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MobileBlackBox ORION-5000 User Manual page 4

Advanced fm audio transmitter
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Six Common Rules For All Users:
1. The AC adapter supplied is designed for dry indoor use only. DO NOT use the
AC adapter outdoors or in wet conditions.
2. Make sure the supplied antenna is connected at all times when transmitter unit is
powered ON. This will prevent damage to your unit.
3. When powering the transmitter unit OFF; wait 10 minutes before powering unit
ON again. This allows the AGC(Auto Gain Control) feature to properly discharge
and reset.
4. For best results try to find an open (unused) frequency to transmit on. Do not
transmit on occupied commercial radio station frequency; for functional, legal and
ethical reasons.
5. Always follow your local regulations regarding the proper use of an FM
transmitter and allowable transmit range/power.
6. Only use power adapters supplied with your unit. Using other types of power
adapters may produce background noise with your transmitted audio and/or
could damage your unit.
7. When transmitting from a microphone; only use a stereo plug microphone, using
any other type of microphone such as a mono plug microphone will permanently
damage your unit, see "Operating Instructions - step #4.



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