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Electrolux 6653 Ower's Manual

600mm wide freestanding integrated cooker
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  Summary of Contents for Electrolux 6653

  • Page 2 6 0 0 M M W I D E F R E E S TA N D I N G I N T E G R AT E D C O O K E R Read the following carefully to avoid an electric shock or fire General warnings •...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    C O N T E N T S Introduction General Information • General safety warnings about your cooker • Preparing your appliance for the first time • The controls Using the hotplate • Hotplate Dos and Don’ts • Ceramic hotplates •...
  • Page 4: General Safety Warnings

    G E N E R A L I N F O R M AT I O N A B O U T Y O U R C O O K E R General safety warnings • Do not let children play with the oven. •...
  • Page 5 G E N E R A L I N F O R M AT I O N A B O U T Y O U R C O O K E R Multi-function electric oven with flame-safeguard hotplate and programmable clock Model No 6653 1 Hotplate burner 3 Function knob...
  • Page 6: Hotplate Dos And Don'ts

    U S I N G T H E H O T P L AT E Hotplate Dos and Don’ts • Do not place heat resistant mats, wire mats or aluminium foil under pots and pans. • Do not allow pots and pans to boil dry, as damage to both pan and hotplate may result. •...
  • Page 7: Gas Hotplates

    U S I N G T H E H O T P L AT E Gas hotplates Operation • The Gas Hotplate has “Flame Safe Guard” which will cut the gas supply if the flame is extinguished. • To ignite, push knob in and turn anti-clockwise to the “HIGH”...
  • Page 8: The Cooling Fan

    U S I N G T H E O V E N The cooling fan • The cooling fan comes on whenever the oven is on. • It blows hot air out through the vents above the oven door. • It continues to operate after the appliance has been turned off to cool the appliance. Please read before operating your oven for the first time 1 Each electric oven has a concealed lower element.
  • Page 9 U S I N G T H E O V E N Setting the cooking time 1. Check the clock displays the correct time of day. 2. Select the desired oven function and temperature. The oven indicator light will glow and the heating source will come on.
  • Page 10: Rapid Heat

    U S I N G T H E O V E N U n d e r s t a n d i n g y o u r E L E C T R I C o v e n f u n c t i o n s Rapid Heat Heat comes from the element surrounding the fan as well as the smaller element above the food.
  • Page 11: Turbo Grill

    U S I N G T H E O V E N Turbo Grill “Turbo grill” offers you the benefits of both “bake” and traditional “grill” functions. The grill element turns on and off to maintain the set temperature while the fan circulates the heated air. The oven door remains closed for “turbo grill”.
  • Page 12: Loading The Shelves

    U S I N G T H E O V E N Loading the shelves • The oven has five positions for shelves. These are numbered from the lowest to the highest (see diagram opposite). • You can make the most of the oven, if you cook more than one tray of food at a time, eg two trays of scones, small cakes or sausage rolls.
  • Page 13: Electric Oven Cooking Guide

    U S I N G T H E O V E N Electric oven cooking guide - Fan forced & multifunction ovens Temperature Oven shelf Time in Food in °C position* minutes Scones Plain or fruit 10 -12 Biscuits Rolled 170 - 180 3 or 4 10 - 15...
  • Page 14: Grilling Guide

    G R I L L I N G G U I D E NOTE: Always clean the grill / oven dish after every use. Excessive fat build up may cause a fire. As a method of cooking. Grilling can be used to: •...
  • Page 15 Problem Causes Remedies Uneven cooking • Incorrect shelf position. - Select shelf that puts food in the centre of the oven. • Oven tray too large. - Experiment with other trays or dishes. • Trays not centralised. - Centre trays. •...
  • Page 16: Ceramic Hotplates

    C L E A N I N G T H E H O T P L AT E S Ceramic hotplates • Remove all spilt food and fat with the supplied razor blade scraper, while the ceramic glass is still warm but not hot.
  • Page 17: Safety Warnings For Cleaning

    • Use a stainless steel cleaner only where the stainless steel is extremely dirty and / or discoloured. A suitable cleaner can be purchased from Electrolux Service or Spares. Note: Make sure you follow the polish or brushing lines in the steel.
  • Page 18: Cleaning The Shelves

    C L E A N I N G T H E O V E N Cleaning the shelves 1 Slide shelves and grill dish forward until they reach the front stop. 2 Tilt them up at the front to clear the side supports.
  • Page 19: Catalytic Self-Clean Panels

    C L E A N I N G T H E O V E N Catalytic self-clean panels These panels are coated with a special enamel coating, over normal enamel. During normal cooking food spatters and fats are partially absorbed into the panels and oxidises away.
  • Page 20 S O LV I N G P R O B L E M S If you have a problem with the oven or the grill, check the table below. You may be able to solve the problem and this will save you from paying for a service call. You will have to pay for a service call even in the warranty period if the problem is one listed in the table.
  • Page 21 (certificate of compliance to be maintained). • If you need service, contact the people who know your appliance best – Electrolux Home Products (ABN 51 004 762 341). • We are the national service organisation authorised by the manufacturer to service their products.
  • Page 22: Cabinet Requirements

    85°C. Installation into lower temperature tolerant cabinetry (eg vinyl coated) may result in deterioration of the low temperature coating by discolour or bubbling. Electrolux Home Products cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by installation into low temperature tolerant cabinets. Recommended cabinet design...
  • Page 23 I N S TA L L I N G T H E A P P L I A N C E 9 Securely fix both anti-tilt brackets to the floor, using the fasteners provided. Locate the brackets against the rear wall so that the outside edges are 600mm apart. Two fasteners must be used on each bracket and the fasteners must suit the floor material.
  • Page 24 Note: • Ensure that all services provided fit within the space defined in Diagram below. • Flexible gas connections are not permitted. • See diagram below for service connection point for 6653 models (see diagram over the page for 6633 models).
  • Page 25 (For contact with service centres, see page 21). Model No 6653 gas and electric cooker, plug connect • Ensure the anti-tilt brackets have be correctly installed (see page 23).
  • Page 26 C O M M I S S I O N I N G • Correctly fit all hot plate burners and trivets. • Operate the appliance and allow for air in the gas lines to be purged. • Connect a manometer to the appliance and check the operating pressure. •...
  • Page 27 C O M M I S S I O N I N G Natural gas regulator adjustment Check supply pressure 1 Turn on smallest burner to minimum. 2 Adjust screw fully in and read pressure. 3 If reading is below 1.13 kPa then supply pressure is insufficient. …if supply pressure is between 1.13 and 1.20 kPa then proceed as follows: 1 Turn the adjusting screw outward until the pressure just begins to drop.
  • Page 28 P/No 342-1-510 ECN 03A117A 7/04...