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Basic Manual


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  • Page 1 AST21 Basic Manual...
  • Page 2: Preface

    Preface Thank you for buying the ASUS MeMO Pad™ 8 AST21 (simply called the "AST21" or the "product" from here on). Before using the product, be sure to read the "Setting Guide" and "Basic Manual" (this manual) to ensure correct use. After you have finished reading this PDF and the printed manuals ("取扱説明書"...
  • Page 3: Safety Precautions

    ■ "Basic Manual application" You can use "Basic Manual application" on this product to check the detailed operation of the product. On the home screen, [ ] → [Basic Manual] • When using the application for the first time, you need to download and install the latest version by following on-screen instruction.
  • Page 4 sometimes not possible in poor reception areas. Communication is sometimes interrupted if you move into a poor reception area during communications. • Since this product uses radio waves, the possibility of communication intercepts by third parties cannot be eliminated. (Though LTE/CDMA/GSM/UMTS system has highly secure confidential communication features.) •...
  • Page 5: Etiquette

    and "Basic Manual" (this manual) and teach the child how to use it. • As with PCs, some apps you install may disrupt the stability of the product's performance, or unexpectedly transmit information via the Internet causing improper use of your location information as well as personal information saved on the product.
  • Page 6 ■ Be careful where you use the product! • To prevent notification sounds, etc. from bothering other people, power off or use Silent mode at movie theaters, theaters, museums, libraries and other similar places. • Do not use this product on a street where you might interrupt the flow of pedestrians.
  • Page 7: List Of Packaged Items

    List of packaged items Before you start using the product, make sure that you have all the following packaged with the product. ■ Main unit • AST21...
  • Page 8 ■ Accessories • USB AC adapter set • SIM eject pin (sample) • 取扱説明書 (Basic Manual) (Japanese) • 設定ガイド (Setting Guide) (Japanese) • 保証書 (Warranty card) (Tablet main unit/USB AC adapter set) (Japanese) The following items are not included in the package: •...
  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Contents Preface..................... ii Operating instructions ............... ii Safety precautions................1 When using the product ..............1 Etiquette....................3 List of packaged items ..............5 Contents ................7 Safety precautions ............9 Regarding notations used in this document ........9 Exemptions ....................11 Safety precautions (observe strictly)........... 12 Handling precautions ................
  • Page 10 Using the home screen ...............68 Monitoring the product's status ............71 Using the All apps screen ..............75 Displaying menus...................75 Turning off communication functions (Airplane mode) ...76 Setting Silent mode ................77 Character input ............78 Switching the input method of keyboard........78 Inputting characters................79 au災害対策...
  • Page 11: Safety Precautions

    Safety precautions Regarding notations used in this document ■ Note on key illustrations In this manual, keys are represented by simplified illustrations as shown below. Safety precautions...
  • Page 12 ■ Description of operations for selecting item/icon/key etc The notations used for operation procedures in this manual are as follows. Tapping is to select a button or icon displayed on the screen by lightly tapping it with your finger (P.66). Description Explanation On the home screen,...
  • Page 13: Exemptions

    Exemptions ◎ The Company is not liable for any damages arising from earthquakes, lightning, storms, floods or other natural disasters, as well as fires, actions by third parties, other accidents, intentional or mistaken misoperation by the customer, or use under other unusual conditions outside the responsibility of the Company.
  • Page 14: Safety Precautions (observe Strictly)

    ※"The Company" as appears in this manual refers to the following companies: Sold by: KDDI CORPORATION, OKINAWA CELLULAR TELEPHONE COMPANY Imported by: ASUS JAPAN Inc. Manufactured by: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. memo ◎ Reproduction of the content of this manual in part or in whole is prohibited.
  • Page 15 • These instructions are divided into the following categories. ■ Explanation of indications used in this manual This symbol indicates the potential and DANGER (※1) imminent danger of death or serious injury to a person. This symbol indicates the possibility of death WARNING (※1) or serious injury...
  • Page 16 ■ Explanation of graphic symbols used in this manual Indicates an action Indicates that use in a that is not allowed. place where the product Prohibited Wetting with is likely to get wet or water prohibited allowing the product to get wet is not allowed.
  • Page 17 Before entering an area where flammable gas is generated such as a gas station, be sure to turn off the Instruction product and stop charging the battery. Failure to do so might cause the gas to catch fire. Do not put the product in a cooking apparatus such as microwave oven or a pressure vessel.
  • Page 18 Be sure to read the following WARNING warnings before use. Do not drop or subject to strong impact, such as throwing. Doing so might cause a rupture, overheating, Prohibited fire, or a fault. Do not use outside when you can hear thunder. Doing so might risk lightning strikes and electric shock.
  • Page 19 Do not operate the product while driving an automobile or motorized bicycle, riding a bicycle or walking. Doing so Prohibited may compromise traffic safety and cause an accident. If charging is not completed after the specified charging time, stop charging. Failure to do so might cause Prohibited leakage of liquid, overheating, rupture or fire.
  • Page 20 The product may become hot by prolonged use especially in high-temperature environment. Be careful Prohibited when using the product touching your skin for a long time, as it might cause low-temperature burns. Do not use power outlets or wiring apparatus beyond its rating.
  • Page 21 When adjusting the volume with an earphone, etc. inserted into the product, raise the volume a little at a Instruction time. If you raise the volume too much from the outset, sudden loud noise from the earphone, etc. might adversely affect your ears. When using an AC adapter or external device, insert/ remove the connector straight to/from the terminal.
  • Page 22 Do not use this product while you are aboard an airplane. Use of electric devices transmitting radio waves in an Prohibited airplane is prohibited by law. Some airline companies, however, allow their passengers to use such devices. For details, contact the airline company you use. The product sometimes affects high-precision electronic devices.
  • Page 23 • Even if you are in a lobby, etc., be sure to turn the product off when there are electronic medical devices nearby. • When a medical institution has laid down designated areas where use of the product is prohibited or is not allowed to be brought in, abide by the instructions of that medical institution.
  • Page 24 If you feel any abnormality with your skin, immediately consult a dermatologist. Itching, rashes, eczema, etc. Instruction sometimes occur depending on your physical condition and constitution. The materials of parts used on the product are as follows. Part Material Surface treatment Display Glass AF coating...
  • Page 25 Do not bring the product close to magnetized objects such as cash cards, floppy disks, credit cards, and Prohibited prepaid cards. Doing so might result in loss of recorded information. Do not allow liquids, metal objects, burnable items, and other foreign matter to get inside the earphone terminal, Prohibited external connection terminal, au Micro IC Card (LTE) slot and microSD card slot.
  • Page 26 ■ Internal battery (The internal battery of this product is a lithium-polymer battery.) The internal battery is not fully charged at the time of purchase. Charge the battery before using the product. Be sure to read the following DANGER hazards before use. If the leaked liquid gets on your skin or clothes, immediately rinse it off with water to avoid injury.
  • Page 27 Do not use at other voltages than the specified power supply voltage. Doing so might cause a fire, overheating Prohibited or electric shock. • AC adapter (supplied accessory): 100 VAC to 240 VAC • AC adapter (sold separately): 100 VAC to 240 VAC •...
  • Page 28 Before cleaning the specified charging equipment, unplug its power plug from the outlet or cigarette lighter Disconnect plug socket. If the plug remains plugged in when you clean from power outlet the equipment, it might cause an electric shock or short circuit.
  • Page 29 Charge the battery in a stable place. If placed on an inclined surface or wobbly stand, the product might fall Instruction causing injury or damage. In addition, do not cover or wrap the product with a cloth or bedding. Doing so might cause a fire, injury or a fault.
  • Page 30 Surface Part Material treatment microUSB Cable part None cable USB plug (resin part) None USB plug (metal part) SPCC Nickel plating USB terminal (resin None part) USB terminal (metal Phosphor Gold flash part) bronze plating microUSB plug (resin None part) microUSB plug (metal None part)
  • Page 31 Care should be taken when attaching/removing the au Micro IC Card (LTE). Failure to do so may lead to an injury Instruction to your hand or finger. Use only the devices specified by the Company to insert the au Micro IC Card (LTE) in. Using a device not Instruction specified by the Company might cause loss of data or a fault.
  • Page 32 Do not wet the au Micro IC Card (LTE). Doing so might cause a fault. Wetting with water prohibited Do not scratch the IC (metal) part of the au Micro IC Card (LTE). Doing so might cause a fault. Prohibited Do not store the au Micro IC Card (LTE) in dusty places.
  • Page 33: Handling Precautions

    Handling precautions These precautions are provided to ensure that performance can be fully demonstrated. Thoroughly read these precautions to ensure correct use. ■ Precautions common to the main unit, charging equipment, au Micro IC Card (LTE) and peripheral devices ● Do not apply excessive force to the product during use.
  • Page 34 left attached to the surface. Wiping the product using alcohol, thinner, benzene, detergent, etc. might erase the printing on the outer casing or cause discoloration. ● Use as far away as possible from land-line phones, TVs and radios. Use nearby might affect them. ●...
  • Page 35 ● The IMEI number engraved at the bottom of the back of the product proves that the product and the communication module you are using comply with the Wireless Telegraphy Act and Telecommunications Operations Act. So, keep the number visible or easily accessible for quick reference. ●...
  • Page 36 crystal and not a malfunction. Display the response speed will return to normal at room temperature. ● Although the display used on the product is made using high- precision technology, some pixels (dots) might be lit or out at all times. This is not a malfunction. ●...
  • Page 37 conditions such as this, the humidity might cause corrosion or a fault. ● When wiping the display, wipe with a soft, dry cloth. Use of a moistened cloth, glass cleaner or other similar liquid might cause a fault. ● When connecting/disconnecting the external device to/from the external connection terminal, make sure that the connector of the external device is straight with the external connection terminal.
  • Page 38: Touch Panel

    ■ Touch panel ● Use your finger to operate the touch panel. Do not use ballpoint pens, pencils or other sharp-pointed objects. Using such objects does not only hinder correct operation of the touch panel, but also might cause scratching or damage to the display.
  • Page 39 ● The internal battery is a consumable item. If the performance of a battery does not recover after charge, the battery is at the end of service life. Battery is built into the product. For repair, the product must be collected at au shops etc. and charges will be incurred.
  • Page 40 ● You are responsible for any damage caused by inserting your au Micro IC Card (LTE) into some other IC card reader/writer, etc. ● Keep the IC (metal) part of your au Micro IC Card (LTE) clean. Wipe the card with a dry, soft cloth (such as for cleaning eyeglasses) for cleaning.
  • Page 41 ● Do not use the camera for recording commercially available books or information of which photographing is not allowed. ● Do not leave the camera lens exposed to direct sunlight. Imaging elements might be discolored or burnt. ● Do not exert a strong force on the lens part of the camera. Doing so might cause damage to the lens.
  • Page 42 In addition, do not use or modify portraits or names of other individuals without their consent, as it might infringe on rights of portrait. Note that shooting and recording may be restricted at some live performances, shows and exhibitions even for personal use.
  • Page 43: Pin Code

    ■ Security code Example of To do various inquiries, applications, and usage modifications on the au homepage Initial value A four digit number chosen by the customer and noted on the application form ■ Security code to unlock screen Example of To set and release the screen lock usage Initial value None (Slide)
  • Page 44 • PIN code is "1234" and PIN code entry was set to not be required at the time of purchase. You can change PIN code to any four- to eight-digit number, and set the PIN code entry to be required as necessary. ■...
  • Page 45: Notes On Using Bluetooth ® /wireless Lan (wi-fi ® ) Functions

    ® Notes on using Bluetooth ® Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi ) functions ® • The Bluetooth function of this product conforms to the domestic standards of Japan, FCC standards and EC Directive, and has been certified. ® • The wireless LAN (Wi-Fi ) function of this product conforms to the domestic standards of Japan, FCC standards and EC Directive, and has been certified.
  • Page 46 • Using this product near a TV, radio or similar appliance might cause reception interference and disrupt TV images. • The searching might not be successful if there are ® multiple wireless LAN (Wi-Fi ) access points near to the product or the same channel is being used. •...
  • Page 47 2.4 GHz frequency band precautions ® The frequencies used by the Bluetooth and/or ® wireless LAN function (Wi-Fi ) of this product are in the 2.4 GHz band. In this frequency band, other similar wireless stations, in-plant wireless stations for mobile unit identification that require a license to use, such as factory production lines, specific small power wireless stations that do not require licenses, amateur wireless...
  • Page 48 ® confirmed. Therefore, connections with all Bluetooth ® wireless LAN (Wi-Fi ) devices are not guaranteed. ◎ This product supports security features for wireless ® communications that are compliant with the Bluetooth ® wireless LAN (Wi-Fi ) standard specifications, but the security may not be sufficient depending on the usage environment and configuration.
  • Page 49 ® • Bluetooth function: 2.4FH/XX8 This product uses the 2.4 GHz band. FH-SS and other schemes are used as the modulation schemes. The interference distance is about 80 m or less. ® • Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi ) function: 2.4DS4/OF4 This product uses the 2.4 GHz band. DS-SS and OFDM are used as the modulation schemes.
  • Page 50: Notes On Packet Communication Charge

    Notes on packet communication charge • Since a constant Internet connection is possible with this product, packet communication may be performed automatically by some apps, resulting in high packet communication charges. Therefore, subscription to a packet communication charge discount service or flat late plan is recommended. •...
  • Page 51: Notes On Apps

    Notes on apps • Be sure to check the security of the app, then install it at your own risk. Some apps might cause virus infection, damage various data, and send out your location information, usage history or personal information stored in this product via the Internet. •...
  • Page 52: Getting Ready

    Getting ready Names and functions of parts Getting ready...
  • Page 53: Volume Key

    a microSD card slot b Display (touch panel) c Brightness sensor: detects ambient brightness level and controls the brightness of the display backlights. d In-camera e Microphone f Volume key g Internal GPS antenna h Main camera i Earphone terminal j Speakers k Internal LTE antenna l NFC mark...
  • Page 54: Installing/removing The Au Micro Ic Card (lte)

    ◎ Do not put stickers over the internal antenna or cover it with your hand. Doing so may affect the quality of transmissions. ◎ The back cover of the product cannot be removed. Removing it forcibly may cause damage or a fault. ◎...
  • Page 55 • Do not insert an au Nano IC Card (LTE) with a conversion adapter attached into the product. Doing so might cause a fault. ◎ If the au Micro IC Card (LTE) is installed incorrectly or if there is some problem with the au Micro IC Card (LTE), an error message will be displayed.
  • Page 56 Place au Micro IC Card (LTE) on the tray with its IC (metal) part facing down and insert the tray into the slot Take care that the notch of the card is in the correct position. Notch Getting ready...
  • Page 57 Removing the au Micro IC Card (LTE) Turn off the product before removing the au Micro IC Card (LTE). Insert the SIM eject pin (sample) into the hole on au Micro IC Card (LTE) tray until the tray ejects slightly, and then slowly pull the tray straight out Remove au Micro IC Card (LTE) out of the tray and insert the tray into the slot and...
  • Page 58: Installing/removing A Microsd Card

    Installing/removing a microSD card This product supports up to 2GB microSD card, up to 32GB microSDHC card and up to 64GB microSDXC card. ■ Handling precautions • When the product is accessing data on a microSD card, do not remove the microSD card, turn off the power, or subject the product to impact.
  • Page 59: Installing A Microsd Card

    Installing a microSD card Put the display side of the product down, and carefully insert the microSD card straight with its metal terminal surface facing up until it clocks memo ◎ A microSD card has specified back, front, top and bottom sides.
  • Page 60 Removing a microSD card Before removing the microSD card, first unmount it. On the home screen, [ ] → [Storage] → [Unmount external storage] → [OK] on the unmount confirmation screen Turn off the power of the product (P.62) Press the microSD card all the way until it clicks After the microSD card ejects slightly, slowly pull it straight out...
  • Page 61: Charging

    memo ◎ Do not remove microSD card forcibly. It may result in damage or data loss. ◎ Apps installed in a microSD card become unavailable after the microSD card is removed. ◎ Take care not to lose or damage the removed microSD card. Charging When you purchase your product, the internal battery is not fully charged.
  • Page 62 100 VAC to 240 VAC outlet USB AC adapter set (supplied accessory) Insert the USB plug of a microUSB cable to the AC adapter Note the orientation of the USB plug. With the USB mark ( ) facing up, insert the plug straight to the USB connector of the AC adapter.
  • Page 63 During the charging process, a charging battery icon ) is displayed in the status bar. When charging is complete, a fully charged icon ( ) is displayed. • When power to the product is turned off, briefly pressing displays a charge status icon. After charging is complete, remove the power plug of the AC adapter from the outlet...
  • Page 64: Turning The Power On/off

    Turning the power on/off Turning on the power Press and hold for two seconds or more The start screen appears and after a while the lock screen (P.63) appears. memo ◎ When you power on the product for the first time, [auへようこそ (Welcome to au)] screen appears.
  • Page 65: If Screen Turns Off Or Lock Screen Appears

    memo ◎ You can start in Safe mode by long touching [Power off] then tapping [OK] in the tablet option menu screen. If your terminal becomes unstable after you install an app after purchasing the tablet, turning the tablet on in Safe mode may solve the problem.
  • Page 66: Switching To English Display

    The screen is unlocked. memo ◎ Drag an app icon on the lock screen in any direction to activate the app. ◎ Long-touching the Google icon at the center of the bottom of the screen and dragging it to the displayed search icon will activate Google or au Smart Pass.
  • Page 67: Basic Operations

    Basic operations Using the touch panel The display of the product is a touch panel operated by touching it with your finger. • The touch panel is designed to be touched lightly by your finger. Do not exert too much pressure with your finger or press sharp-pointed objects (fingernails, ballpoint pens, pins, etc.) against it.
  • Page 68 ■ Tap/Double Tap Tap: Gently touch a screen and then immediately release your finger. Double tap: Touch the same position twice. ■ Long Touch Keep touching an item with your finger. Used for displaying pop-up menus, etc. ■ Slide (swipe) Lightly touch and move your finger to the desired direction.
  • Page 69 ■ Flick Operate the screen by quickly moving (flicking) your finger up, down, right, or left. ■ Pinch Touch the screen with two fingers and widen (pinch-out) or narrow (pinch-in) the fingers' distance. ■ Drag Keep touching an item or icon, trace it to the desired direction to move.
  • Page 70: Using System Bar

    Using system bar During operations, a system bar is always displayed at the bottom of the screen. a Back: Go back to the previous screen. b Home: Return to the home screen. c Recently used apps: Display recently used apps in a list. memo ◎...
  • Page 71 a Customize area: You can place app shortcuts and widgets as you like. b Home screen position: Indicates which screen of the several home screens you are in. c Dock: Tap an icon to activate an app or a function. The icons on the dock menu are always displayed even after switching the home screen.
  • Page 72 Starting an app or function from the home screen From the Dock menu and Customize area on the home screen, you can activate apps and widgets. On the home screen, tap an item to start • When tapping apps and widgets and using their functions, you may incur communication charges depending on the function.
  • Page 73: Monitoring The Product's Status

    Monitoring the product's status Understanding icons Icons indicating the status of the product appear in the status bar at the top of the screen. Notification icons Status icons Status bar ■ Main notification icons Icon Overview You have new E-mail ( messages You have new SMS messages You have new PC-mail messages You have new Gmail messages...
  • Page 74 ■ Main status icons Icon Overview Reception status Out of service area Airplane mode is set Packet communication status (LTE available) ® Incoming signal strength of Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi function Battery level Need to charge Charging Silent mode is set Basic operations...
  • Page 75 Opening System notifications/Quick settings panels Slide the notification icon display area in the status bar downward to display [System notifications] panel where you can view a notification summary. Slide the status icon display area downward to display the [Quick settings] panel where you can turn on or switch on/off each function.
  • Page 76 a Settings: Display [Settings] menu (P.111). b Switch panel display: Switch the display between [System notifications] and [Quick settings] panels. c Clear: Clear notifications. However, some notification may not be cleared depending on the content. d Notification item: Tap to view the details of notification and make necessary settings.
  • Page 77: Using The All Apps Screen

    Using the All apps screen The All apps screen displays a list of all the apps and widgets that are installed on the product. Tap an app icon to launch the app. On the home screen, [ The All apps screen appears. •...
  • Page 78: Turning Off Communication Functions (airplane Mode)

    Turning off communication functions (Airplane mode) When Airplane mode is set, all communication functions ® including packet communication, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi ® function, Bluetooth function and NFC function are automatically turned off. On the home screen, [ ] → [More…] in the [Wireless &...
  • Page 79: Setting Silent Mode

    Setting Silent mode Setting Silent mode mutes sounds such as music, videos and games, etc. and notification sounds for E- mail and calendar alerts so that you do not disturb people around you in public places. Hold down for one second or more The tablet option menu is displayed.
  • Page 80: Character Input

    Character input Use the software keyboard to enter characters. To display the software keyboard, tap a character input box on the character entry screen for adding contacts, creating a message, etc. Tap [ ] to hide the software keyboard. Switching the input method of keyboard You can choose an input method of keyboard from either FSKAREN for Japanese input and Google...
  • Page 81: Inputting Characters

    Inputting characters Inputting with 10 Key keyboard 10 Key keyboard is a keyboard with keys arranged in the same order as those on cell phones. ※ The button display changes depending on the screen and operation performed. [Menu] → [10 Key] in the [Input Method] option •...
  • Page 82 ※ The button display changes depending on the screen and operation performed. [Menu] → [QWERTY] in the [Input Method] option • When 10 Key keyboard is displayed, you can also display QWERTY keyboard by tapping [ Input characters memo ◎ Predicted words are displayed as conversion candidates as you input "kana characters".
  • Page 83: Au災害対策 (au Disaster Countermeasure) App

    au災害対策 (au Disaster Countermeasure) app The au災害対策 (au Disaster Countermeasure) app is an app that allows you to use 災害用伝言板 (Disaster Message Board) service, 緊急速報メール (Emergency Rapid Mail) service that distributes 緊急地震速報 (Earthquake Early Warning), 災害 ・ 避難情報 (Disaster and Evacuation Information) and 津波警報...
  • Page 84 as well as from other company's phones, computers, etc. For details, see "Disaster Message Board Service" on the au website. On the au災害対策 (au Disaster Countermeasure) menu, [災害用伝言板 (Disaster Message Board)] Follow the on-screen instruction to register or check the information.
  • Page 85: Using 緊急速報メール (emergency Rapid Mail)

    Using 緊急速報メール (Emergency Rapid Mail) Emergency Rapid Mail is a service that provides centralized notifications about Earthquake Early Warning and Tsunami Warning issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency, and about national and local Disaster and Evacuation Information bulletins. ※When you purchase your device, [受信設定 (Receive options)] of Emergency Rapid Mail (Earthquake Early Warning and Disaster and Evacuation Information) is set to [受信する...
  • Page 86 ※Earthquake Early Warning is notified with warning tones and voice alerts ("地震です" (Earthquake incoming)). ◎ When an earthquake with an estimated maximum intensity of low-5 or greater occurs, an Earthquake Early Warning is sent to phones in areas where strong tremors (intensity of 4 or greater) are expected.
  • Page 87: Using 災害用音声お届けサービス (disaster Voice Messaging Service)

    ◎ Emergency Rapid Mail cannot be received while the product is turned off. ◎ Emergency Rapid Mail may not be received when your device is communicating such as while sending/receiving an SMS/E-mail, or using browser, or when you are in a place where signal cannot be received (tunnels, underground, etc.) even if you are within a service area, or where signal is weak.
  • Page 88 On the au災害対策 (au Disaster Countermeasure) menu, [災害用音声お届け サービス (Disaster Voice Messaging Service)] The 災害用音声お届けサービス (Disaster Voice Messaging Service) screen appears. ■ Sending voices On the 災害用音声お届けサービス (Disaster Voice Messaging Service) screen, [声をお 届け (Send voices)] → [aお届け先を選択 ※ (Select to whom to send)] →...
  • Page 89: Using 災害情報/義援金サイト (disaster Information/donation Website)

    • If the recipients are notified via an SMS, the information is not saved in the au Disaster Countermeasure app. memo ® ◎ For use over Wi-Fi , it is necessary to carry out initial setting over LTE network. ◎ Voice messages can be recorded for up to 30 seconds. ◎...
  • Page 90: Appendix

    Appendix Introduction of related accessories ■ Common AC Adapter 03 (0301PQA) (sold separately) Common AC Adapter 03 Navy (0301PBA) (sold separately) Common AC Adapter 03 Green (0301PGA) (sold separately) Common AC Adapter 03 Pink (0301PPA) (sold separately) Common AC Adapter 03 Blue (0301PLA) (sold separately) Common AC Adapter 05 (0501PWA) (sold separately) ■...
  • Page 91: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Before you assume that the product is malfunctioning, check the following: Ref. Symptom Where to check page • Is the battery charged? Cannot turn on P.59 • Did you hold down power. for at P.62 least 2 seconds? • Is the specified charging Cannot charge P.59 the battery.
  • Page 92 Ref. Symptom Where to check page • Screen response may be slowed Screen response is slow when you down when a large amount of data tap on the is stored in the product or being ー screen/press the transmitted between the product keys.
  • Page 93: Updating Software

    Updating software ■ Notes on software update ® • You can use the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi ) function, and packet communication to download data when updating your software. • You are charged for data communication when connecting to the Internet from the product by using packet communication.
  • Page 94 you may not be able to back up certain downloaded data). Though the update operation is designed to retain the data on the product prior to the update, product malfunction or other conditions could possibly cause data to be lost. •...
  • Page 95: After-sales Service

    Confirm the content of the message → [Install] The system update installation starts, and if it is successful, a message appears. [OK] memo ◎ If you want the update to be automatically downloaded while ® connecting to wireless LAN (Wi-Fi ), tap [ ] and then tap [Auto-download over Wi-Fi] on the [System update] screen.
  • Page 96 memo ◎ Before handing in the product for repair, make a backup of the contents of memory since they may disappear during repair. Note that the Company shall not be liable for any damages and loss of income should the contents of memory be altered or lost.
  • Page 97 ■ Keitai Guarantee Service Plus LTE An after-sales service membership program on a monthly basis called "Keitai Guarantee Service Plus LTE" (Monthly fee of 380 yen, excluding tax) is available for using your au device for a long time without worries. This service expands coverage for many troubles including malfunction, theft and loss.
  • Page 98 expense. When a malfunction is suspected, or in case of theft or loss, contact an au shop or PiPit. ■ After-sales service If you are unsure about anything regarding after-sales service, contact the following service contact. Customer Service Center (for service canceling procedure in case of loss or theft) From a land-line phone, 0077−7−113 (toll-free)
  • Page 99 ■ au after-sales service information ■ Replacement cell phone delivery service Keitai Guarantee Service Plus LTE Service description Member Non-member Spontaneous First year Free Not eligible failure From Charged to second year customer First time: Partial damage, water 5,000 yen damage, total Second time: destruction, theft, loss...
  • Page 100 memo Replacement cell phone delivery service ◎ When you have trouble with your au device, replacement device (same model, same color) is delivered to the specified place by calling to. Return your damaged device within 14 days after the replacement device is delivered. ◎...
  • Page 101: Available Data Formats

    Available data formats This product supports display and playback of media files in the following formats. Data File formats Sounds AAC LC (.3gp, .mp4, .m4a, .aac, .ts), HE-AACv1 (AAC+) (.3gp, .mp4, .m4a, .aac, .ts), HE-AACv2 (enhanced AAC+) (.3gp, .mp4, .m4a, .aac, .ts), AAC ELD (Enhanced Low Delay AAC)(3gp, .mp4, .m4a, .aac, .ts), AMR-NB (.3gp), AMR-WB (.3gp), FLAC...
  • Page 102: Main Specifications

    Main specifications ■ Main unit Display Approx. 8 inches, max. approx. 16.77 million colors, IPS 1,920 x 1,200 dots (WUXGA) Weight Approx. 301 g Size (W x H x T) Approx. 123 mm x 213 mm x 7.7 mm (thickest point is approx.
  • Page 103 Camera Image pickup device CMOS Effective pixels Main camera: approx. 5 million pixels In-camera: approx. 1.2 million pixels ® Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi ) function IEEE802.11a/b/g/n (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) /ac- compliant ® ® Bluetooth Version Bluetooth standards Function Ver.4.0 compliant ® Output Bluetooth standard Power...
  • Page 104 ※1 The continuous tethering time is the time when a single ® client (PC, etc.) that supports the wireless LAN (Wi-Fi function is connected. ※2 Changes according to objects obstructing devices and signal reception. ® ※3 Specifications provided in Bluetooth standards for making ®...
  • Page 105: List Of Apps

    List of apps The following apps are available on the product. App name Description 朝日新聞 "The Asahi Shimbun Digital" covers a wide (The Asahi range of breaking news from economic, Shimbun) politics, sports to science, and also provides multifunctional and convenient service such as paper image viewer, digital scrapbook and archive search.
  • Page 106 App name Description Quick memo Use this to create notes. You can share the notes with other apps. グノシー for au Gunosy presents you a great news app (Gunosy for au) experience. There're lots of news like Economics, sport, gossip, and so on. ゲームギフト...
  • Page 107 App name Description Clock Use this app as a world clock, stop watch or timer. Drive You can view and edit files stored on Google Drive. Basic Manual Use this app to check operations and settings of the product. ナビウォーク Helps you navigate route combining public (Navi for transportation and walk.
  • Page 108 App name Description モバオク An au official auction app which helps you (MBOK) selling your unnecessary items as well as buying some rare thing you cannot find in the store. Copyright 2014 KDDI CORPORATION. Do It Later You can register and manage your tasks. リモートサポート...
  • Page 109 App name Description auお客さまサポー You can check the subscription contents or ト monthly usage of your au devices etc. with (au Customer this app. You can change your rate plan, Support) apply for optional services and so on at au Customer Support website.
  • Page 110 App name Description Facebook This is a free communication app that allows you to keep a track of recent activities of your friends, upload photos, exchange messages with your acquaintances. Friends Note Friends Note is a safe and convenient address book. Friends Note can back up address book to the server and can transfer address book from au device.
  • Page 111 App name Description Origami Use Origami to connect with your favorite brands, shops and friends. Let us introduce you to a revolutionary new world of commerce. Party Link This app allows you to create a group with ® nearby wireless LAN (Wi-Fi )-enabled terminals to automatically share photos shot with the product.
  • Page 112 App name Description Share Link This app allows you to connect the product ® directly to other wireless LAN (Wi-Fi enabled terminal to share videos, photos, music and contacts files. Send/receive SMS. Splendid Use this to adjust the colors of the display. Story You can create albums using photos to share them.
  • Page 113: Setting Menu List

    App name Description YouTube Playback videos on YouTube. memo ◎ Some apps require downloading when using them for the first time. ◎ Even if you initialize data, the apps pre-installed at the time of purchase are not deleted. Setting menu list Tap [ ] on the home screen to display Settings menu where you can set up and manage various functions of...
  • Page 114 Setting Item Description More... Airplane mode Turn on/off Airplane mode. Default SMS Set an SMS app to be used by default. Reader/ Turn on/off NFC function. Writer, P2P Android Beam Turn on/off Android beam function. This option allows you to send/receive data using NFC technology.
  • Page 115 Apps Manage apps. Power management Make power saving settings. You can also check the power consumption status by using this app. ASUS customized Make settings relating to dual apps, settings screenshots, Quick settings and app installation. Tap & pay A payment function using NFC technology.
  • Page 116 Setting Item Description Accounts Make settings relating to online service account management and synchronization. You can add accounts from [Add account] option. Date & time Set date and time display format and time zone. Accessibility Enable a service that responds to user's operations by sounds, or set explanatory subtitles or zoom-in operations, etc.
  • Page 117: Specific Absorption Rate (sar) Of Data Communication Terminal

    Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of data communication terminal This model AST21 conforms to Japanese technical regulations relating to the human body absorption of radio waves, and international guidelines for radiation protection. This data communication terminal is designed to conform to the Japanese technical regulations relating ※...
  • Page 118 defined in this manual, the maximum SAR limit is 0.511 W/kg. Individual products all satisfy this SAR tolerance limit, though there may be slight difference in SAR level among individual products. Because data communication terminals are designed to fill the minimum transmitting power requirement for communicating with base stations for cellular phones, etc., their SAR normally gets lower while they actually carry on communication.
  • Page 119: Fcc Notice

    ( facts_press/fact_english.htm) Please refer to the websites listed below if you would like to know more detailed information regarding SAR. • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications website: • Association of Radio Industries and Businesses website: • au homepage: ※Technical regulations are defined by the Ministerial Ordinance Related to Radio Law (Article 14-2 of Radio Equipment...
  • Page 120: Fcc Rf Exposure Information

    radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by doing one or more of the following measures: • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. •...
  • Page 121: Ec Declaration Of Conformity

    FCC ID: MSQAST21. EC Declaration of Conformity This product is compliant with the regulations of the R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC. The Declaration of Conformity can be downloaded from CE Mark Warning ■ CE marking for devices with wireless LAN/Bluetooth...
  • Page 122: Ce Rf Exposure Information

    CE RF Exposure Information This device meets the EU requirements (1999/519/EC) on the limitation of exposure of the general public to electromagnetic fields by way of health protection. The limits are part of extensive recommendations for the protection of the general public. These recommendations have been developed and checked by independent scientific organizations through regular and thorough evaluations of scientific studies.
  • Page 123: Intellectual Property Rights

    product and its accessories, take the required measures on your responsibility and at your expenses. For details on the procedures, contact the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry or the U.S. Department of Commerce. Intellectual property rights ■ Trademarks The company names and product names appearing in this manual are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
  • Page 124 ® • Wi-Fi Certified and its logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of the Wi-Fi Alliance. • Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi logo are registered trademarks of Wi-Fi ® Alliance ® ® ® • Microsoft , Windows , PowerPoint , and Windows ®...
  • Page 125 Google Text-to-speech Engine, YouTube, and YouTube logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google Inc. • TRENDMICRO and VirusBuster are registered trademarks of TRENDMICRO Co., Ltd. • The pictograms in this product include pictograms used with the permission of NTT DOCOMO, INC. •...
  • Page 127 ■ More The software installed on this product or part of it may not be altered, translated/adapted, reverse-engineered, decompiled or reverse-assembled and any such actions are prohibited. Under the MPEG-4 Visual Patent Portfolio License, customers have licensed permission for the following use of this product to engage in non-profit personal use.
  • Page 128 Additional information may be obtained from MPEG LA, LLC. Visit • This product is licensed under the VC-1 Patent Portfolio License for the personal and noncommercial use of a consumer to (i) encode video in compliance with the VC-1 standard (henceforth referred to as VC- 1 video) and/or (ii) decode VC-1 video that was encoded by a consumer engaged in a personal and noncommercial activity and/or was obtained from a...
  • Page 129 MEMO...
  • Page 130 August 2014, 1st Edition Sold by: KDDI CORPORATION, OKINAWA CELLULAR TELEPHONE COMPANY Imported by: ASUS JAPAN Inc. Manufactured by: ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

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