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Haier AD422BMBAA Installation And Operation Manual

Network air conditioner


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Two by One Room Air Conditioner
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N o :
Please read this manual carefully before using
Please keep this manual for future use
Before Use
************ 1
Fan Operation
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Installation Instruction


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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    Two by One Room Air Conditioner AD422BMBAA 0 0 1 0 5 7 1 8 1 2 N o : Please read this manual carefully before using Please keep this manual for future use CONTENTS Before Use Operation Points ************ 1...
  • Page 2 There is a pre-set far distance control communication interface on the control panel of indoor unit. After installing the peripheral equipment according to the manual attached with the Haier made far distance control detector, the computer management or other place monitoring can be achieved to the air...
  • Page 3: Operation Points

    ON/OFF button to turn off the unit after power failure resumes.
  • Page 4: Name Of Parts *************2-3

    Name of Parts * Air outlet * Air inlet * Ventilation hole...
  • Page 5 Name of Parts AUTO 1.ON/OFF button Used to turn on/off unit 2.Temperature display 3.Clock display 4.Timer ON/OFF display 5.Humidity display 6.Air filter cleaning display When there is too much dust collected on the air inlet, the wire controller will show this display to remind the user to clean the air inlet.
  • Page 6: Safety Precautions **********4-5

    Do not do like this Do follow the instruction After carefully reading this manual, please keep in hand for reference. If the air conditioner is given to a new user, this manual should be attached with unit to the new user. Installation Safety Precautions...
  • Page 7 Creepage or short-circuit. Safety precautions when moving, reinstalling and repairing the air conditioner Do not refit the air conditioner. When repair is needed, please contact your dealer.
  • Page 8 RESET ON/OFF About FAN operation: FAN operation refers the air conditioner does not perform COOLING and HEATING operation, but FAN operation. In this mode, the air conditioner cannot perform AUOT FAN operation, and does show the temperature value on the wire controller.
  • Page 9: Operation Instruction

    About AUTO operation: In AUTO operation, the air conditioner will operate and automatically choose COOLING, HEATING or FAN operation according to room temperature. Hints: The wire controller can memorize the working condition of each time. When start the unit for the second time, just need to press ON/OFF button, the air conditioner will work according to the previous working mode.
  • Page 10: Timer On/Off Function *********8

    (referring to page 3). When you wake up in the morning, before going back to home after work or after going to bed, you can let your air conditioner automatically turn on or turn off. 1.Turn on the unit After turning on the unit, set the desired working mode.
  • Page 11: Timer On-Off Function ********9

    Operation instruction MODE SWING TEMP CLOCK SLEEP TIMER FILTER RESET RESET ON/OFF 3.Set time Press the time adjusting button * Each press, the set time increases 10 minutes. If depress the button, the time will increase rapidly. *Each press, the set time decreases 10 minutes. If depress the button, the time will decrease rapidly.
  • Page 12: Sleep Function *************10

    Operation instruction Before going to bed, you can press the SLEEP button, the air conditioner will operate in comfort sleep mode to make you have a sound sleep. Before using this function, you should calibrate the clock first, otherwise, the...
  • Page 13: Usersí Attention ************11

    The heat may cause the deformation of indoor unit. If do not use the air conditioner for a long time, it is necessary to cut off power. If do not cut off power, the unit may consume...
  • Page 14: Maintenance

    Maintenance The repair can only be performed by the professional workers. Only after turning off the unit and cutting off the power can the cleaning of the unit be performed. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock or injury. Clean the air filter Clean Do not use the hot water over 50* to clean to avoid discoloration or deformation.
  • Page 15 Maintenance Maintenance before and after the using season. Check the following items: If the air inlet and outlet of indoor and outdoor unit are blocked. If the earth wire is proper. If the wire connection is proper. If there is abnormal phenomenon, please ask the after-sale service staffs for help.
  • Page 16: Troubleshooting

    Auto. Cause When the air conditioner is started; during operation the compressor starts or stops; or when the unit is stopped; sometimes it gives the sound of ìHua, Huaî or ìGudu, Guduî. This is the sound of the refrigerant circulation, not trouble.
  • Page 17: When Troubles Occur

    When Troubles Occur Before asking the commissioned repair center for help, please check the air conditioner according to the following items. The air conditioner can not start Is the power If the city electric switch power supply is connected? normal?
  • Page 18 If finding any abnormal phenomena (such as adust smell), cut off power first, then ask the after-sales service workers for help. If still using the air conditioner in this condition, the air conditioner may be damaged and causes electric shock or fire accident.
  • Page 19 Install the air conditioner to a place where can definitely stand its weight. The air conditioner can not be installed on a nonmetal bracket (such as theft guard net). Places not firm enough will cause drop down of unit resulting in body hurt.
  • Page 20 Installation instruction This manual can not include all kinds of conditions, if you have new requirements and questions, please contact with local Haier Sales Center. Before installing the unit, please read this manual carefully. Improper installation may cause accidents and make unit damage or death.
  • Page 21 Installation procedure 1. Before installation [Before finishing installation, do not throw the attached parts installation needs] Confirm the way to move the unit to the installation place. Before moving the unit to the installation place, do not remove their packages. When have to remove the package, use a soft material or protection board with rope to lift the unit assembly to avoid unit damage or bumping a scrape.
  • Page 22: Install Indoor Unit

    Installation procedure 3. Preparation before installation (1) The position relation among ceiling opening and hoisting screws (unit: mm) 1406 *The position to hang the screw* *Dimension of ceiling opening* (2) If necessary, cut a opening on the ceiling for installation and checking. (in original ceiling circumstance) For the dimension of the ceiling opening, please refer to the above Figure.
  • Page 23: Installation Of Indoor Unit

    When using the high performance air filter, etc. optional parts leading to the static pressure rise, please according to the following figure shown to change the connection of the connector installed on the side of control box. Standard air sending (when deliver the air conditioner) White Blue Yellow...
  • Page 24 Installation procedure Drain hose The drain hose should always have a slant degree (1/50~1/100) to avoid the protruding part or causing water flow bend. Good pipe system Suspending screw bolt 1.5m*2m Insulation 1/100 or more slant degree (b) When connecting the drain hose with equipment, be sure not to use too much force to the pipe on one side of the equipment.At the same time, the fixation of pipe should be close to equipment as possible as it can.
  • Page 25 (c) In a new house, perform test before installing the ceiling. (d) Even if installing the air conditioner in a heating operation needed season, the test also must be performed. Procedure (a) Dismantle the side panel, slowly charge 1000cc water into the drain pan to confirm the smooth drainage and without water leakage.
  • Page 26 6. Installation of air suction and discharging duct Please consult the after-sales service worker of Haier Air Conditioner for the choosing and installation of suction inlet, suction duct, di- scharging outlet and discharging duct.
  • Page 27 Installation procedure 8.The attentive matters in installation of air suction and discharging duct Recommend to use anti-frost and sound-absorbing duct. (locally bought) The duct installation work should be finished before the fitment of ceiling. The duct must be heat insulated. The specific air-discharging outlet should be installed at the place where the airflow can be reasonably distributed.
  • Page 28 Installation procedure 1.Remove the upper cover of wire controller The PC board is installed on the back cover of wire controller. When remove the upper cover, pay attention not to damage PC board. 2.Install wire controller Drill 2 wall holes according to the position of the 2 screw holes on the back cover of wire controller, then hit wood in the wall holes.
  • Page 29 Installation procedure 1. Connection of pipe Connection method For the specific max length and the max fall of connection pipe, please refer to the manual of outdoor unit. In order to guarantee the efficiency, the pipe should be as short as possible. Daub the refrigerant oil on the joint and the flared nut.
  • Page 30: Electric Wiring

    & outdoor terminals, the terminals with the same number con- nected together with one wire. Incorrect wiring will damage the controller of the air conditioner or make the unit work abnormally. The connection type of power cord is Y connection. If the soft power cord is damaged, to avoid risk, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or theirspecific repair department or similar professional worker.

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