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Customer Service - GE 106700 Owner's Manual

General electric toaster owner's manual


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• Because of the irregular surface of English muffins, they may
require more than one toasting cycle. After toasting for one
cycle on setting 10, if a darker shade is desired, adjust shade
selector to setting 2 or 3 and toast for a second cycle. Watch
closely to avoid overbrowning. English muffins cut with a
knife toast more evenly than English muffins split with a fork.
• Many toasters have thermostats that must reset after toasting
one cycle. The electronic controls of this toaster allow toasting
batch after batch, with no waiting for the thermostat to reset.
• Thick foods may become wedged in the toaster slot. If food
becomes jammed, the toaster will automatically shut off at the
end of the toasting cycle. Unplug the toaster and let cool. Use
a wooden utensil to remove food.
• When toasting only one slice, the bread may be placed in any
slot of the toaster. When toasting a single slice, you may notice
variations in bread color from side to side.
• Setting 10 is the darkest shade of toast color. If a darker shade
is desired, reset at setting 3, watch closely and toast for a sec-
ond cycle.
• The bread lifter will not latch down unless toaster is plugged in.
NOTE: If the toaster is used daily, the crumb tray should be
cleaned weekly.
1. Unplug toaster and let cool.
2. The toaster has a slide-out crumb tray. Slide out crumb tray,
discard crumbs and wipe tray with clean cloth. Replace
crumb tray.
3. Wipe outside of toaster with a damp cloth. Do not use abra-
sive cleansers that may scratch the surface of the toaster.
Toasting Chart
Regular bread
English muffins
Frozen bread or buns
Frozen waffles
Toaster pastries (such as Pop Tarts
Pop Tart is a registered trademark of the Kellogg Co.
* NOTE: The appliance manufacturer does not recommend
heating toaster pastries in your toaster. Toaster pastries
should be heated in a toaster oven broiler. However, if an
alternative is not available, and you must use the toaster, be
sure to set the toaster to the lowest possible setting, and never
leave the toaster unattended during use.

Customer Service

If you have a claim under this warranty, please call our Customer
Assistance Number. For faster service please have model, series,
and type numbers ready for operator to assist you. These num-
bers can be found on the bottom of your toaster.
MODEL : ___________ TYPE : ___________ SERIES : ___________
Customer Assistance Number: 1-877-556-0973
Keep this number for future reference!
E-mail inquiries:
4 to 7
5 to 10
6 to 8
3 to 4


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents