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MobileBlackBox ORION-5000 User Manual page 7

Advanced fm audio transmitter
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Use FREE GP 1/4 wave antenna calculator program to setup your antenna for optimum performance:
This program helps in the construction details of building a 1/4 wave antenna with ground place - radials.
Enter the frequency in Mhz and hit calculate to get the resulting lengths of the radiating element and the
length of the radials.
Program compatibility: Windows versions 98-XP-Vista
Program compatibility with Mac computers (NOT tested)
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Transmitting audio volume is too low or no sound is being transmitted:
Allow unit to remain OFF for 10 minutes; power ON and unit should function normally. When
powering the transmitter unit OFF; allow transmitter unit to reset (discharge) the AGC circuit
controller (about 10 minutes) before powering ON again.



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