System Operation - Frigidaire PPH2RD User's Manual & Installation Instructions

13 seer single package heat pump
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If two stage heating is desired, an optional
2nd stage outdoor thermostat may be
installed:Connect the thermostat to the orange
low voltage wire and the E terminal on the
defrost board (See Figure 10 page 9). See the
thermostat instructions for details on setting
the outdoor thermostat.
The defrost cycle is initiated via a signal from
the defrost sensor on the outdoor coil to the
defrost control board inside the control panel
indicating the coil temperature is low enough
to start accumulating frost. The board has
interval settings of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and
90 minutes. These time intervals represent the
time elapsed before defrosting cycle starts and
they are dependent on the climate conditions
of the installation. A 30 minute setting would
be recommended in a moist climate such as
Seattle, Washington. A 90 minute setting would
be adequate in a dry climate such as southern
Arizona. The factory time interval setting is 30
5. OUTDOOR THERMOSTAT (Factory Option)
The outdoor thermostat prevents the electrical
auxiliary heat (if used) from operating above
a desired set point. The factory temperature
setting is at 40°F.
The heat pumps are shipped without an
auxiliary electric heat kit installed. If electric
heat is desired, an accessory Heater Kit must
be fi eld installed. See Specifi cations Sheet for
available kits and their application.
Select the correct size heat package for the
Follow installation instructions provided with
each heater kit.
Installation is most easily accomplished before
making duct or electrical connections.
Refer to fi gure 8 for blower speeds.


The following check list should be observed prior
to starting the unit.
Is the unit level? It should be level or slightly
slanted toward the drain for proper conden-
sate drainage.
Is the unit installed with the proper clear-
ances (See Figure 2)?
Is the wiring correct according to the wiring
diagram and electrical codes?
Are all the wiring connections tight? Check
the condenser fan to make sure it turns
Is the overcurrent protection properly
Is the thermostat wired correctly? Is it
installed in a proper location?
The control circuit consists of an anti-short cycle
timer that will not let compressor re-start before
fi ve (5) minutes have elapsed.
Set the thermostat system switch to OFF, and
the thermostat fan switch to AUTO. Apply power
at the disconnect switch and check the system
a. Air Circulation — Leave the thermostat
system switch at OFF, and set the thermostat
fan switch to ON. Blower should run
continuously. Check the air delivery at the
supply registers and adjust register openings
for balanced air distribution. Examine
ductwork for leaks or obstruction if insuffi cient
air is detected.
Set the thermostat fan switch to AUTO; the blower
should stop running.
b. System Heating —
system switch to HEAT and set the thermostat
fan switch to AUTO. Position the thermostat
temperature selector above the existing room
temperature and check for the discharge of
warm air at the supply registers.
c. System Cooling —
system switch to COOL and set the thermostat
fan switch to AUTO. Position the thermostat
temperature selector below the existing room
temperature. Allow the cooling system to
operate for several minutes and check for the
discharge of cool air at the supply registers.
d. Short cycle protection —
circuit is equipped with a time-delay feature
for protection against short cycling. With
the system operating in the cooling mode,
gradually raise the thermostat temperature
setting until the whole system de-energizes.
Immediately lower the thermostat temperature
to the original setting and verify that the indoor
blower is energized. After approximately 5
minutes the compressor and the outdoor fan
will energize.
Set the thermostat
Set the thermostat
The control

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