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Maintenance; Internal Cleaning; External Cleaning; Extended Periods Of Non-Operation - Electrolux EU 2421 C Installation And Instruction Manual

Electrolux freezer
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Internal Cleaning

When performing a complete defrosting, wash the in-
ternal surfaces of the freezer with lukewarm water and
bicarbonate; rinse and then accurately dry.

External Cleaning

Wash the outer body with lukewarm water and soap.
Periodically use a cleaning polish to keep the outer
body shining. Dust the condenser located at the back
of the freezer with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner.
An excessive accumulation of dust might compromise
the freezer's efficiency.

Extended Periods of non-operation

Whenever the freezer is not to be used for an extend-
ed period of time, disconnect it from the wall socket
and empty and clean the freezer. Remember to leave
the door open for the entire period of time in which the
freezer is not to be used.

Defective operation

Before calling your local dealer for servicing assist-
ance, check the following points to see if you may not
resolve the problem yourself:
Make sure that the freezer is plugged into the wall
socket correctly, and that electrical current arrives to
the freezer without interruption.
Control the thermostat setting.
In the case that the freezer makes excessive noise or
vibration, make sure that it is not in direct contact with
the wall or adjacent furniture.
In the case that defective operation continues after
these controls, call your local dealer and provide all of
the data listed on the rating plate: the model, serial
number, etc.