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Operation - Electrolux EHE 64 Instruction Booklet

Electric hobs
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Electric hotplates
To switch on a hotplate, turn the relevant control knob
anticlockwise to the required heat setting.
The control knob is numbered 1 - 6
0 - OFF
1 - Minimum
6 - Maximum.
The hob has four hotplates:
Normal Hotplates
We recommend the plates are switched to maximum
(6) for a short while to boost the plate, and then adjusted
to the required setting.
Rapid Hotplates
The rapid hotplates are indicated by a red dot, and will
heat up more quickly than a normal plate. As the red
dots are painted on the plate, they may deteriorate
during use and even disappear completely after a
period of time. This will not affect the performance of
the hob.
It is important to note that the plate may smoke
a little and produce a slightly unpleasant odour
when used for the first time. This is quite normal
and will disappear after a few minutes.
Electric Hotplates Control Light
The Hotplates Control Light will come on each time a
cooking zone is switched on.
Suggestions for the correct setting of the plates are given
in the following table.
Very Gentle
To keep food warm
To melt butter and chocolate
To prepare cream-sauces,
stews and milk puddings
or to fry eggs
Dried vegetables, frozen
food, fruit, boiling water
or milk
Boiled potatoes, fresh
vegetables, pâtés, soups,
broths, pancakes or fish
Larger stews, meat roll, fish,
omelettes, steaks
Steaks, escalopes and frying.
Hints and Tips
Saucepans for use on solid plates should have several
They should be fairly heavy duty
They should fit the heat area exactly, or be slightly
larger for efficient use, NEVER smaller.
They should have a flat base to ensure good contact
with the plate.
This is particularly important when using pans for high
temperature frying or pressure cooking.
As soon as liquid starts boiling, turn down the plate control
knob so that it will barely keep the liquid simmering.
You can switch off the plate a short while before you
finish cooking, and the final stage will be completed on
the accumulated heat. Similarly, stews etc. cooked in
well covered saucepans cook at lower temperature which
is more economical.
Ensure pans are large enough to avoid liquids
being spilt onto the plates.
Never leave the plates on without a pan on them
or with an empty pan on them.
Take care never to lean or reach over a hot electric
plate. Always point pan handles inward or over the
work surface next to the hob to avoid accidentally
knocking over a pan as you pass by.
Take care when frying food in hot oil or fat, as the
overheated splashes could easily ignite.
If the control knobs become difficult to turn, please
contact your local Service Centre.



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