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Acer MWA3 User Manual

Acer MWA3 User Manual

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Acer MWA3
User's Manual


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  • Page 1 Acer MWA3 User's Manual...
  • Page 2: Hardware Installation

    Introduction Thank you for choosing Acer. The Acer MWA3 wireless adapter and eDisplayPro app offer enhanced features such as Split-screen display, Host control system and Acer ™ BYOC apps. With these new enhanced features, the Acer MWA3 wireless adapter can be a powerful tool for presentations and educational purposes. Please download the Acer eDisplayPro app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and enjoy all the new features now.
  • Page 3: Device Connection

    WVGA to 1080p Storage Requires at least 40 MB of free space  Setup After Acer eDisplayPro has loaded, the main menu will appear and show the download and connect methods, SSID, password, and the network link status. Download ○...
  • Page 4: App Startup

     device you would like to project if there are multiple devices. Acer MWA3 OFF LINE mode is for demo only with limited functions when you are not linking to Acer MWA3 adapter upon executing the app. 2. Further connect an WiFi network for internet access(Infrastructure mode) ...
  • Page 5: App Features

    1. App features...
  • Page 6: Photo Viewer

    Photo viewer  Acer eDisplayPro must have access to your camera roll and the location services must be enabled before using the Photo viewer.  In the Photo viewer, you can select a photo to be displayed on your TV. You can also use the gesture control to zoom in, zoom out and edit photos.
  • Page 7: Document Viewer

    Acer eDisplayPro app for future use.  You can sync a subtitle file to the Acer eDisplayPro app. Make sure the filename is the same as your video and sync the two files through iTunes.
  • Page 8: Music Player

     Music format extensions supported include: ape, flac, ogg, mp3, wma, wav, rm, m4a, aac, ra, aif, aiff and mka. Note: Acer eDisplayPro app cannot access your iTunes music library. You must first use iTunes to sync your audio files to Acer eDisplayPro.
  • Page 9  The Update function allows you to check the app version, history and keep the app version up to date. Settings  The Settings function allows you to setup the MWA3 receiver's configurations which include: Output resolution, change the SSID password, setup router connection for the internet, boot up mode priority and OTA (Over-the-Air) firmware updates.
  • Page 10: Special Features

     Host control - The first user to link to and launch the Acer eDisplayPro app will become the "host". - The host has the authority to control the display and use all of the features without any limitations.
  • Page 11 Mirroring Display ™ (Only for Windows and Android ™  Mirroring display is compatible with Miracast 1. Press the “ON” button to enable Mirroring display 2. Connect to a WiFi network 3. Launch wireless display in Setup from your device *Once you have turned it on, you will have 60 seconds to connect your mobile device with the receiver.

Table of Contents