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C45000 Advantages Over Ford F-450; C45000 Advantages Over Hino 165 - GMC C5500 Competitive Comparison Manual

Medium duty trucks.
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Table of Contents
Ford F-450 Super Duty
» Competes against C4500
» Chassis cab version of Super
Duty pickup line
» 16,000 lb. GVWR only
» 6.8L V10 gas or 6.4L
PowerStroke V8 diesel
» 2WD and 4WD
» Regular cab, extended cab and
crew cab
» 4 WB for regular cab, 1 WB for
extended cab, 2 WB for crew
» 3 trim levels
» Available integrated trailer brake
» Pickup box is new for 2008
» Updated grille and front end for
Hino 165
» The 165 is the second lightest
GVWR of Hino lineup of
conventional cab trucks
» The conventional cab was
developed from Hino's previous
Low Cab Forward design
» 16,000 lb. GVWR only
» 4-cylinder diesel only
» 4 wheelbase choices
» No crew cab available
» No gas engine available
» Limited options
» No vocational packages
» No 4WD
» Hino setting up urban-based
distribution network
» Standard 34-inch frame width
2008 Competitive Comparison
C4500 Advantages over Ford F-450
• More available wheelbase
choices on Crew Cab, to meet
customer needs (4 vs. 2)
• Accommodate bodies to 18 ft.
in length, to meet customer
needs (only to 16 ft. on F-450)
• Higher max. GVWR (17,500 lb.
vs. 16,000 lb.) results in much
higher payload capability —
nearly 1500 lb. higher for base
diesel-equipped vehicles
• Tighter turning diameter (curb-
to-curb) for comparable cab-to-
axle (51.3 ft. vs. 57.9 ft. for
120 in. CA )
• Heavy-duty Allison 6-speed
overdrive automatic is standard
on C4500 with both engines.
Allison transmission is well-
known for durability vs. Ford
5-speed overdrive automatic on
diesel only at a cost of $1480
• Longer automatic transmission
warranty adds customer peace
of mind and potentially lower
repair costs (3 years/unlimited
miles vs. 3 years/36,000 miles)
• Available exhaust brake vs. NA
for Ford F-450
C4500 Advantages over Hino 165
• Higher maximum GVWR (17,500
lb. vs. 16,000 lb. for Hino) adds
utility and value
• Higher front GAWR (7000 lb.
vs. 6000 lb. for Hino) helps
handle difficult loading
• Wide track I-Beam front axle
(80.6 in. AW vs. 73.6 in.)
assists cornering control and
helps handle high center-of-
gravity loads
• Large cowl-mounted folding
mirrors with integrated wide-
angle mirror and numerous
options for power, heat and
signals (Hino has traditional
West Coast mirrors with add-on
spot mirrors)
• Available driver and front
passenger air bags (not
available on Hino)
• Available 4WD (not available on
• Extensive Chevrolet and GMC
dealership body vs. limited
urban retailers for Hino
• Longer frame warranty can
contribute to lower service
costs (5 years/unlimited miles
vs. 3 years/36,000 miles
• Rugged taperleaf front suspen-
sion vs. coil springs with lead-
ing links, contributes to
• Large, retractable mirrors add
to driver visibility (smaller, fold-
away camper-style mirrors on
F-450 Super Duty)
• Large, secure foot step eases
entry and exit, adds to safety
(F-450 only has optional step
• Exterior grab handle to assist
entry and exit (not available on
• Priority Access Service System
provides easy engine access
(limited engine access on F-450
Super Duty)
• Higher frame yield strength
(80,000 psi vs. 36,000 psi) and
higher frame RBM (610,400 lb.-
ft./in. vs. 230,400 lb.-ft./in.) for
durability in heavy use
• More powerful engines (125 or
155 hp more with diesel, 150
hp more for gasoline engine vs.
Hino's single diesel engine)
• Higher torque (520 lb.-ft. or
available 620 lb.-ft. vs. 347 lb.-
ft. for diesel) contributes to per-
formance and towing capability
• Heavy duty Allison 6-speed
overdrive automatic on C4500
vs. Aisin 4-speed automatic on
Hino provides smaller steps
between gears for better per-
formance, and two overdrive
top gears for fuel economy
• Available air seats for driver and
front passenger add all-day
comfort, plus work-center con-
sole provides vocational utility
(Hino has no air-seat options)
• Standard synthetic transmis-
sion fluid and rear axle fluid
contributes to lower lifecycle
• C4500 frame is full depth for
the entire load length, providing
strength for end-of-frame
equipment and body attach-
ment. Ford frame uses weaker
reduced depth behind axle
• Available air seats for driver and
front passenger add comfort for
all-day work, plus work-center
console provides needed stor-
age room for vocational use
(F-450 has no air seat options)
• Separate battery box makes
body builder installation easy
(F-450 has under-hood battery
• Better visibility contributes to
safety and ease of use
(Sightline to ground is 13 ft.,
which is 13 ft. better than
• Oil life monitor reminds drivers
of service needs, contributing
to a long life (not available on
• More available cab storage,
with door-sill storage boxes and
storage under passenger seat
• Available Crew Cab, Cutaway
Cab and Motor Home Cutaway
Cabs (not available on Hino)
• Large optional 60-gal. in-rail
fuel tank available, for fewer fill-
ups and longer driving range
(35 gal. on Hino, with no
• Larger, 15-in. 4-wheel disc
brakes are standard (12.75-in.
disc brakes used on Hino)
• Available gas engine offers low
cost, easy fuel availability and
simple service (not available on
• Vocational option packages,
including Ambulance, Wrecker,
Fire and Rescue and Snow
Plow Prep available (not avail-
able on Hino)
• Fixed grille available for snow
plow or other front-mounted
accessories (not available with
• Choice of axle ratios allows
customer to match product to
needs for towing or geared
road speed (not available on


Table of Contents

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