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Defining home & work
As you use Google Now, you may be asked to confirm your home
or work address to get commute traffic information, travel help,
and more. You can change these addresses in several other ways:
When a Traffic card appears for home or work, touch
Open the Maps app, find your own location, touch your image
on the map, and then Location history > Change home location
/ Change work location.
from a browser, click Change next to Time at Work or Time at
Home, edit the address, and click Save.
You can turn off and delete your location history and still use
Google Now, but certain kinds of information, such as commute
traffic, may be limited or won't show up at all.
About Web History & other data
Google Now uses data from multiple sources to help predict what
you need. For example, if you have a synced calendar entry for a
dentist appointment, Google Now can check traffic and suggest
when to leave. And if you have relevant searches saved in your
Web History, such as for your favorite sports team or for upcom-
ing flights, Google Now can also show cards for sports scores,
flight status, and more.
To manage your Web History, visit You can
Nexus 7 Guidebook
from a browser and open My Places.


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