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Acer HomePlug USB Adapter
User's Manual



Summary of Contents for Acer HOMEPLUG

  • Page 1 Acer HomePlug USB Adapter User’s Manual...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 0.0 Introduction to HomePlug networking 0.1 Powerline Networking Concepts ....... 3 0.2 Encryption and Security ........... 3 0.3 Basic Requirements ..........4 0.4 Feature developments ..........4 0.5 Nodes and Bridges ........... 4 1.0 Installation................6 2.0 Configuration ................8...
  • Page 4: Introduction To Homeplug Networking

    On the other hand, HomePlug Networking uses your current existing or featured power lines to transfer network data. There are existing technologies that are similar to HomePlug, such as X10 or HPNA; however, HomePlug can reach speeds of up to 14Mbps HomePlug works simply by connecting a device to two computers in two locations, respectively, inside a house or building and plugging them into a wall outlet.
  • Page 5: Basic Requirements

    HomePlug Encryption and Protection Schemes The HomePlug device uses encryption to block outside access. The key is set by using the configuration software on the CD. By default, the protection is enabled. However, it is recommended that you change the default encryption key. All your HomePlug devices must use the same encryption key in order for the computers to be networked.
  • Page 6 The Bridge function only works with Ethernet HomePlug models because USB devices can't be shared yet. The default connection type for Ethernet adapters is Bridge. The only way to turn it off is to install the utility that comes with the unit. That will turn the Bridge into a Node.
  • Page 7: Installation

    1.0 Installation - Acer HomePlug USB Adapter Make sure that your HomePlug USB Wall Adapter is not plugged in when beginning. Insert the installation CD. If the CD does not automatically load, run (CD Drive Latter):\usb\setup.exe Click on Next to start installation.
  • Page 8 Click Install. Click Finish.
  • Page 9: Configuration

    Just launch the Newly created Shortcut on your desktop. Device– On this window, the utility will try to detect what HomePlug devices are connected. Your HomePlug Mac Address will be shown here. Refresh– Click on it when you need to refresh your information.
  • Page 10 Network– This tab will show all HomePlug devices connected to the network. Scan the network for newly added devices. MacAddress– The device ID or MacAddress is displayed on the tab to identify the unit. Data Rate– Shows the speed that this device is connected at. This data will vary depending on the Powerline quality.
  • Page 11 Advanced– Here users can do remote Password changes. * Device Password (DEK)is always taped on the bottom of the HomePlug unit. -11-...