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MobileBlackBox ORION-5000 User Manual page 6

Advanced fm audio transmitter
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5. Power unit ON using power switch
will light-up. (LCD display will indicate "SYSTEM INITIAL – MOBILE BLACK BOX"; this
should be complete within 5 seconds.)
6. Set transmitting frequency using the frequency setting buttons
(Helpful hint: You should pre-scan your local FM frequencies using an FM radio to find an unused
frequency and set the Orion-5000 transmitter to this frequency). Helpful hint: You may find optimal or
unused FM frequencies to transmit on by visiting
7. Set transmitting mode: Press
stereo mode)
8. Set volume level on the audio source device to about 50% level: The AGC feature of the
ORION-5000 will automatically adjust audio input to prevent distortion.
9. Setting volume level (PC/Mac). When using the ORION-5000 FM transmitter with a PC or Mac
computer the volume level will need to be optimized at all three different sources: (1) computer's
main volume control; (set at 50%) (2) Media player software; (set at 50%) and (3) FM receiver
radio; (set at user preferred listening level).
10. Saving preferred frequency into memory. The ORION-5000 memory function can save up to
FOUR separate frequencies into memory for easy recall.
To store frequency setting into memory:
Step 1. Set your preferred frequency you want saved so it is displayed in the LCD
(see instruction #6 above).
Step 2. Choose a memory bank number you wish to save settings to #1-4
Step 3. Press and hold memory bank button chosen in step #2 for three seconds; the
LCD will blink one time to indicate the frequency has been saved.
Step 4. Your done!! Your preferred frequency has now been saved to your chosen
memory bank. To change the settings for a particular memory bank repeat steps
1-3 again.
11. Optional: MUTE AUDIO FUNCTION: If you prefer to temporarily mute the audio that is being
transmitted; you may press the MUTE button
function has been activated. No audio will be transmitted when the MUTE function is active.
LCD will turn ON and the GREEN power ON indicator
button to select MONO or STEREO (most users select
one time; the LCD will indicate that mute



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