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We hope this product performs to your complete satisfaction. Should you have any
questions or comments, please visit and send us your comments.

User Guide



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  • Page 1: User Guide

    MG5000 MG5050 SP5500 SP6000 SP7000 User Guide We hope this product performs to your complete satisfaction. Should you have any questions or comments, please visit and send us your comments.
  • Page 2: User Settings

    User Settings For security reasons, write only the user’s name and not his or her access code. 4-Digit Codes 6-Digit Codes Partition User # and Name Stay Force Duress 1 or 2 Only Only 001: Master______________________ Duress: Y ________ 002: Master 1____________________ Duress: Y ________ 003: Master 2____________________...
  • Page 3: Master Quick Menus

    Master Quick Menus User Step Action Details ] + [ The [ ] key will flash. LED/key on = programmed user. MASTER CODE ] may also be used. PARTITION MASTER CODE MG10LEDV/H = 1 digit: 1 to 0(10) USER NUMBER MG32I / MG32LRF/ MG32LED / MG32LCD = 2 digits: 01 to 32 Enter 4- or 6-digit code.
  • Page 4: Test Report

    Communicator Step Action Details The [ ] key will flash. [ ] may also be used. ] + [ PARTITION MASTER CODE MASTER CODE [3] = Personal Phone #1 [4] = Personal Phone #2 [5] = Personal Phone #3 [6] = Personal Phone #4 [7] = Personal Phone #5 [8] = Pager # #] + [...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents User Settings ............. 0 System Features ..........12 Master Quick Menus.......... 1 Display Mode (MG32LRF only) ....... 12 Table of Contents ..........3 Alarm Display ..........12 Fire Alarms ............12 Overview............4 Basic Operations ..........4 Panic Alarms ........... 12 Programming Access Codes ......
  • Page 6: Overview

    Overview Thank you for selecting a security system from Paradox Security Systems Ltd. This advanced technology security system provides you with reliable security protection and powerful features that anyone can use without memorizing complex and confusing codes. The system consists of the control panel, one or more keypad modules, various input devices (e.g. motion detectors, door contacts, etc.) and various output devices (e.g.
  • Page 7 Figure 2: MG32LED —32-zone Hardwired LED Keypad Arm (red), Sleep (yel), Stay (grn): Zone Display: On = Partition armed The numbers [1] to [32] Off = Partition disarmed correspond to zones 1 to 32 Flash = Exit Delay respectively. Open or entry Fast Flash* = Exit Delay (final 10 sec.) Partition 1 Status Partition 2 Status...
  • Page 8 Figure 4: MG32I — 32-zone Fixed Icon Keypad Arm, Sleep , Stay: AC Light (yellow): On = Partition armed On‡ = Power on Off = Partition disarmed Off = Power off Flash = Exit Delay Fast Flash* = Exit Delay (final 10 sec.) StayD Light (green): Fast Flash* = Partition in alarm...
  • Page 9: Programming Access Codes

    Programming Access Codes Access codes are personal identification numbers that allow you to enter certain programming modes, arm or disarm your system as well as activate or deactivate PGMs. For information on how each access code can arm or disarm the system refer to the System Checklist on page 16.
  • Page 10: Stayd Mode

    StayD Mode To Turn On/Off StayD Mode To turn on StayD mode: ] + [C ] + [S StayD light on Press the [ ] key followed by a valid code, then press the [ ] key again within ten seconds. The StayD light will light up to confirm STAY STAY StayD activation, and the system will be in Stay mode.
  • Page 11: Arming & Disarming

    Arming & Disarming Take full advantage of your system by familiarizing yourself with all the arming methods. If your system is not partitioned (see Partitioning on page 6), everything is considered as belonging to Partition 1. If you cannot arm because a zone is open, the system will enter in Bypass Programming.
  • Page 12: One-Touch Arming

    One-Touch Arming One-Touch arming allows you to arm the system without using an access code. This feature must be enabled by your installer. If One- Touch Arming is programmed, you can increase the security level of your system from Disarm Stay Arm Sleep Arm Full Arm...
  • Page 13: Disarming & Deactivating An Alarm

    How do I temporarily disable the Auto-Arm Timer? Press the [ ] key. Enter [ MASTER CODE Press the [ ] key. The [ ] key will flash to indicate you are in the System Options menu. Press key [1] to set partition 1, or press key [2] to set partition 2. Press and hold [ ] to temporarily disable the Auto-Arm Timer.
  • Page 14: System Features

    System Features Display Mode (MG32LRF only) The MG32LRF has two display modes. By default, the keypad will show all events (e.g. zones in alarm, bypassed zones, etc.) live as they occur. Alternatively, the system can be programmed by your installer to only display zones that cause an alarm or entry delay. If you want to see the status of all zones, press the [ ] key.
  • Page 15: Programming Chime Zones

    Programming Chime Zones A Chime-enabled zone will advise you every time it is opened by causing your keypad to beep. Each keypad must be chimed separately. How do I chime zones? MG32LED / MG32LRF only Press & hold the [ ] key. The Arm1, Arm2, Stay1, and Stay2 LEDs will flash. Select* the numbers corresponding to the zones you want to Chime by entering the two-digit zone number.
  • Page 16: Pgm Keys (Programmable Outputs)

    [1] to adjust the scrolling speed. [2] to adjust the backlight (0 = Off, 1 = Lowest brightness, (...) 7 = Maximum brightness) [3] to adjust the contrast (0 = Low contrast, 4 = High contrast) [5] to adjust the auto dim backlight level (0 = Off, 1 = Lowest auto dim backlight, (...) 7 = Highest auto dim backlight [6] to adjust the auto dim delay (0 = Off, 1 = 1 sec., 2 = 5 sec., 3 = 10 sec., 4 = 20 sec., 5 = 1 min., 6 = 2 min., 7 = 4 min.
  • Page 17: Advanced Features

    Advanced Features Quick Function Keys Upon request of your installer or monitoring station you may have to perform one of the following. To enter Menu Programming, press [ ] and then enter your [ ]. In Menu programming, press: MASTER CODE Test Report ] + [2] If your system is monitored by a monitoring station, this feature will send a test report code to the monitoring station.
  • Page 18: System Checklist

    System Checklist Partition Zone # and Description Stay Sleep Force 24Hr Entry Delay Fire Zone/Delay 1 or 2 Fire Zone? Y 01:___________________________ ______ Delayed? Y Fire Zone? Y 02:___________________________ ______ Delayed? Y Fire Zone? Y 03:___________________________ ______ Delayed? Y Fire Zone? Y 04:___________________________ ______ Delayed? Y...
  • Page 19: Special Keys And Features

    Legal © 2004-2008 Paradox Security Systems Ltd. All rights reserved. Specifications may change without prior notice. One or more of the following US patents may apply: 7046142, 6215399, 6111256, 6104319, 5920259, 5886632, 5721542, 5287111, 5119069, 5077549 and RE39406. Canadian and international patents may also apply. Magellan and...
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