GMC duramax diesel 2016 Supplement Manual

GMC duramax diesel 2016 Supplement Manual


Table of Contents


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ..... . 2 In Brief ......5 Instruments and Controls .
  • Page 3: Introduction

    47911 Halyard Drive substitute the name General Diesel Maintenance Schedule. The Plymouth, MI 48170 Motors of Canada Limited for GMC sections in this manual correspond and Chevrolet Motor Division to the sections in your owner wherever it appears in this manual.
  • Page 4 Introduction Using this Supplement This supplement contains information specific to the unique components of the vehicle. It does not explain everything you need to know about the vehicle. Read this supplement along with the owner manual to learn about the vehicle's features and controls.
  • Page 5 Introduction NOTES...
  • Page 6: In Brief

    In Brief In Brief Initial Drive fluid approved to Allison ® Transmission specification Information TES-295. See Recommended Fluids and Lubricants 0 121 and Initial Drive Information Transmission Automatic Transmission Fluid 0 96. Transmission ....5 Adaptive Shift Controls Cold Operation (8-Cylinder Pickup Performance and Maintenance...
  • Page 7 In Brief Heater Performance Mode Performance and designed to operate automatically, (8-Cylinder Pickup Models Only) with limited operator involvement or Maintenance awareness. When cold weather conditions are detected, the transmission raises Noise may be heard at low speeds Engine Oil Life System part throttle upshift points after the when the emission controls are 1 (First) to 2 (Second) upshift to...
  • Page 8 DEF can be purchased at a needed by the DPF-equipped in the instrument cluster and the Chevrolet or GMC dealer. It can Duramax diesel. DIC will display the message also be purchased at authorized In addition: vehicle and truck dealerships.
  • Page 9 In Brief ® vehicles with an active OnStar subscription, OnStar can help to locate a DEF retailer. See Customer Assistance Offices in the owner manual for phone numbers to assist you in contacting a GM dealer. See Recommended Fluids and Lubricants 0 121. As the DEF tank becomes low on fluid, warnings begin with approximately 1 600 km (1,000 mi)
  • Page 10: Instruments And Controls

    Instruments and Controls Instruments and Diesel Exhaust Fluid Messages ....23 Controls Diesel Particulate Filter Messages ....23 Service Vehicle Messages .
  • Page 11: Warning Lights, Gauges, And Indicators

    Instruments and Controls Warning Lights, Gauges, and Indicators Instrument Cluster English Base Level 4-Cylinder Pickup Shown, Metric Similar...
  • Page 12 Instruments and Controls English Uplevel 4-Cylinder Pickup Shown, Metric Similar...
  • Page 13 Instruments and Controls English Base Level 8-Cylinder Pickup Shown, Metric Similar...
  • Page 14 Instruments and Controls English Uplevel 8-Cylinder Pickup Shown, Metric Similar...
  • Page 15 Instruments and Controls English 8-Cylinder Denali Pickup Shown, Metric Similar...
  • Page 16 Instruments and Controls English Van Shown, Metric Similar...
  • Page 17: Fuel Gauge

    Instruments and Controls See the owner manual for warning lights and gauges not listed in this supplement. Fuel Gauge English Base 4-Cylinder Pickup English 8-Cylinder Pickup Models Shown, Uplevel Similar Metric Base 4-Cylinder Pickup Shown, Uplevel Similar Metric Van Models Metric 8-Cylinder Pickup Models...
  • Page 18: Engine Oil Pressure Gauge

    Instruments and Controls It takes a little more or less fuel to fill up than the fuel gauge indicated. For example, the gauge may have indicated the tank was half full, but it actually took a little more or less than half the tank's capacity to fill the tank.
  • Page 19: Malfunction Indicator Lamp (Check Engine Light)

    Instruments and Controls pressure message or light comes Caution on, check the oil level immediately. Do not operate the engine with the Lack of proper engine oil oil pressure warning light on or an maintenance can damage the ENGINE OIL LOW ADD OIL engine.
  • Page 20: Emissions Inspection/Maintenance Programs

    Instruments and Controls If the light remains on, see your Caution dealer. Modifications to the engine, Emissions Inspection and transmission, exhaust, intake, Maintenance Programs or fuel system, or the use of If the vehicle requires an Emissions replacement tires that do not Inspection/Maintenance test, the Malfunctions are often indicated by meet the original tire...
  • Page 21: Wait-To-Start Light

    Instruments and Controls The vehicle may not pass Wait-to-Start Light Diesel Exhaust Fluid inspection if: (DEF) Warning Light The light is on when the engine is running. The light does not come on when the ignition is in ON/RUN with the engine not running. Critical emission control systems If the wait-to-start light comes on, have not been completely...
  • Page 22: Power Take-Off Light (8-Cylinder Pickup Models)

    Instruments and Controls Power Take-Off Light Information Displays When the remaining fuel filter life is low, the CHANGE FUEL FILTER (8-Cylinder Pickup message will appear on the display. Driver Information Models) Change the fuel filter as soon as Center (DIC) possible.
  • Page 23: Vehicle Messages

    Instruments and Controls Vehicle Messages Engine Cooling System Engine Power Messages Messages (8-Cylinder ENGINE POWER IS REDUCED The Driver Information Center (DIC) Pickups and Vans) will display warning messages if a A computer monitors the operation problem is detected. Pressing the of the engine.
  • Page 24: Diesel Exhaust Fluid

    Instruments and Controls Diesel Exhaust Fluid EXHAUST FLUID EMPTY Diesel Particulate Filter REFILL NOW Messages Messages This message will be displayed For more information on these CLEANING EXHAUST FILTER when the DEF tank is empty. This messages, see Exhaust Fluid Low CONTINUE DRIVING message may be accompanied by or Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor in...
  • Page 25: Service Vehicle Messages

    Instruments and Controls CLEANING EXHAUST FILTER SERVICE EMISSION SYSTEM (8-Cylinder Pickups and Vans Only) under Starting the Diesel MUST CONTINUE DRIVING SEE OWNERS MANUAL NOW Engine 0 28. (4-Cylinder Pickups) This message displays when the emission system needs service. It is important to keep driving to Vehicle Speed Messages Take the vehicle to your dealer.
  • Page 26 Instruments and Controls EXHAUST FLUID SYSTEM. The SPEED LIMITED TO 105 KM/H SPEED LIMITED TO 7 KM/ vehicle speed will be limited to (65 MPH) H (4 MPH) 88 km/h (55 mph) when the This message will be displayed This message will be displayed countdown is over.
  • Page 27: Vehicle Personalization

    Instruments and Controls Vehicle 5. Turn the MENU knob to scroll Power Take-Off (PTO) (If to the desired menu, then Equipped) Personalization press the MENU knob. There may be additional features If equipped, these features may be Use the audio system controls to that can be customized for the PTO.
  • Page 28 Instruments and Controls PTO SET 1 SPEED Turn the MENU knob to the desired PTO Tap Step Speed setting. Press This feature is available if the the MENU knob to select the vehicle is configured for Stationary desired setting. Preset PTO, and allows the selection of the PTO set 1 speed.
  • Page 29: Driving And Operating

    Driving and Operating Driving and Filling the Tank ....62 Starting and Filling a Portable Fuel Operating Operating Container ..... 63 Towing Starting the Diesel Trailer Towing .
  • Page 30 Driving and Operating Cold Weather Starting (Diesel Caution Caution Engine) Do not try to shift to P (Park) if the If the wait-to-start light stays on Use the recommended engine oil vehicle is moving. If you do, you after starting the vehicle, the when the outside temperature drops below freezing.
  • Page 31 Driving and Operating If the light does not go off, wait a or 1200 rpm for van models when Warning few seconds, then try starting the outside temperatures are below 0 °C engine again. See your dealer as (32 °F), and the engine coolant Do not use gasoline or starting soon as you can for a starting temperature is below 65 °C (150 °F).
  • Page 32: Winter Cover

    Driving and Operating The high idle speed will be The transmission is in P (Park) Winter Cover temporarily interrupted and the or N (Neutral). 4-Cylinder Pickups engine speed will return to normal if The vehicle speed is about any of the following conditions Do not use a winter cover on a 0 km/h (0 mph).
  • Page 33 Driving and Operating these temperatures, the vehicle Do not cover the opening in the installation of the cover is best does not need a large amount of air front bumper. performed when the winter cover to properly cool the engine. When is warm.
  • Page 34 Driving and Operating Installation (GMC Pickup) 1. The white label must be at the top and back of the cover. 2. Starting in the middle, attach 3. To remove, reverse the steps fastening points as illustrated. listed previously.
  • Page 35 Driving and Operating Installation (Van Models) 1. Open the hood and secure it with the prop rod. 2. Starting in the middle, attach 3. To remove, reverse the steps fastening points as illustrated. listed previously.
  • Page 36: Engine Heater

    Driving and Operating 5. To remove the winter cover, reverse the steps listed previously. Engine Heater If equipped, the engine coolant heater can provide easier starting in cold weather conditions at or below 18 °C (0 °F). The engine coolant heater should be plugged in at least four hours before starting.
  • Page 37 Driving and Operating 4. Plug it into a normal, grounded Warning (Continued) 110-volt AC outlet. it overheat and cause a fire, Warning property damage, electric shock, and injury. Improper use of the heater cord Do not operate the vehicle or an extension cord can damage with the heater cord the cord and may result in permanently attached to the...
  • Page 38: Fuel Operated Heater (Foh)

    Driving and Operating The length of time the heater should Fuel Operated Fuel level is greater or equal to remain plugged in depends on the 12.5% of the total fuel tank Heater (FOH) outside temperature. You may wish volume. to use the coolant heater to improve The engine is running.
  • Page 39: Diesel Particulate Filter

    Driving and Operating Diesel Particulate Caution Warning Filter Permanent damage can occur to During DPF self cleaning or The vehicle has a Diesel Particulate the DPF or related components if during extended idling in P (Park), Filter (DPF) as part of the exhaust the required Ultra Low Sulfur the exhaust system and exhaust system to reduce vehicle emissions.
  • Page 40: Diesel Exhaust Fluid

    Driving and Operating Vehicles with DPF have specific fuel Diesel Exhaust Fluid Caution (Continued) and engine oil requirements. See What Fuel to Use in The U.S. 0 48 Information Center for messages Warning or What Fuel to Use in Canada and and take appropriate indicated Mexico 0 51 and Engine Oil 0 92 for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is...
  • Page 41 DEF can be purchased at a Capacities and Specifications 0 126. upfitter will vary. Check the upfitter Chevrolet or GMC dealer. It can manual. also be purchased at authorized Do not overfill the DEF tank. When vehicle and truck dealerships.
  • Page 42 Driving and Operating Exhaust Fluid Low If the DIC message clears while Silverado/Sierra/Sierra Denali - driving, the speed limitation will be 5.7 L (1.5 gal) A full DEF tank will last for several removed gradually. thousand kilometers (miles), Express/Savana - 5.7 L (1.5 gal) depending on vehicle usage.
  • Page 43 Driving and Operating A warning light and a chime also A flashing warning light and a chime (4 MPH) displays. A flashing come on. Vehicle speed will be also come on. Vehicle speed will be warning light and a chime also reduced to a maximum speed limit reduced to a maximum speed limit come on.
  • Page 44 Driving and Operating For emergency vans with RPO EXHAUST FLUID QUALITY After the transition to 89 km/h YF2 or emergency pickups with POOR - SEE OWNERS (55 mph) is complete, a DIC RPO ANM, EXHAUST FLUID MANUAL NOW - SPEED message EXHAUST FLUID QUALITY POOR - SEE LIMITED TO 105 KM/H...
  • Page 45 Driving and Operating Service Exhaust Fluid System TRANSITIONING TO 105 KM/H When the mileage countdown is (65 MPH) MAX SPEED displays. zero, the DIC message SERVICE If a problem occurs with the DEF A warning light and a chime also EXHAUST FLUID SYSTEM - SEE system, the DIC message displays: come on.
  • Page 46 Driving and Operating also come on. Vehicle speed will be If the DIC message persists, see (55 MPH) MAX SPEED displays. reduced to a maximum speed limit your dealer or additional DIC A chime also comes on. Vehicle of 7 km/h (4 mph). messages may display.
  • Page 47: Brakes

    Driving and Operating Brakes For 8-cylinder pickups, the Driver Information Center (DIC) displays the message EXHAUST BRAKE ON Exhaust Brake for approximately 10 seconds, then clears. Diesel pickups have an exhaust brake to enhance the vehicle brake To turn the brake off, press the system and reduce brake exhaust brake switch a second time.
  • Page 48: Fuel

    Driving and Operating Automatic downshifts will not occur Fuel Caution (Continued) if the vehicle is in Range Selection Mode. See Manual Mode in the Fuel for Diesel Engines Diesel fuel has been mixed owner manual. with engine oil, vegetable This vehicle is approved to use The exhaust brake only activates oil, or automatic diesel fuel with no more than 15...
  • Page 49: What Fuel To Use In

    Driving and Operating What Fuel to Use in appropriate seasonal blend. If in Caution doubt, please confirm with your The U.S. local fuel supplier. Use of diesel fuel other than Ultra Use only diesel fuel with ultra low Premium Diesel Fuel Low Sulfur Diesel (15 ppm sulfur sulfur content (15 ppm, maximum).
  • Page 50 Driving and Operating Caution (Continued) Caution (Continued) or blends of vegetable oil with after-treatment system damage diesel. They could damage the would not be covered by the fuel system and engine, and vehicle warranty. damages would not be covered by the vehicle warranty. Pumps dispensing more than 5% and up to 20% biodiesel are required to be labeled with the...
  • Page 51 Driving and Operating fuel, purchase biodiesel blends avoid the use of biodiesel biodiesel blends. If the operating from a BQ-9000 certified blended fuels above 5% by temperature is far below the marketer. See volume. When vehicles are temperature at which gelling or for a list of certified marketers.
  • Page 52: What Fuel To Use In Canada

    Driving and Operating service. The fuel filter, however, Accidental Refueling with What Fuel to Use in Canada will not prevent all damage Gasoline Use diesel fuel that meets CAN/ caused by poor quality biodiesel. CGSB-3.517 specification in Caution Canada. Contact a fuel supplier for Refueling questions about fuel.
  • Page 53 Driving and Operating Diesel Type A fuel in warm or hot Caution (Continued) Warning climates. Doing so can result in stalling, poor starting when the unmodified bio-oils, fats, Heat coming from the engine can engine is hot, and damage to the or blends of vegetable oil with cause the fuel to expand and fuel injection system.
  • Page 54: Cold Weather Operation

    Driving and Operating move the vehicle to a warm garage Caution (Continued) Warning area and allow the filter to warm up. The fuel filter may need to be gauge reads near E (Empty). Diesel fuel containing water is still replaced. See Fuel Filter Refuel with Ultra Low Sulfur combustible.
  • Page 55 Driving and Operating Recommended Recommended Caution (Continued) Problem Action Problem Action If the fuel tank needs to be Message Drain the fuel Immediately A large amount purged to remove water, see your displays and filter after refueling, of water is in the dealer or a qualified technician.
  • Page 56 Driving and Operating Caution Driving with this message on can damage the fuel injection system and the engine. If the message comes on right after a refuel, water was pumped into the fuel tank. Turn off the engine and drain the water immediately. Removing Water from Fuel 8-Cylinder Pickup Filter...
  • Page 57: Fuel Priming

    Driving and Operating the valve and all of the water The vehicle ran out of fuel. 3. Check that the fuel lines are has been drained. Close the properly connected. The fuel filter was removed. valve hand tight. 4. Remove any dirt from the fuel The fuel lines were removed or For 4-cylinder pickup and van filter head and vent valve.
  • Page 58: Running Out Of Fuel

    Driving and Operating engine to idle for a few minutes 6. If the engine starts, but does after it starts. Check the filter not run smoothly, increase the for leaks. engine speed slightly. 7. If the engine starts and runs To Prime 4-Cylinder Pickup and but stalls again, turn the Van Models...
  • Page 59: Fuel Filter Replacement

    Driving and Operating If the engine has stalled due to 4-Cylinder Pickup and Van Fuel Filter Replacement running out of fuel, try the following Models 8-Cylinder Pickup Models steps to restart it: If the engine has stalled due to 1. If parked on a level surface, running out of fuel, try to restart it: Warning add at least 7.6 L (2 gal) of...
  • Page 60 Driving and Operating allow the rear of the wheel liner 13. Reset the fuel filter monitor. Caution (Continued) to be lowered enough for fuel See Driver Information Center filter access. (DIC) 0 21. get into the engine. This could 4-Cylinder Pickup Models cause engine damage.
  • Page 61 Driving and Operating The fuel filter is on the driver side, Van Models inside the frame rail in front of the If the fuel operated heater (FOH) is fuel tank. not working, the FOH line requires 1. Drain any water from the filter. priming.
  • Page 62 Driving and Operating 1. Drain any water from the filter. 3. Remove the filter element. 4. Install the new filter element. See Removing Water From If there is any dirt on the filter 5. Reinstall and tighten the filter Fuel Filter in Water in sealing surface, clean it off.
  • Page 63: Filling The Tank

    Driving and Operating Filling the Tank exhaust fluid cap is also behind the Warning (Continued) fuel door. Do not remove both caps at the same time. Warning Fuel can spray out if the fuel For chassis-cab models, refuel the cap is opened too quickly. Fuel vapors and fuel fires burn front tank first, or in instances when This spray can happen if the...
  • Page 64: Container

    Driving and Operating surfaces as soon as possible. See Caution Warning (Continued) Exterior Care in the Owner Manual. If your vehicle has been Place the container on the When replacing the fuel cap, turn it ground. accidentally filled with gasoline, clockwise until it clicks.
  • Page 65: Trailer Towing

    Driving and Operating Towing Trailer Towing When towing at high elevation on steep uphill grades, consider the following: Engine coolant at higher elevation will boil at a lower temperature than at or near sea level. If the engine is turned off immediately after towing at high elevation on steep uphill grades, the vehicle may show signs similar to engine overheating.
  • Page 66 Driving and Operating 2500/3500 Series Pickup Models SAE J2807 Compliant Vehicle Axle Ratio Max. Trailer Wt. GCWR * C-2500 Pickup Models Pickup Model Double Cab 3.73 7 666 kg (16,900 lb) 11 385 kg (25,100 lb) Standard Box Pickup Model Crew Cab Standard 3.73 7 167 kg (15,800 lb) 11 385 kg (25,100 lb)
  • Page 67 Driving and Operating 2500/3500 Series Pickup Models SAE J2807 Compliant Vehicle Axle Ratio Max. Trailer Wt. GCWR * Pickup Model Crew Cab Long 3.73 5 851 kg (12,900 lb) 11 385 kg (25,100 lb) C-3500 Pickup Model Double Cab Long Box Single Rear Wheels 3.73 7 893 kg (17,400 lb)
  • Page 68 Driving and Operating 2500/3500 Series Pickup Models SAE J2807 Compliant Vehicle Axle Ratio Max. Trailer Wt. GCWR * K-3500 Pickup Model Crew Cab Long Box Single Rear Wheels 3.73 7 666 kg (16,900 lb) 11 385 kg (25,100 lb) Dual Rear Wheels 3.73 10 251 kg (22,600 lb) 14 107 kg (31,100 lb)
  • Page 69 Driving and Operating C/K-3600 Series Chassis Cab Vehicle Axle Ratio Max. Trailer Wt. GCWR * *The Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) is the total allowable weight of the completely loaded vehicle and trailer including any passengers, cargo, equipment, and conversions. The GCWR for the vehicle should not be exceeded.
  • Page 70 Driving and Operating 2500/3500 Series Van Models Vehicle Axle Ratio Max. Trailer Wt. GCWR * G2500 Cargo Van Short 3.54 4 536 kg (10,000 lb) 7 711 kg (17,000 lb) Wheelbase G2500 Cargo Van Long 3.54 4 536 kg (10,000 lb) 7 711 kg (17,000 lb) Wheelbase G3500 Cargo Van Short...
  • Page 71 Driving and Operating See Trailer Towing in the owner manual for kingpin weight and trailer tongue weight information. Weight of the Trailer Tongue The tongue load (1) of any trailer is very important because it is also part of the vehicle weight. The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) includes the curb weight of the vehicle, any cargo carried in it, and...
  • Page 72: Power Take-Off (Pto)

    Driving and Operating Conversions and Maximum Tongue Vehicle Series Hitch Type Weight Add-Ons 2.8L Diesel Vertical Load 349 kg (770 lb) 4x2 (ALL) Power Take-Off (PTO) 2.8L Diesel SWB Vertical Load 349 kg (770 lb) If equipped, the PTO is an Upfitter Ext.
  • Page 73 Driving and Operating Primary PTO Operating Modes Remote PTO modes provide for Caution (Continued) remote engine starting and PTO modes of operation are: shutdown. can cause unconsciousness or Preset Remote PTO modes provide for even death. Never operate PTO Stationary operation only: In-cab engine shutdown due to critical in an enclosed area such as a control is standard, remote...
  • Page 74 Driving and Operating 4. Once the PTO Standby Speed See your dealer if the default 5. From outside the vehicle, press is reached, use the cruise presets are not functioning and release the PTO Remote control -/SET and +/RES Arm Switch. properly.
  • Page 75 Driving and Operating Standby Speed (default = 900 Refer to the service manual or is 100 rpm and the setting for rpm) so maximum power is go to the Upfitter Integration the ramp rate is 150 rpm/sec. available. website for The GM Service Tool can details and advanced enable the capability to change...
  • Page 76 Driving and Operating 5. From outside the vehicle, press as a continuous variable Both values can be modified from and release the PTO Remote throttle control to dial in the the factory default settings with Arm Switch. desired engine speed. the GM Service Tool.
  • Page 77 Driving and Operating Mobile PTO remain at the current throttle The accelerator pedal can be setting or advance to PTO used to achieve the desired Mobile Enable Conditions Standby Speed, whichever speed. When the desired In-Cab Operation Only value is greater. If the engine speed is reached, the cruise Requires programming with the GM rpm is above 1500 rpm, the...
  • Page 78 Driving and Operating PTO System Disengage is still stored in memory. The parking brake is released. Activating the cruise control Conditions The transmission is shifted out +/RES button will restore engine of P (Park). Preset or Variable Stationary rpm to the last PTO set speed. Modes In-Cab Operation The ignition is cycled from RUN...
  • Page 79 Driving and Operating are present, a horn chirp Release the parking brake. indicating that a PTO set speed warning will occur after 30 is still stored in memory. Mobile Mode 60 seconds. The engine will shut Pressing the cruise control To disengage PTO: down two minutes after the horn +/RES button will restore engine...
  • Page 80 Driving and Operating The parking brake is applied. not allow effective regeneration or SET : Press and hold the cleaning will eventually plug the accelerator to obtain the desired The shift lever is moved out of DPF and result in reduced power. engine speed, then press and manual shift selection, M1, The ENGINE POWER IS...
  • Page 81 Driving and Operating In-Cab Cruise Control +/RES speed is reached or until the Button or Remote PTO Set 2 maximum allowable PTO set speed Switch is reached. Alternatively, the engine speed acceleration can be adjusted RESUME : After a PTO set speed through the Radio has been met, a Resume Speed is Customization menu.
  • Page 82 Driving and Operating Programmable Factory Setting Minimum Value Maximum Value Parameters PTO Option Configuration VEHICLE STATIONARY, VEHICLE STATIONARY, PRESET SPEED PRESET SPEED VEHICLE STATIONARY, VARIABLE SPEED VEHICLE MOBILE, VARIABLE SPEED PTO Control (Switch Type) In-Cab PTO Mode Switch Interior Mode PTO Switch Remote PTO Mode Switch Type of Set Switch MOMENTARY...
  • Page 83 Driving and Operating Programmable Factory Setting Minimum Value Maximum Value Parameters PTO Max. Engine Speed 2100 RPM 500 RPM 3100 RPM Max. Engine Speed for 1500 RPM 1000 RPM 1800 RPM PTO Engagement PTO Standby RPM 900 RPM 500 RPM PTO Set 1 3100 RPM Speed cannot be set below PTO Standby Speed...
  • Page 84 Driving and Operating Programmable Factory Setting Minimum Value Maximum Value Parameters Remote Set Switch SET SPEED 1 STANDBY SPEED, SET SPEED 1, or SET SPEED 2 Transition to Low Voltage (<33% of Ignition Voltage) Remote Set Switch PTO STANDBY STANDBY SPEED, SET SPEED 1, or SET SPEED 2 Transition to Open State (>33% of Ignition, and <67% of Ignition Voltage)
  • Page 85 Driving and Operating PTO: SET PARK BRAKE The GM service technician can (Stationary only) access Service Tool information that will contain reasons why PTO may PTO: PRESS & RELEASE not engage and why PTO may BRAKE (Mobile only) unexpectedly disengage due to PTO: RELEASE BRAKE system conditions.
  • Page 86: Vehicle Care

    Vehicle Care Vehicle Care General Information GM Accessories are designed to complement and function with other systems on the vehicle. See your Accessories and dealer to accessorize the vehicle General Information Modifications using genuine GM Accessories Accessories and installed by a dealer technician. Adding non-dealer accessories or Modifications .
  • Page 87: Vehicle Care

    Vehicle Care failure, or reduce the life of the engine, engine emission system, transmission, and drivetrain. Damage, failure, or reduced life of the engine, transmission, emission system, drivetrain, or other vehicle components caused by aftermarket engine performance enhancement products or modifications might not be covered under the vehicle warranty.
  • Page 88: Vehicle Checks

    Vehicle Care Vehicle Checks Engine Compartment Overview 4-Cylinder Pickup Models...
  • Page 89 Vehicle Care 1. Coolant Surge Tank and Pressure Cap 2. Engine Air Cleaner/Filter 3. Engine Oil Fill Cap 4. Engine Fan (Out of View) 5. Engine Oil Dipstick 6. Underhood Fuse Block 7. Brake Fluid Reservoir 8. Windshield Washer Fluid Reservoir 9.
  • Page 90 Vehicle Care 8-Cylinder Pickup Models...
  • Page 91 Vehicle Care 1. Remote Positive (+) Terminal 2. Battery 3. Coolant Surge Tank and Pressure Cap 4. Engine Air Cleaner/Filter 5. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Fill Tube 6. Engine Oil Dipstick 7. Engine Oil Fill Cap 8. Engine Fan (Out of View) 9.
  • Page 92 Vehicle Care Van Models...
  • Page 93: Engine Oil

    Vehicle Care 1. Battery Use engine oil approved to the Obtaining an accurate oil level proper specification and of the reading is essential: 2. Coolant Surge Tank and proper viscosity grade. See Pressure Cap 1. Turn off the engine and allow at Selecting the Right Engine Oil least five minutes for the oil to 3.
  • Page 94 Vehicle Care When to Add Engine Oil Selecting the Right Engine Oil Caution (2.8L 4-Cylinder Engine) Do not add too much oil. Oil Selecting the right engine oil levels above or below the depends on both the proper oil specification and viscosity grade. acceptable operating range See Recommended Fluids and shown on the dipstick are harmful...
  • Page 95 Vehicle Care Engine Oil Additives/Engine Oil Flushes dexos2 Do not add anything to the oil. The recommended oils meeting the dexos2 specification are all that is needed for good performance and engine protection. Caution Engine oil system flushes are not recommended and could cause Failure to use the recommended engine damage not covered by the...
  • Page 96 Vehicle Care Engine Oil Additives/Engine Oil Caution Flushes Do not add anything to the oil. The Use only engine oils that have the recommended oils with the API designation CJ-4 for the diesel service symbol are all that is engine. Failure to use the needed for good performance and recommended oil can damage the engine protection.
  • Page 97: Engine Oil Life System

    Vehicle Care trash or pouring it on the ground, Use the transmission fluid listed in Wait at least 30 minutes before into sewers, or into streams or Recommended Fluids and checking the transmission fluid level bodies of water. Recycle it by taking Lubricants 0 121.
  • Page 98 Vehicle Care Then, without shutting off the 3. Check the fluid level reading. 1. Operate the transmission in D engine, follow these steps: Repeat the check procedure to (Drive) until the normal verify the reading. operating temperature of 71 °C Cold Check Procedure (160 °F) to 93 °C (200 °F) is 4.
  • Page 99 Vehicle Care Consistency of Readings Torque converter clutch operation 2. For areas where ambient will also be prevented when air or temperatures fall below 40 °C Always check the fluid level at least ( 40 °F), synthetic transmission oil temperatures are twice using the procedures below certain levels.
  • Page 100 Vehicle Care How to Check At high speed for quite a while. Caution In heavy traffic especially in Because this operation can be a hot weather. little difficult, the decision may be Use of the incorrect automatic made to have this done by your transmission fluid may damage While pulling a trailer.
  • Page 101 Vehicle Care fluid. Checking the fluid hot will give The transmission dipstick is near 3. If the fluid level is in the you a more accurate reading of the the center of the engine acceptable range, push the fluid level. compartment and will be labeled dipstick in all the way, then flip with the graphic shown.
  • Page 102: Engine Air Cleaner/Filter

    Vehicle Care 8-Cylinder Pickup Models Caution (Continued) The air cleaner/filter assembly is on the front corner of the engine warranty. Always use the compartment on the passenger side automatic transmission fluid listed of the vehicle. See Engine in Recommended Fluids and Compartment Overview 0 87.
  • Page 103 Vehicle Care 4. Raise the air cleaner housing Van Models Warning cover and remove the air cleaner/filter from the air Operating the engine with the air cleaner housing. Take care to cleaner/filter off can cause you or dislodge as little dirt as others to be burned.
  • Page 104 Vehicle Care How to Inspect the Engine Air 5. Reinstall the cover and tighten Cleaner/Filter the screws. Do not start the engine or have the 6. Reset the air cleaner/filter engine running with the engine air restriction indicator (2), filter housing open. Before removing if equipped, by pressing the top the engine air filter, make sure that button on the indicator.
  • Page 105: Cooling System

    Vehicle Care 8-Cylinder Pickup Models Van Models Caution If the air cleaner/filter is off, dirt can easily get into the engine, which could damage it. Always have the air cleaner/filter in place when you are driving. Cooling System The cooling system allows the engine to maintain the correct working temperature.
  • Page 106: Engine Coolant

    Vehicle Care Engine Coolant Warning (Continued) Caution The cooling system in the vehicle is Do not run the engine if there is a ® Using coolant other than filled with DEX-COOL engine ® leak. If you run the engine, it DEX-COOL can cause coolant mixture.
  • Page 107 Vehicle Care Checking Coolant (8-Cylinder Warning (Continued) Caution (Continued) Pickup Models) the proper coolant mixture will. engine cooling parts. The repairs The vehicle's coolant warning would not be covered by the system is set for the proper vehicle warranty. Use only the coolant mixture.
  • Page 108 Vehicle Care Checking Coolant (Van Models) The vehicle must be on a level Warning surface. When the engine is cold, the coolant level should be at the Turning the surge tank pressure COLD FILL mark. cap when the engine and radiator Adding Coolant (4-Cylinder are hot can allow steam and Pickup)
  • Page 109 Vehicle Care Turn the pressure cap slowly Warning Warning (Continued) counterclockwise about one full turn. If a hiss is heard, wait for You can be burned if you spill come out at high speed. Never that to stop. A hiss means coolant on hot engine parts.
  • Page 110: Engine Overheating

    Vehicle Care On pickup models, slowly Caution Warning (Continued) continue to add coolant so it goes into the non-pressurized If the pressure cap is not tightly Wait until there is no sign of side (fender side) of the installed, coolant loss and steam or coolant before you open coolant surge tank until it possible engine damage may...
  • Page 111: Battery

    Vehicle Care If there is an engine overheat If the vehicle no longer has the Battery (4 Cylinder warning and the vehicle does not overheat warning, the vehicle can Engine Only) have a low coolant condition, and be driven. Just to be safe, drive no steam is heard or seen, the slower for about 10 minutes.
  • Page 112: Electrical System

    Vehicle Care Electrical System Lift the cover to access the fuse block. Engine Compartment Caution Fuse Block Spilling liquid on any electrical For 8-cylinder pickups and vans, component on the vehicle may see Electrical System in the owner damage it. Always keep the manual.
  • Page 113 Vehicle Care 4-Cylinder Pickup...
  • Page 114 Vehicle Care The vehicle may not be equipped Fuses Usage Fuses Usage with all of the fuses, relays, and Heated seat features shown. power 2 Front axle actuator Fuses Usage Body control Traction control module 3 module power ICCM Engine control Fuel pump module power Front blower...
  • Page 115 Vehicle Care Fuses Usage Fuses Usage Relays Usage Crankcase Trailer Wiper speed ventilation heater reverse lamp Wiper control Fog lamps (if Left trailer stop Cargo lamp equipped) lamps/Turn lamps Powertrain Right trailer stop Fuel pump lamps/Turn lamps Trailer park lamps Electric power Horn steering...
  • Page 116: Service And Maintenance

    Service and Maintenance Service and General Information Your dealer recognizes the importance of providing Maintenance This maintenance section applies to competitively priced maintenance vehicles with a diesel engine. For and repair services. With trained gasoline engine vehicles, see the technicians, your dealer is the place maintenance schedule section in for routine maintenance such as oil General Information...
  • Page 117: Service And Maintenance

    Service and Maintenance keep the vehicle in good working Mainly driven in hilly or Maintenance condition, improves fuel economy, mountainous terrain. Schedule and reduces vehicle emissions. Frequently towing a trailer. Because of the way people use Owner Checks and Services Used for high speed or vehicles, maintenance needs vary.
  • Page 118 Service and Maintenance last service. Reset the oil life system when the oil is changed. See Engine Oil Life System 0 96. Required Services Every 12 000 km/7,500 mi Check engine oil level and oil life percentage. If needed, change engine oil and filter, and reset oil life system.
  • Page 119 Service and Maintenance Maintenance Schedule Additional Required Services - Normal Perform Required Services. Check engine oil level and oil life percentage. Change engine oil and filter, if needed. Replace engine air cleaner filter. (1) Change automatic transmission fluid and filter. (HD 6-Speed Allison Transmission Only) Change automatic transmission external filter.
  • Page 120 Service and Maintenance Footnotes Maintenance Schedule Additional Required Services - Normal (1) Or every four years, whichever comes first. If driving in dusty conditions, inspect the filter at each oil change or more often as needed. (2) Or every five years, whichever comes first.
  • Page 121 Service and Maintenance Maintenance Schedule Additional Required Services - Severe Perform Required Services. Check engine oil level and oil life percentage. Change engine oil and filter, if needed. Replace engine air cleaner filter. (1) Change automatic transmission fluid and filter. Drain and fill engine cooling system.
  • Page 122: Recommended Fluids

    Service and Maintenance Recommended Fluids Recommended Fluids and Lubricants The following fluids apply to vehicles with a Duramax diesel engine and/or an Allison Transmission. For other fluids not listed here, see Recommended Fluids and Lubricants in the owner manual. Fluids and lubricants identified below by name, part number, or specification can be obtained from your dealer. Usage Fluid/Lubricant Engine Oil (2.8L 4-Cylinder Engine)
  • Page 123: Maintenance Replacement Parts

    Service and Maintenance Usage Fluid/Lubricant ® Automatic Transmission DEXRON -VI Automatic Transmission Fluid. Allison Transmission Only: For areas where ambient temperatures are below -40 °C (-40 °F) use Synthetic Transmission Fluid approved to Allison Transmission specification TES-295 (GM Part No. 12378515, in Canada 88900701).
  • Page 124 Service and Maintenance Part GM Part Number ACDelco Part Number 4-Cylinder 55595791 PF69 8-Cylinder 88917036 PF2232 Use only the specified filters.
  • Page 125: Maintenance Records

    Service and Maintenance Maintenance Records After the scheduled services are performed, record the date, odometer reading, who performed the service, and the type of services performed in the boxes provided. Retain all maintenance receipts. Odometer Date Serviced By Services Performed Reading...
  • Page 126: Technical Data

    Technical Data Technical Data Vehicle Data Capacities and Specifications ....126 Engine Drive Belt Routing ..128...
  • Page 127 Technical Data Vehicle Data Capacities and Specifications The following approximate capacities are given in metric and English conversions. See Recommended Fluids and Lubricants 0 121. Capacities Application Metric English Cooling System (Pickup Models) 2.8L 4-Cylinder Engines 11.2 L 12.5 qt 6.6L 8-Cylinder Engines 27.0 L 28.5 qt...
  • Page 128 Technical Data Capacities Application Metric English Engine Oil with Filter 2.8L 4-Cylinder Engines 5.7 L 6.0 qt 6.6L 8-Cylinder Engines 9.5 L 10.0 qt Transmission Fluid (Pan Removal and Filter Replacement) 6.6L 8-Cylinder Engines 7.0 L 7.4 qt *Do not overfill the DEF tank. See Diesel Exhaust Fluid 0 39. All quantities are approximate.
  • Page 129 Technical Data Engine Drive Belt Routing 2.8L 4-Cylinder Engine 6.6L 8-Cylinder Engine...
  • Page 130: Index

    Index Index Accessories and Modifications . . . 85 Diesel Air Cleaner/Filter, Engine ..101 Starting Your Engine ... . 28 Automatic Diesel Exhaust Fluid ...7, 39 Transmission Fluid .
  • Page 131 Index Engine (cont'd) Fuel (cont'd) Oil Life System ....96 Operated Heater (FOH) ..37 Lamps Oil Messages .
  • Page 132 Index Service Vehicle Engine ......92 Accessories and Canadian Owners ....2 Engine Oil Life System .

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