Cisco 7925G (SCCP) User Manual

Cisco 7925G (SCCP) User Manual

Unified ip phone sccp for cisco unified communications manager express 7.0


Cisco Unified IP Phone 7925G (SCCP) for Cisco Unified
Communications Manager Express 7.0
Overview, page 2
Operating Your Phone, page 13
Phone Features and Functions, page 27


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  • Page 1 UIDE Cisco Unified IP Phone 7925G (SCCP) for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express 7.0 Overview, page 2 Operating Your Phone, page 13 Phone Features and Functions, page 27...
  • Page 2 Physical Layout The Cisco Unified IP phone 7925G is a single-line phone and a qualified Bluetooth wireless device (Qualified Device ID (QDID) B014396). In addition to the basic call handling feature, the 7925G phone supports the use of Bluetooth wireless headsets and certain handsfree call features.
  • Page 3 Right soft key Activates the Options menu for access to the list of soft keys. Sometimes button displays a soft key label. Navigation Accesses these menus and lists from the main screen. button Directory Line View Settings Services Allows you to scroll up and down menus to highlight options and to move left and right through phone numbers and text entries.
  • Page 4: Phone Screen Features

    Phone Screen Features Because the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G has only two soft keys, the Options soft key displays the list of available feature options for the phone. The features in the Options list change depending on whether the phone is idle or in an active...
  • Page 5 Phone Status line Displays these icons (if active) and your directory number Battery icon—Shows battery’s charged level Signal icon—Shows the signal strength Key lock icon—Indicates the keypad is locked Battery removal icon—Indicates the battery is removed or is not recognized Speaker icon—Indicates speaker mode is active Mute icon—Indicates mute is active Headset icon—Indicates headset is plugged in to phone...
  • Page 6: Connecting Your Phone

    IP telephony network. A rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G. Before using your phone, you must install the battery in the phone and then charge the battery. Depending on the type of battery you have, the fully charged battery provides these hours of service: •...
  • Page 7: Charging The Phone Battery

    Battery Type Standard 2 hours 5 hours Extended 3 hours 7 hours You can also charge your battery by using a desktop charger or multi-charge. For more information, see the Cisco Note Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G Accessory Guide .
  • Page 8 Using the AC Power Supply to Charge the Battery You can charge your battery quickly by connecting the AC power supply to the phone. To accommodate different AC power receptacles, you must insert the appropriate AC plug adapter on the AC power supply. You can use the phone while the battery is being charged.
  • Page 9: Powering On The Phone

    Using the USB Cable and PC Port to Charge the Battery You can charge the battery in the phone by connecting your phone with a USB cable to a USB port on you PC. Charging takes longer when you use the USB port on the PC to charge the battery. To use the USB cable and USB port to charge the battery, use this diagram and follow the steps: D E F M N O...
  • Page 10: Headset Information

    The primary reason that a particular headset would be inappropriate for the Cisco Unified IP Phone is the potential for an audible hum. This hum can be heard by either the remote party or by both the remote party and you, the Cisco Unified IP Phone user.
  • Page 11: Securing The Phone With A Lock Set And Cable Lock

    Securing the Phone with a Lock Set and Cable Lock You can secure the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G to a desktop by ordering the lock set from us. For more information, see the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G Accessory Guide.
  • Page 12: Handsfree Profile Support On The Phone

    Cleaning the Phone Gently wipe the phone screen and phone with a soft, dry cloth or a moist wipe. The Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G is resistant to dust and spills, however, to further protect your phone, you Note can purchase a silicon case for it.
  • Page 13: Operating Your Phone

    Operating Your Phone Entering and Editing Text You can enter characters, numbers, and special characters for passwords. When you press a numeric key on the keypad, a text bubble shows all the characters and symbols that this key controls. Each press moves to another character option. Enter Characters Press the number key until you highlight the character (lower or uppercase) that you want to enter.
  • Page 14: Help System

    Press and wait a few seconds for the menu to display. Main menu topics include: • About Your Cisco Unified IP Phone—Details about your phone • How do I...?—Procedures for common phone tasks • Calling Features—Descriptions and procedures for calling features •...
  • Page 15: Phone Buttons

    Phone Buttons The phone keypad and buttons provide these shortcuts to frequently used functions. Lock or Unlock the Phone Keypad Press and hold the key until the screen displays “Keypad Locked”, and the icon displays at the top of the Main screen. Press any key, and the screen displays “Unlock Keypad?”...
  • Page 16 Listen to Your Voice Messages or Access the Voice Message System Menu 1. Press Message or press and hold 2. Enter your voice message password. 3. Follow the voice instructions to listen to your messages. Call Logs Your phone maintains records of your missed, placed, and received calls. Each call log holds up to 30 entries. View Your Call Logs 1.
  • Page 17: Directory Dialing

    1. Choose (Services) > Personal Address Book (PAB) Service (exact name may vary). 2. Enter your Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express user ID and PIN, then press Options > Submit. Search for a PAB Entry 1. Access Personal Address Book.
  • Page 18 4. Scroll to the number that you want to dial and press OK. 5. Press OK again to dial the number. Delete a PAB Entry 1. Search for a PAB entry. 2. Scroll to the listing and press Select or 3.
  • Page 19: Handset, Headset, And Speakerphone

    You can choose Options > Previous or Next to move through listings. Note Place a Call using a Fast Dial Code 1. Search for a Fast Dial code. 2. Scroll to the listing you want and press Select or 3. Press Dial. 4.
  • Page 20 Press to toggle back to the handset. Switch to the Desktop Charger Speakerphone 1. Place the wireless IP phone in the desktop charger cradle. “AC connected!” displays on the screen. 2. Press down on the top of the phone. “Docking connected!” displays on the screen and the icon displays on the phone status line.
  • Page 21: Speed Dialing

    Parked Calls You can park a call when you want to store the call so that you or someone else can retrieve it from another phone in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express system (for example, a phone in a conference room).
  • Page 22: Logging Out Of Hunt Groups

    Retrieve a Parked Call Enter the call park number from any Cisco Unified IP Phone in your network to connect to the call. You have a limited time to retrieve a parked call before it reverts to ringing at the original number. See your system administrator for details.
  • Page 23: Prioritizing Critical Calls

    Determine if Secure Calls can be Made in Your Company Contact your system administrator. There are interactions, restrictions, and limitations that affect how security features work on your phone. For more information, ask your system administrator. Prioritizing Critical Calls In some specialized environments, such as military or government offices, you might need to make and receive urgent or critical calls.
  • Page 24: Transferring Calls

    • Cisco EM automatically logs you out after a specified time. You system administrator establishes this time limit. • Changes that you make to your Cisco EM profile (from the User Options webpages) take effect the next time that you log in to EM on a phone.
  • Page 25: Soft Key Descriptions

    Soft Key Descriptions Your Cisco Unified IP phone is equipped with soft keys for call features and options. Soft keys are displayed along the bottom of the LCD screen and are engaged using the corresponding buttons. Soft keys can change according to the state of the phone.
  • Page 26 Soft Key Description (continued) Flash Provides hookflash functionality for three-way calling and call waiting services provided by the PSTN or Centrex service. GPickUp Selectively picks up calls to a phone number that is a member of a pickup group. Hold Places an active call on hold.
  • Page 27: Table Of Contents

    Phone Features and Functions This section provides an alphabetized list of phone features and functions. Accessing Voice Messages 15 Accessories for the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G 10 AutoAnswer 20 Call Logs 16 Call Pickup 20 Charging the Phone Battery 7...
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