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Citizen C520 Instruction Manual

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  Summary of Contents for Citizen C520

  • Page 2 < ISO/6425, May 15th, 1984 > All repairs on this product, including battery replacement, should be done at a Citizen Service Center. Request repairs or an inspection by Citizen at the place of purchase or send directly to a Citizen Service Center.
  • Page 3 The instructions for safe operation are classified with the following Before using the watch, read this instruction symbols. CAUTION manual carefully for safe and correct use. After reading this manual, keep it for your further reference. Safety precautions - Instructions to be followed at all times. Warning (caution) symbol followed by instructions In order to prevent injury to yourself or other persons and damage to for safe operation and/or precautions that you...
  • Page 4 Recreational diving involves risks. Use this watch for diving after you have WARNING undergone scuba diving training from a qualified instructor, obtained the necessary experience and skills for safe diving, and fully understood the Diving is a fundamentally dangerous sport. When diving with this watch, make watch’s handling operation.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    CONTENTS H. HOW TO USE THE LOG MODE ..............32 I. HOW TO USE THE DEPTH/DIVING TIME ALARM........36 WARNING ......................6 1. HOW TO SET THE DEPTH ALARM ............37 A. DIVING WITH THIS WATCH ...............10 2. HOW TO SET THE DIVING TIME ALARM ..........38 DIVING WITH THIS WATCH ...............10 J.
  • Page 6: Warning

    A. DIVING WITH THIS WATCH CAUTION FOR SAFE DIVING CAUTION DIVING WITH THIS WATCH • Always use the ‘buddy system’ when diving. • This product is recommended for sports diving to depths of about 15-20m • Only use this diving watch after undergoing correct instruction and training in (50-65ft).
  • Page 7: Prohibition When Diving

    * If the second hand is moving in 2 second increments, then the battery is ... This watch is not designed for use in maritime emergencies or to prevent low. Request battery replacement by Citizen at the place of purchase or sea disasters, etc.
  • Page 8: Diving At High Altitude And In Freshwater

    If there is any debris, flush it altitude. However, do not use at an altitude of over 4,000m (13,124ft) out with fresh water. If you cannot do so, consult a Citizen Service Center. because accurate measurement is not possible.
  • Page 9: Names And Functions Of Parts

    B. NAMES AND FUNCTIONS OF PARTS - Read in conjunction with the watch diagram at the beginning of this manual. Time Modes Time Modes Name Time/Calendar Alarm Chronograph : Button Press once Switches between hours, minutes/seconds/date, day ON/OFF Start/Stop Press for 2 seconds or more —...
  • Page 10 Diving Modes Diving Modes Name Log Mode Depth Alarm Mode Dive Time Alarm Mode Dive Mode : Button Press once Memo (logged) recall Depth Alarm correction Dive time alarm correction Dive time/max. depth recall Press for 2 seconds or more —...
  • Page 11: Switching Modes

    C. SWITCHING MODES 1. TIME MODES [\ DIVING MODES In any mode (except the Dive Mode), pressing button for 2 seconds or more On this watch’s digital display function, the modes are broadly classified into 2 sounds the confirmation beep and switches between the Time Modes and the types.
  • Page 12: Switching Time Modes

    3. SWITCHING DIVING MODES 2. SWITCHING TIME MODES Each time button is pressed, the mode is switched between Log No. 1 The mode is switched each time button is pressed. No. 2 Log No. 3 Log No. 4 Depth Alarm Diving Time Alarm.
  • Page 13: How To Set The Digital Time

    • If the watch is left alone for about 1 hour in Log Mode, Depth Alarm Mode or (4) Each time button is pressed, the part of the display which flashes Diving Time Alarm Mode, it automatically returns to the Time Modes. changes from Seconds Minutes Hours...
  • Page 14: How To Set The Analog Time

    E. HOW TO SET THE ANALOG TIME F. HOW TO USE THE ALARM Once the alarm has been set, it will sound every day at the set time for 15 sec- [Setting the analog time] onds. However, it will not sound in Diving Modes. (1) Loosen the screw of the crown and pull it The alarm sound can be stopped by pressing any button.
  • Page 15: How To Use The Chronograph

    < Alarm ON/OFF > G. HOW TO USE THE CHRONOGRAPH Switch the alarm on or off by pressing button The chronograph can measure up to a maximum of 99 minutes 59 seconds in • Alarm ON ... The alarm set time and the alarm ON mark appear on the •...
  • Page 16 < Accumulated time measurement > < Switching modes during chronograph measurement > (1) Press button to start or stop. Measurement continues even if you press button during chronograph mea- (2) When stopped, press button to reset. surement and switch to another mode. It is therefore possible to return to the •...
  • Page 17: How To Use The Log Mode

    H. HOW TO USE THE LOG MODE Log Mode When you switch to Dive Mode and start diving, this watch automatically Last dive Next to last Second from last Third from last records the log data (log no., date, dive start time, maximum depth and dive time) for the 4 most recent dives.
  • Page 18 4. Maximum Depth: The greatest depth reached during that dive. • If there is no log data recorded, “----” appears on the Log No. display when 5. Dive Time: The total time spent at a depth of 1m (4ft) or more during you press button that dive.
  • Page 19: How To Use The Depth/Diving Time Alarm

    I. HOW TO USE THE DEPTH/DIVING TIME ALARM * In addition, this watch has a ascending speed warning function which alarm sounds for 10 seconds to warn you if the ascending speed exceeds 1.5m There are the following 2 alarm functions in this watch’s Diving Modes. (5ft) in 10 seconds.
  • Page 20: How To Set The Diving Time Alarm

    2. HOW TO SET THE DIVING TIME ALARM J. HOW TO USE THE DIVE MODE (1) Press button to switch to the Diving Time Pressing button when in any of the Diving Modes (Log Mode, Depth Alarm Diving time (minutes) Alarm Mode.
  • Page 21 [Display within 1m] [Display deeper than 1m] < Dive Mode end > • When the depth display is 0.0m/0ft (within 1m/4ft), pressing button for 2 eg. 12.5m Depth display seconds or more switches the watch to Log Mode. • When the depth display is 0.0m/0ft (within 1m/4ft), pressing button for 2 seconds or more switches the watch to Time Modes.
  • Page 22: Depth Meter Display

    2. DIVING TIME MEASUREMENT 1. DEPTH METER DISPLAY The first water depth measurement is taken at Depth Diving time measurement automatically starts 1.0m (4ft.) and displayed; measurement is Depth when the depth measurement is 1.0m (4ft) or done every second and is displayed. deeper, and stops when the depth measure- Unit of water depth measurement ...
  • Page 23: This Watch's Warning Functions

    K. THIS WATCH’s WARNING FUNCTIONS 2. ABNORMAL DEPTH WARNING FUNCTION This watch has the following 2 warning functions. DIVE Please use them as a guide for safe diving. During water depth measurement, the watch recog- nizes a sudden change in depth of 4m (15ft) in 1 1.
  • Page 24: In Case Of The Following

    If there is a pressure change of 1m/4ft or more while in Dive Mode in an envi- ronment where pressure changes occur for short periods of time (high altitude, Request battery replacement by Citizen at the place of purchase or in the airplane), the water depth measurement display does not return to 0.0m send directly to a Citizen Service Center.
  • Page 25: All Reset

    [If the watch’s display or operation is abnormal] M. ALL RESET If a strong impact or strong static electricity is applied to the watch, abnormal display or operation (such as the digital display malfunction or the alarm All Reset cancels all stored data, so please record any necessary continuing to sound) might occur on a rare occasion.
  • Page 26: Battery

    (1) All battery replacement comes under Citizen Service Center repairs, so 1 Battery life request it at the place of purchase or send directly to a Citizen Service The life of the battery is about 2 years after installation. Center.
  • Page 27: Other Functions

    O. OTHER FUNCTIONS 2. NO DECOMPRESSION LIMITS The range of time when it is unnecessary to stop to decompress while 1. REGISTER RING surfacing from a dive is determined by the depth and time of the dive. The register ring means the rotating bezel fitted around the watch body. These values are referred to as “No Decompression Limits.”...
  • Page 28: Care Of Your Watch

    Subject the watch to a water-resistance check at the time of battery replace- • If you cannot clean the sensor, take the watch to a Citizen Service Center. ment or every one or two years to maintain the water-resistance of the watch...
  • Page 29 • All services after sale including battery replacement are provided by the may cause malfunctioning or damage. Citizen Service Center. Never have the case back opened or the screws on the sensor loosened at facilities other than the Citizen Service Center.
  • Page 30 • Metal band Wash soiled parts with a tooth brush in mild, soapy water. a hazardous substance. If the glass is broken, avoid touching the paint and • Rubber band Wash in water. bring it immediately to the Citizen Service Center for repair or replacement. Do not use solvent.
  • Page 31: Specifications

    Q. SPECIFICATIONS Chronograph: minutes, seconds, 1/100 seconds, split time, (100 minutes system) 1. Model C520 (depth indication is in meters) Log Memo: C526 (depth indication is in feet) Log No..1 - 4 2. Accuracy of time measurement average ±20 seconds/month (at normal temperature Dive date ...
  • Page 32 Depth alarm ... 1m - 80m/5ft - 260ft (1m/5ft units) Diving time alarm ... 5 minutes - 310 minutes (5 minute units) 6. Additional functions Ascending speed warning function Abnormal depth warning function Low battery warning device Diving alarm monitor 7.

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