Condensate Drain; Overcurrent Protection; Electrical Service; Locating The Thermostat - Frigidaire PPH2RD User's Manual & Installation Instructions

13 seer single package heat pump
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A 3/4" condensate fi tting extends out of the side
of the unit. The drain trap, shipped in the electrical
compartment, must be installed to prevent water
from collecting inside the unit. Thread the elbow
provided with the unit into the drain connection
until hand tight. Install the trap into the fi tting
making sure it is level. Route the condensate
from the trap to a suitable drain. Any tubing or
hose connected must have the outlet below trap
level for proper drainage.
Turn off electrical power before servic-
ing controls. Severe electrical shock
may result unless power is turned off.
Unit must be installed in compliance
with the National Electrical Code (NEC)
and local codes.



High Voltage
a. Install a branch circuit disconnect of adequate
size per NEC. Locate the disconnect within
sight of the unit.
b. Extend leads through power wiring hole
provided. Connect L1 and L2 directly to the
contactor. (See Figure 9.)
c. Ground the heat pump unit using the green
grounding screw provided in the control
Low Voltage
a. Route 24v control wires through the sealing
grommet near the power entrance. (See
Figure 9.)
High Voltage
Low Voltage
b. Connect the control wires to the defrost board
and blower relay wire. (See Figure 10.)


In general, the best fuse or breaker for any
heat pump is the smallest size that will permit
the equipment to run under normal use and
service without nuisance trips. Such a device,
sized properly, gives maximum equipment
protection. The principal reason for specifying
a time delay type is to prevent nuisance trips
when the unit starts.
In the event that a fuse does blow or a breaker
trips, always determine the reason. Do not arbi-
trarily put in a larger fuse or breaker and do not,
in any case, exceed the maximum size listed on
the data label of the unit.


Locate the thermostat away from drafts and
slamming doors and place it where there is a free
fl ow of air. Mount on an inside wall approximately
fi ve feet from the fl oor.
Do not locate near a lamp, kitchen range, direct
sunlight, or in line with air fl ow from supply
Connect the Heat-Cool Thermostat: The
heat-cool thermostat is equipped with a system
HEAT-COOL switch, which provides a positive
means of preventing simultaneous operation of
the heating and cooling units. The thermostat is
also equipped with an ON-AUTO fan switch which
allows the home owner to operate the indoor
blower when air circulation is desired.
Connect the low voltage wires to the respective
terminals on the thermostat base. See thermo-
stat instruction sheet for more detailed informa-
tion. (See Figure 10).
Figure 9. Power Entry

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