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Dispenser - GE CFE29TSDSS Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

Bottom freezer refrigerators
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About the dispenser.
If no water is dispensed when the refrigerator is first installed,
there may be air in the water line system. Press the dispenser
paddle for at least five minutes to remove trapped air from the
water line and to fill the water system. To flush out impurities in
the water line, throw away the first six full glasses of water.
Laceration Hazard
Never put fingers or any other object into ice crusher
discharge opening. Doing so can result in contacting the ice
crushing blades and lead to serious injury or amputation
Use a sturdy glass when dispensing ice. A delicate glass may
break and result in personal injury.
Important Facts About Your Dispenser
Do not add ice from trays or bags to the door ice maker
bucket. It may not crush or dispense.
Avoid overfilling glass with ice and use of narrow glasses.
Backed-up ice can jam the chute or cause the door in the
chute to freeze shut. If ice is blocking the chute remove the ice
bucket, poke it through with a wooden spoon.
Beverages and foods should not be quick-chilled in the
door ice maker bin. Cans, bottles or food packages in the
storage drawer may cause the ice maker or auger to jam.
Water & Ice Dispenser
(See about the controls with
Temperature settings & about the
Control features)


To remove Dispenser Tray
Pull Dispenser Tray out until it stops.
Locate tab in the center on the bottom and push in.
Pull Dispenser Tray assembly out.
Lift metal Dispenser Tray out at center notch to clean.
To reinstall Dispenser Tray
Place the Dispenser Tray cover on top of catch tray and
position under the two plastic retainers on either side.
Center Dispenser tray, and align with center guides.
Push in until it firmly in place.
To keep dispensed ice from missing the glass, put the glass
close to, but not touching, the dispenser opening.
Some crushed ice may be dispensed even though you
selected CUBED ICE. This happens occasionally when a few
cubes accidentally get directed to the crusher.
After crushed ice is dispensed, some water may drip from the
Sometimes a small mound of snow will form on the door in the
ice chute. This condition is normal and usually occurs when you
have dispensed crushed ice repeatedly. The snow will eventually

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