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Frigidaire PPH2RD User's Manual & Installation Instructions page 11

13 seer single package heat pump


e. Emergency Heat — (Available only when
Electric heat is supplied) Set the thermostat
system switch to EM HT and set the thermostat
fan switch to either AUTO (intermittent air) or
to ON (continuous air). Position the thermostat
temperature selector above the existing room
temperature and check the following:
1. The thermostat auxiliary heat light
(RED) should be on.
2. The heat pump compressor and the
fan should not run; low voltage circuit
remains energized.
3. The blower will run according to the
thermostat fan switch setting.
Refrigerant Charging — Packaged Air
Conditioners are fully charged with R410-A
refrigerant at the factory. The system refrigerant
charge can be checked and adjusted by removing
the compressor cover panel and attaching gauge
lines which have a "schrader" depression device
present to activate the valve. Draw a vacuum
on gauge lines to remove air before attaching
them to the service ports on the unit. Refrigerant
charging must be done by qualifi ed personnel
familiar with safe and environmentally responsible
refrigerant handling procedures.
1. Terminals "R"-"C" must have 24±V present
between them in order for the time delay and
defrost sequences to be operational.
2. Jumper the "T2"-"DFT" test pins. This will
indicate to the board that the defrost T-stat
is closed(if the compressor is running).
Defrost T-stat is closed at 32° or below and
is open at 68° or above. But it's state is
unknown if the temperature is between 32°F
and 68°F. The defrost thermostat tells the
board whether a defrost cycle needs to be
started or terminated. With the DFT closed
the unit will run for 30/60/90 minutes in heat
mode and then defrost the outdoor coil. The
defrost will turn off the outdoor fan, turn on the
compressor and raise the coil temperature to
68°F. This will open the DFT and terminate
the defrost. If the DFT does not open the
defrost will end after 10 minutes.
3. Defrost board speed-up. With compressor
running in heat mode, next jump the "Test"
pin to "C" on terminal strip. This will initiate
a defrost test in 5, 10 or 15 seconds (This
is determined by the 30, 60 or 90 minute
defrost pin settings. The factory setting will
be 30 minutes). Note that this will bypass the
compressor off delay when the unit goes into
defrost test and if left in defrost test, the delay
will be bypassed when the test is terminated
by the processor. If the jumper is removed
before the test is over the processor will
perform the remainder of a normal defrost.
See step 2 above.
4. Remove the jumpers.
Note: The delay/no-delay pin concerns compressor
operation during defrosts. The default setting is
delay. Reciprocating compressors should only
use this setting in conjunction with an approved
hard start kit. Scroll compressors that have noise
issues while going into or coming out of defrost
should use this 30 second delay to reduce the
defrost noise. To switch from no-delay to delay
remove the pin from the "no-delay" pin location
and shift it to the "delay" pin location.
Speed up changes:
Manually initiating a defrost will cause the
compressor to run continually when entering
Normal defrost operation:
To test normal defrost operation when the
temperature is above 35°F, jumper "R" to
"DFT" on the 624656 board and allow the unit
to run for 30 minutes. Defrost will continue
until the "R" to "DFT" jumper is removed or
for 10 minutes. Remove the jumper.
The 5 minute time delay feature can be shortened
1 time to 1 second by jumping the "Test" to "C"
terminal. Remove the jumper and repeat as
Note: If jumper is left on the "Test" to "common"
pins permanently, the defrost cycle will become
Defrost Test Procedure for 624656
1. Jumper "T2" to "DFT" at the test terminals.
2. With unit running in heat mode, short the
"TEST" terminal to the common terminal near
it. This will speed up the board and cause
it to enter defrost mode in 5/10/15 seconds
depending on the defrost time selection.
Compressor delay will not function during
3. This test will end in 5 seconds if the "TEST"-
common short is not removed.
4. Remove both the short and the "T2" to "DFT"
jumper to terminate the defrost cycle. The
30 second compressor delay should operate
5. Test is complete, reset thermostat to home
owner preference.

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