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Electro-Voice Q66 Specifications

Electro-Voice Q66 Specifications

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The Electro-Voice Q66 amplifier is a very
high-quality power amplifier designed to
elicit excellent performance from any
speaker system. Its low distortion and sub-
stantial headroom ensure that program ma-
terial will be accurately amplified.
Each channel of the Q66 delivers more
than 300-watts continuous average power
into 8 ohms, 500 watts into 4 ohms and
650 watts into 2 ohms over the full audio
frequency range. In the bridged mode, the
amplifier can deliver more than 1,200 watts
into 8 ohms and 1,700 watts into 4 ohms at
less than 1% THD. The power supply with
its large torodial transformer gives the am-
plifier impressive headroom and current out-
put capability.
The Q66 contains 20 high-power output de-
vices with 5,000 watts of dissipation capa-
bility. These devices are protected from over-
heating by two, three-speed temperature-sen-
sitive fans. The fans are quiet enough to per-
mit use of the Q66 in noise-sensitive appli-
cations such as recording studios and houses
of worship.
The output devices are mounted to two large,
extruded aluminum heat sinks that are engi-
neered to minimize thermal gradients and
allow the amplifier to operate safely into low-
impedance loads. The output devices have a
maximum junction temperature of 200
F), so high operational temperatures
present no problems. The output devices are
mounted directly to the heat sinks without
mica insulators to ensure better dissipation
of heat.
The Q66 has sophisticated protection circuits
that guard it and the load from problems.
Protection circuits guard against overload,
over-temperature, shorted outputs, radio-fre-
quency interference and dc faults. The out-
put devices are protected against damage
from the reverse feeding of electrical energy
(back EMF) from the load and are switched
on via relays to avoid transients which could
damage speakers.
The Q66 has built-in limiters to protect
speakers from the deleterious effects of am-
plifier clipping. The limiter's action is con-
trolled by very sophisticated input/output
comparators which are designed to preserve
the sonic integrity of the source.
The Q66 has electronically-balanced XLR-
type input and signal output connectors that
allow easy, problem-free connections and
signal routing. The amplifier has an input
Stereo Power Amplifier
• 380 watts per channel at 8 ohms;
600 watts per channel at 4 ohms;
and 850 watts per channel at 2 ohms
at 1 kHz
• 1,200 watts bridged at 8 ohms;
1,700 watts bridged into 4 ohms
at 1 kHz
• State-of-the-art limiters driven by a
sophisticated input/output compara-
tor ensure freedom from amplifier
• High-current Neutrik Speakon
connectors for channels A, B and
bridged operation for loss-free
• Active-balanced XLR-type input and
paralleled XLR-type output connec-
tors provide easy signal routing
• Rear-mounted dB-scaled detented
level controls for easy control of gain
routing switch that allows selection of either
normal dual-channel operation or parallel
mono operation, which routes an input to
both channels but still allows independent
level control.
The Q66's professional Neutrik Speakon
output connectors provide sturdy, reliable
connections and allow use of heavy wire for
loss-free signal transmission. There are sepa-
rate output connectors for channels, A and
B, and for the bridge mode. The bridge mode
connector is sealed with a plastic cover to
prevent connection errors.
To prevent ground loops from occurring, the
Q66 is equipped with a ground-lift switch.
When the amplifier is operated in a rack with
units of different ground potential, the switch
may be adjusted to eliminate hum.
Separate potentiometers on the rear panel of
the Q66 allow easy regulation of gain. There
is easily readable nomenclature to ensure
easily repeatable control settings.
The Electro-Voice Q66 is an excellent choice
for high-quality professional sound system
applications which require excellent sound
quality, speaker protection and the highest
level of construction quality and long-term



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  • Page 1 Separate potentiometers on the rear panel of The Q66 contains 20 high-power output de- The Q66 has built-in limiters to protect the Q66 allow easy regulation of gain. There vices with 5,000 watts of dissipation capa- speakers from the deleterious effects of am- is easily readable nomenclature to ensure bility.
  • Page 2 Specifications 2 ohms. In bridged mode at 1 kHz, the the product by anyone other than Electro-Voice The power amplifier shall be a dual-channel amplifier shall deliver 1,200 watts into Service or any of its authorized service repre- model of solid-state design employing high- 8 ohms and 1,700 watts into 4 ohms.
  • Page 3 Q66 Stereo Power Amplifier Figure 1—Front and Rear Panels Figure 2—Block Diagram...
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    Q66 Stereo Power Amplifier Power Bandwidth (+0, -1 dB, refer- Controls and Switches, Specifications ence 1 kHz), Any Mode, 4 Ohms: Rear: 10 – 50,000 Hz Two calibrated level controls; input Conditions: Frequency Response (+0, - 3 dB, routing (Dual/Parallel); chassis 1.