying and stan- dard wash illuminate. 2.Program selection Select proper program . The program indicator lights in 5 sec- onds and the wash process starts. 3.End of wash.
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    2. Remove residues on the filter. Then, wash and clean it. 3.Mount the filter back after the water on it is dried. Weekly Maintenance Warning Do not flush the dishwasher directly with water. Otherwise, it will cause shot circuit, Forbidden electric shock, rust and faults.
  • Page 13 MAINTENANCE 2.Cleaning the door and washing box. 1) Clean them with a piece of wet cloth. Often wash them with special detergent without dishes inside the unit to keep clean. 2) Check the door seal strip for damage. Damaged or cracked seal may lead to water leakage.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting And Maintenance Service

    In case the feed valve is not closed in time, the water may get dirty when it is fed into the No disassembly dishwasher next time. Possible causes No water supply * The tap is turned off.
  • Page 15 * The power switch is at "off" position. * The lock is at "open" position. * Program selecting button are not pressed. Abnormal * The dishwasher is tilted. sounds * Chopsticks might block the sprayer. * The sound of spraying water striking the washing box is not abnormal.
  • Page 16 Chief parts (motor, computer cards, heater, and pump) are warranted for three years free of charge. When you found any faults on the dishwasher and checked according to the above items, if the fault still can not be eliminated, repair it at maintenance department given in the warranty or contact our after-sales service center directly.
  • Page 17 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS AND PACKING LIST Technical specifications Power supply Wash pump Power Heater consumption Max. Power consumption 50Hz 1250W Water < 16L consumption 440X515X540mm Dimensions Weight About 19kg Packing List Name Filter Dishrack Chopsticks holder User's Manual Certificate of quality Feed water connector Diagram A.PCB B.Power plug C.Power switch D.Water level...
  • Page 18 ILLUSTRATION OF DISHES ARRANGEMENT Please arrange the dishes as illustrsted. The above only a referrence. The user can place dishes according to the real specs. Quantity of dishes Bowl-------------4pcs Small dish------4pcs Soup bowl-------4pcs Glass------------4pcs Big dish----------4pcs Cup------------4pcsc Medium dish----4pcs Spoon-----------4pcs Knife Fork...

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