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that came with your device to learn how to make it discoverable.
1. under Settings > Wireless & networks, make sure bluetooth
is turned on.
2. Touch Bluetooth. Your tablet scans for and displays the ids of
all available bluetooth devices in range.
3. if your mobile device stops scanning before your bluetooth de-
vice is ready, touch Search for devices.
4. Touch the id of the bluetooth device in the list to pair with it.
Follow the instructions to complete the pairing. If you're
prompted to enter a passcode, try entering 0000 or 1234 (the
most common passcodes), or consult the documentation that
came with the device.
if the pairing is successful, your tablet connects to the device.
Connect to a Bluetooth device
Once you've paired with a Bluetooth device, you can connect to it
manually—for example, to switch devices or to reconnect after it
is back in range.
under Settings > Wireless & networks > Bluetooth, make sure
bluetooth is turned on.
in the list of devices, touch a paired but unconnected device.
When the tablet and the device are connected, the device is
displayed as connected in the list.
Nexus 7 Guidebook
CoNNeCT To deViCes


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    I am having problems with my Nexus 7 tablet it will not allow me to turn off the annoying talk back ,I am wanting to return it fore it didn't come with manual and its very diddicult to go into sites